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Amazon Best Sellers Rank: How To Improve Amazon BSR in 2023

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Amazon Best Sellers Rank is the best way to stand out among hundreds of thousands of products on Amazon. It shows customers the popular products in the category they’re shopping, browsing, or searching in.

As sellers, having a product categorized as a best seller can improve your long-term success rate while selling on Amazon.

This article will give you insight into the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) and its importance for your Amazon business. Also, find the guide to improve your best sellers ranking on Amazon. 

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What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank (also known as the Amazon Sales Rank) is simply a number rewarded to a product after accomplishing one sale. You can see your product has an Amazon BSR or Best Sellers Rank in the product description section in Amazon product listings. 

You might be thinking that Amazon BSR is an excellent indicator of how well a product is selling on Amazon. You can see some Products with low sales have high Best Sellers Rank.

Best Sellers Rank

On the other hand, products with high sales have low Best Sellers Rank. So your product will have made the lower the Best Sellers Rank, the more sales.

For example, a product ranked at number six has acquired higher sales than a product ranked at number 200. But, you need to know that just because the Amazon Best Sellers Rank of a product is low, this doesn’t mean how well that item is selling in relation to other similar products, only its overall rank.

For example, two similar products could be ranked at numbers 10 and 20, both low BSRs in Amazon terms. Both products are likely to be best sellers even though they are 10 rankings apart. To dig deep and uncover whether a product is a best seller or not, you must utilize the sub-category best sellers lists rather than the top-tier best sellers lists.

You can also find a product with multiple Amazon best sellers rankings. It happens for the product listed in more than one category.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G Mobile Phone

The above image shows that an Amazon product that has

  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank of 3 in Electronics,
  • Amazon BSR 2 in Smartphones.

Similarly, a product with a BSR of 19 on may have a sales rank of 100 on Another thing you need to know is Amazon BSRs change every hour. 

So, your product that has just made a sale will be ranked higher than a product with a sale made 59 minutes ago. It is tough to predict sales.

Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank is not as simple as it seems. It is a highly valuable metric for Amazon sellers because the seller can easily evaluate the demand for a particular product. 

So it is a handy research tool for selecting the right product to sell products on Amazon.

How is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank Calculated?

Amazon Best Sellers rank is calculated based on all-time sales of an ASIN/Product where recent sales are weighted more than older sales.

There is no fixed way to calculate rank, and Amazon holds it a secret. If you research thoroughly, you will find that several factors influence and contribute to your product’s Amazon Best Sellers Rank. These factors are based on sales and related to it.

So, the theory is that your Amazon Best Sellers Rank is calculated on:

  • Sales, both current and historic
  • Price changes, including sales and promotions
  • Similar competitive products

Amazon updates the BSR values based on current and historical sales every hour. So, if your Amazon product sold 20 units in an hour and your competitor sold five units, you will have a lower BSR than your competitors. Lower BSR is better.

However, if you sold only one unit in the next hour and your competitor sold five, you will still have a lower BSR because Amazon also considers historical sales. So you won’t lose or gain your Amazon sales rank quickly.

The algorithm examines your overall product sales and then assigns the numbers by analyzing current and historical sales data. So, there is less chance of seeing any drastic fluctuations.

Even though there is a sudden increasing sales or drop in sales, you might not see an immediate change in your ranking.

What is a Good Amazon BSR?

It is tough to give an opinion on good Amazon BSR. Amazon BSRs differ based on category. 

For Example, While an Amazon BSR of 500 might be considered a good ranking in the Pet Supplies category, that same ranking of 500 in the Furniture category could be terrible. Furniture might have slower selling products, so it’s tough to give a conclusive answer.

You can consider a product with a sales rank of less than 2,000 is likely to be in demand. So, it can be a good benchmark.

What’s the Difference Between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and Organic Rank?

You should know that a low Amazon Best Sellers Rank doesn’t technically mean your product is ranking well for your specific search terms.

The BSR defines how well a product gets ranked based on the sales, whereas organic ranking shows how well a product ranks in searching for a specific keyword.

Keywords determine where your product appears in the search results on Amazon for a particular keyword. Your BSR doesn’t impact your organic ranking, just like your keywords don’t directly impact your best seller’s rank. So, keywords and BSR both have different functions.

But both affect indirectly. To achieve a high organic ranking on Amazon, you must use relevant keywords in your Amazon product title, bullet points, and main listing. Good Amazon organic means a greater chance of higher CTR, conversion rate, and sales. Again, Sales are a factor in achieving a decent BSR.

Although keywords and BSRs have different functions, they are connected indirectly. It is also possible to have a product with top organic sales organically but not have a number one BSR.

You must always research your keywords carefully and add only the highly relevant ones to your listings to improve your Organic ranking. Organic rankings are more essential than your Amazon Best Sellers Rank. 

So, you can say that Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank is most useful for estimating the sales’ frequency’ rather than its overall popularity.

Where Can I Find The Amazon Best Sellers Rank For A Product?

You can easily find an item’s BSR on Amazon. You need to follow the steps given below.

  • Visit an Amazon product page and scroll down to the “Product details” or “Additional Information” section. 
  • You will see the information below:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank For A Product

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank of this product in the Bags, Wallets, and Luggage category is currently #1. 

This means that this item has the highest sales rate out of thousands of products in Amazon’s Bags, Wallets, and Luggage category. Not too shabby!

How can I use Amazon Best Sellers Rank Information?

Here you can check the 3 Ultimate Ways Sellers Can Use Amazon Best Sellers Rank Information.

Easy Product Research for Beginner Amazon Sellers

The seller can use this method to discover successful products. When examining products to sell on Amazon, you should find its demand. You can especially lower the risk of investing in a slow-selling product with the help of the BSR.

Easy Amazon Product Research for Beginner Sellers

If you want to select a new successful Amazon product, the first question is whether it can generate enough demand. The Amazon sales rank is a useful way to calculate demand for a product.

Remember, the lower the rank, the more sales are being made. So, You can easily make a list of potentially possible products by checking the BSRs.

The better the sales rank (a lower number = better rank), the more sales it’s getting on Amazon. As a general rule, new sellers search for products with sales lower than 5,000 or even 2,000.

Research Your Amazon Competitor

As an Amazon seller, you should keep researching your competitor and improve your listings and sales better than your competitor. 

Amazon Best Sellers Rank can assist with this by enabling competitor monitoring. You can check similar products to yours and compare their BSRs. If you find your competitors’ products have better BSRs than your product, then it’s time to consider tweaking your keywords in your product listing.

Research Your Amazon Competitor

It will help you to invigorate sales and ultimately improve your BSR. You can find all the Amazon best-selling products and their best seller rankings by visiting the ‘Best Seller Lists’ on Amazon.

Calculate Sales Using Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Let’s say your product has an Amazon Best Sellers Ranking of 3000. By boosting your sales, your BSR will be improved. For example, A BSR of 3000 equates to approximately 350 transactions per month. Then examine your BSR history.

Calculate Sales Using Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Your BSR from one month previously was 5000 because your sales were not as good. Let’s say you completed only 250 sales. Historically though, your BSR at the same time the previous year was 1500 when you made 700 sales.

Using this data, you can work out if your rank was:

  • #3000 with 350 sales
  • #5000 with 250 sales
  • #1500 with 700 sales

You can analyze them and find an average to calculate sales based on BSR data for other products you are newly targeting or planning to sell. The other products with an Amazon Best Sellers Rank similar to these figures are most likely producing sales of a similar ratio.

The sales value will be varied based on categories because best sellers rankings can fluctuate between categories. But you can use this estimation when researching new products or tracking your competitors.

How Can I Improve My Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Every seller wants to see your products achieve a decent BSR. But you need to know that it will not affect your organic ranking. Your product will display in the Best Seller Lists after achieving a low enough ranking with your BSR (ideally between 1 and 100). It will help to improve the trust for your products among the shoppers.

To improve this, you have to generate more Amazon sales. Keep an eye on your sales and those of your competitors because you must outsell your competitors to improve your Amazon Best Seller Rank.

If you only compete with them on sales, your BSR won’t improve. So, to powerfully enhance your Amazon Best Sellers Rank, you must look at the bigger picture.

Optimize Your Amazon Product Title

Keeping your listings relevant is of utmost priority for selling on Amazon. The goal of optimizing your product title for your listing is to reach as many visitors as possible.

Amazon will use your title to rank your product in a specific category. In simple words, you can say that to rank higher on Amazon, and you must optimize it. 

Optimize Your Amazon Product Title to improve amazon best sellers rank

Your Amazon product title must have relevant keywords to express your product clearly. You can also add the color and size (if applicable) and the brand name if it’s a well-known name.

Your sales will steadily grow, and your conversion rate will increase by continuously being relevant. Ultimately Your Seller Rank Will be increased.

Stay Competitive on Price

If you set your product pricing wrong, there is a strong chance of losing money or won’t sell anything.

Stay Competitive on product Price to improve amazon best sellers rank

Price is an important factor in winning the buy box. So, you must set your product prices perfectly. You can use repricing software to stay competitive.

Utilize Your Bullet Points

Product feature bullets Points are among the essential parts of your Amazon listing. This is where you detail what sets your product apart from others.

Utilize Your Bullet Points to improve amazon BSR

It gives your potential customers all the data they require to make an informed purchase decision.

Stay Unique With High-Quality Product Images

With high-quality images, you can make your product stand out. Images can easily impress potential buyers who set you apart from your competitors.

Stay Unique With High-Quality Product Images

Selecting awesome HD images of your product from different angles will make clarity among buyers how your product will look or be used in real life and set you apart from your competitors.

Add an HD Video to your listing

Product videos are another aspect to consider in your Amazon listing optimization. Along with product images, product video will also bring your listing to another level.

The video comes closest to a customer experiencing your product in person. Learning how to make videos properly means success in selling your products.

Add an HD Video to your amazon product listing

You can provide a depth guide about the product that you can’t get on the product page in a video. That’s why Amazon recommends having a minimum of 15 seconds for your product video.

Utilize Amazon FBA and Prime

Amazon prefers sellers who are using their fulfillment service. It will also allow you to offer Prime on your listings.

Utilize Amazon FBA

Buyers like to choose speedy delivery and the trust and reliability of FBA and Prime.

Utilize Amazon Prime

So, it gives you a huge opportunity to grow your sales and, ultimately, your Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

Final Thoughts

Although the Amazon Best Sellers rank may seem complicated at first, it is worth paying attention to. You can reap the benefits of being an Amazon seller. It will help you improve your business, but it also provides valuable insight into the activities and sales of your competitors.

Sellers often dismiss Amazon Best Sellers Rank as a vanity metric. However, more factors to this data than a competition for the number one product.

By Ignoring the information from the Amazon Best Sellers Rank data, you are running the risk of missing out on interesting and powerful insights that are hugely beneficial for the growth and success of your Amazon business.

FAQs On Amazon Best Sellers Rank 2022

here you can check important FAQs On Amazon Best Sellers Rank 2022.

Why Does The Amazon Sales Rank Fluctuate?

Sometimes, there’s no obvious explanation for large changes in the Amazon sales rank from one day to another. It’s important to remember that the sales rank isn’t updated in real-time. Normally Amazon updates sales rank hourly.

Products ranking between 10,000 and 100,000 in the best sellers list are re-calculated daily. Any rankings over 100,000 are calculated monthly. So, a few extra sales of your product might not immediately improve your sales rank for the category relevant to your Amazon product.

Sometimes, even a single sale can greatly influence the Amazon seller rank. Sellers may get confused about how their product listing can jump from 100,000 to 10,000 within one day. Products with a sales rank of 100,000+ are only sold once every few days, and then even one sale can drastically improve.

If a product doesn’t make any sales in the ensuing days, the ranking will fall slowly.

What Is A Good BSR For Books On Amazon?

It is one of the common and important questions we often get from booksellers on Amazon. A “good” BSR is subjective. The book category is too large. So, even if you have a higher sales rank in books, that may be much better than a lower sales rank in another category.

For example, a rank of 10,000 in the kitchen category has roughly 30 sales per month. A 100,00 Amazon Best Seller Rank is roughly 200 sales per month in the book category.

While selling books on Amazon, we suggest 100,000 BSR for books on Amazon or lower is good.

Why Do I Not See Any Sales Rank For My Product/aSIN?

Sales ranks are shown for an ASIN with a sale record and if it has been assigned to the featured categories. Sales ranks are not generated for all categories because not all of them are useful to customers. While Amazon updates the best sellers list every hour, it can take up to 12 hours for an order to show the sales rank. In some cases, not seeing a sales rank can be because of filtering rules applied during sales rank generation.

Note: Featured categories are special browse nodes. You can check with Selling Partner Support if you have been assigned to the correct featured categories.

Why Did My Sales Rank Reduce Or Not Increase After Having A Lot Of Sales?

Sales ranks are relative. While your product has had a lot of sales, there may have been other products in the same category that might also have seen an increase. Also, sales rank considers both recent and historical sales to determine rank.

How Are Variations Handled When It Comes To Sales Rank?

Variations handling depends on the Website Display Group (wdg) of the parent ASIN. Amazon adds up all the sales for a child’s ASIN in some stores and applies it to the parent’s ASIN.

Parent ASINs and child ASINs will have the same rank in these stores. Amazon counts each child’s ASIN orders separately and generates sales rank for each child’s ASIN in other stores.

Ensure that your child and parent ASINs are assigned to the same website display group, and the parent ASIN has the right browse categories assigned to it, or you might not see a sales rank for the same.

How Can I Get Amazon’s Best-seller Badge?

Amazon’s Best seller badges are accomplishment awards assigned to those ASINs that are featured as #1 in a featured category with at least 100 products. In addition to this, there are ordering thresholds placed on ASINs. These are different in different Amazon marketplaces.

Amazon does not show best-seller badges on product detail pages for stores where orders of the child ASINs are assigned to the parent, and a sales rank is generated for the parent ASIN.

Amazon keeps reviewing and experimenting with these criteria to ensure Amazon’s best-seller badges continue to be useful to customers.

How can I get a New release badge?

New release badges are achievements awards provided to ASINs that are #1 best sellers among the new releases in a category. The definition of a new release varies from category to category.

Ensure that the release date (street date), publication date (if applicable), and product site launch date for your ASINs are accurate.

How can I fix an issue with my Product/ASINs image on the best sellers Ranking pages?

The best-seller list requires a medium resolution image. You can use the self-service media management tool to ensure that the image is uploaded correctly.

Why Does Another Product With Lesser Reviews Or Poorer Ratings Have A Higher Sales Rank Than My Product?

Sales rank is generated based on order data, and product reviews are not considered. Also, the number of reviews is not necessarily a direct indication of the number of sales.

Why is there an increase in Amazon Best Seller Ranks when Kindle Unlimited reports do not show an increase in qualified consumption?

The impact of Kindle Unlimited (KU) borrow on Amazon sales rank is based on considering aspects of the borrow that are different than the one used to generate the author payout. For questions on KU payout, contact your Kindle support specialist.

What is the “Best Seller” badge, and how can you get one?

Best seller badges are awards provided to Amazon product ASINs that rank as #1 in a featured category with at least 100 products.

The best seller badge is a little orange ribbon-like icon with the text “Best Seller” shown in the top left corner of a product’s picture when displayed in product listings. To get a Best Seller badge, the products have to meet the ordering thresholds placed on ASINs, different for different product categories/marketplaces.

What is the difference between Amazon’s Choice and the best seller badge?

The best seller badge is rewarded based on sales data. The Amazon’s Choice designation is based on sales velocity, keyword ranking, availability, pricing, product reviews, and other factors.

Sales can affect your chances of ensuring you are the best seller for your category. You can run aggressive Amazon Advertising or create a big discounting promotion or coupon/voucher to boost sales, but results will fluctuate, and nothing will permanently keep you in a certain ranking position. 

How Does the Amazon Best Sellers Rank Work?

Amazon’s Best Sellers rankings look at the number of products sold in a recent time frame and historical data on sales. The ranks are decided in comparison with products in the same category.

For example, A product in the electronics category is ranked based on its sales performance against other electronics, not books or kitchen supplies.

If you see a big uptick in sales of a product but fail to see much change in your ranking, it likely means other products in the category also sold more.

What is an Amazon organic ranking?

The ranking of a product on amazon’s search engine results pages (SERP) for a specific keyword is called Organic Ranking. At the same time, Amazon’s BSR is used to estimate the monthly frequency of sales of a particular product.

The position of a product on Amazon’s SERP doesn’t affect the current product’s Amazon Best Sellers Rank. Products on SERP are arranged by what Amazon sees as the most relevant results for that particular keyword search.

However, only because a product ranks on Amazon’s SERP does not certainly mean that it’ll have a well BSR.

It happened because of the better sales of a product in the past, lower prices, higher rates of conversion, or also better reviews.

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