How To Write Amazon Bullet Points In The Best Way in 2022

How To Write Amazon Bullet Points In The Best Way In 2023

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Most people who shop online frequently will have seen bullet points on Amazon product detail pages.

As an Amazon seller, you must know how important Amazon product bullet points are to make your listing stand out amongst the sea of competitors.

They can make your listing stand out from the crowd. These bullet points can highlight the most important features of your product.

Amazon bullet points can promote the uniqueness of your listing and its features to entice buyers. This is an efficient and simple way to communicate specific information to customers looking to buy.

Optimized bullet points are essential to selling on Amazon. You can convert page visits to sales by providing compelling content.

Here you can check a thorough guide on Amazon Bullet Points.

What Are The Amazon Bullet Points?

Amazon bullet points provide a quick summary of product features concisely. The text is written in bullet form. This makes it easier to understand and read. These points highlight product specifications, dimensions, and other useful features.

The bullet points are technically called “key product features” and should focus on the customer’s benefits. They also answer common questions. Although features are important, it’s not as important as how they affect customers. These bullet points should be called “key benefits” rather than “key features“.

These points often indicate what customers are looking for and help them make a purchase. You can find Amazon product bullet points on the product detail page depending on whether it’s being viewed on mobile or desktop.

amazon product bullet points

It will be located under “About the item“. You can find the bullet points if you use Amazon mobile. Scroll down to the product page. Desktop users can be viewed under the product title, next to the product image.

Buyers mustn’t scroll through hundreds of product listings. Instead, they should stay on your page to read what you say. Amazon Bullet points are your best option. You can make them work for you if you follow the necessary guidelines.

Why are Amazon Product Bullet Points Important?

Bullet points are important for the following reasons:

Amazon bullet points often go unappreciated. These bullet points are vital for increasing sales. Sellers should consider their importance and can be used to convince customers the product meets their needs in every way.

Customers read reviews and check bullet points before making a purchase. Customers only take a few seconds to make purchasing decisions. Bullet points are a great way for customers to quickly scan through points and decide whether or not to purchase.

You can grab your customers’ attention by using the right keywords in bullets and impress them with the uniqueness of your listing. You will see a significant increase in sales volume if you can do that.

Bullet points are important for their ability to increase visibility by improving your listings for Amazon SEO. Optimizing product listings using keywords everywhere, including bullet points, increases your visibility and improves your chances for a higher rank on Amazon SERP.

How To Add Bullet Points On Amazon Product Listings?

You can add bullet points for Amazon listings while making a product listing or changing one. 

You can follow the steps below to add Amazon bullet points 

  • Log in to Amazon Seller Central. 
  • Now, click on “Edit” under the product listing option.
  • Point to the “Description” tab. You will see a field for “Key Product Features” and another for “Product Description.”
  • Enter your bullet points in the “Key Product Features” field, and it will all be added. 

Inserting bullet points is easy. But you must understand why these bullet points are important in the first place. 

How Do I Write Great Amazon Bullet Points In A Best Way in 2022?

In bullet points, the product’s main features are listed in an easy to read and concise manner. Here you can check the best ways to create Great Amazon Bullet Points for your product listing.

Be Detailed

Make sure to include detailed information in Amazon’s product feature. Prospective customers are often hesitant about purchasing products online without first seeing them. These fears can be quelled with product descriptions.

Include specific information about each product in your description. To name just a few, focus on the main points, such as its size, uses, and material. Your customers will be more likely to purchase your products if you can answer their questions.

Use Perfect Grammar

Bad grammar can make your product look unprofessional and discredit it. Bad grammar can also reflect poorly on your ability and capability to run a business.

It is essential to use perfect grammar when writing. Businesses place a lot of emphasis on how they present their products. Your product descriptions should be the same. Review your product descriptions before you post them online.

Focus On Customer’s Benefits

Your product descriptions should focus on the benefits for customers. Customers want to know how your product solves a problem they are facing. You should describe the features and the different uses of your product so customers can understand how it might help them.

You should include a list of specifications (or specifications) in your description. This allows customers to understand details that are not easily visible in photos. These are some of the most popular specs:

  • Dimensions/sizes of clothing
  • Design options and colors
  • Weight
  • Materials for construction
  • The primary use (for the purpose it was made)

Customers look at the specs list first to get specific information about a product. Your list should be concise, clear, and direct so customers can quickly decide if your product is right for them.

Follow Amazons Bullet Points Requirements

Amazon has specific rules regarding bullet points in the description. The bullet points list should not contain obscene, contact, availability, or links to other sellers. It also must not contain any unwanted information, such as spoilers for the media.

The bullet points list must focus on product information and help customers understand it. Amazon may block your products and lists if you include any other information.

What Are Amazon’s Guidelines For Bullet Points?

You need to follow specific Amazon guidelines for writing bullet points while selling on Amazon. The details you feed and the content format you maintain must be according to Amazon’s requirements.

Without following these guidelines, your listing may get weaker and ignored by Amazon’s Algorithm.

Here Are Some Of The Amazon Bullet Points Guidelines/rules 
  • Bullet points must start with capital letters.
  • Sellers are allowed 5 bullet points, and vendors are allowed 10. 
  • Your bullet points list 5 features of your product that are considered its key features or most important characteristics. 
  • Ensure that all your bullet points have uniformity in length, not too short nor too long. 
  • Steer clear of the usage of promotional content, information on pricing or sales, and discounts that you have on offer. 
  • Bullet points should focus on facts and features relevant to your product and not sound like marketing material.
  • Amazon does not recommend using HTML and other kinds of coding to create any fancy symbols in bullet points. 

Make More Informative

Customers may not be able to scroll down as far as they would like, so make sure you include the most important information in bullet points.

You should include the complete contents of the box, materials and construction, major features and benefits, power output, information on controls and settings, details on pattern/design, care instructions and dimensions, and warranty information.

Each category has its requirements and order of bullets. Below are a few sample Amazon Bullet Points. 

Open-Stock Cookware:

  1. Description (2-quart saucepan) and construction interior and exterior
  2. Handle construction–material and information on rivets (stay-cool?)
  3. Lid construction and design, if applicable (If not applicable, use bullet 2 to describe construction in more detail and move handle construction to bullet 3)
  4. Care instruction; oven-safe temperature
  5. Dimensions (7 by 2 inches); warranty information

Small Appliances:

  1. Overall synopsis of product
  2. Major feature(s), highlighting materials and construction
  3. Power output; Information on controls and settings
  4. Included accessories
  5. Dimensions; Warranty information

Tableware Sets:

  1. General summary of set, including how many it serves
  2. What’s in the Box info–list each piece in set, plus dimensions
  3. Construction/materials details
  4. Details on pattern/design (discuss colors, textures, mix-match options, etc.)
  5. Care instruction; freezer/oven safe details; warranty information

DVD Players:

  1. Types of media playable (CD, DVD, MP3, etc.)
  2. Top three features (zoom, repeat, etc.)
  3. Input/output types
  4. Sound attributes (surround, etc.)
  5. Product dimensions (W x H x D)


  1. Screen size and information followed by dimensions (W x H x D)
  2. Top three features (DCDi picture enhancement, picture-in-picture, etc.)
  3. Next top three features
  4. Input/output types
  5. Sound attributes (surround, etc.)

Video Games:

  1. Genre (first-person shooter, action/adventure, etc.) incorporated into a “wow” statement (“First massively multiplayer game for the Nintendo GameCube”)
  2. Cool feature 1
  3. Cool feature 2
  4. Cool feature 3
  5. Max number of players and/or online multiplayer component

If you have difficulty writing bullets for a specific product, start with this default bullet style and work with your buyer to make it specific to your product category:

  1. General product description
  2. Materials and construction
  3. Details on most important feature(s)
  4. Details on other important feature(s)
  5. Dimensions

Here are a few short style details to remember when writing bullets:

  • Measurements should be formatted like “Measures 16 by 12-1/2 by 4 inches”–also use similar wording within the review.
  • Never abbreviate, unless it is a common industry acronym that is never spelled out.
  • Don’t use symbols (like the TM symbol).
  • Always use numerals instead of spelled-out numbers.

Amazon Bullet Points Optimization Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

When you’re writing your bullet points, there are several things you can do to help your listing clarity and SEO fulfillments.

Highlight The Benefits And Advantages

First, keep in mind that these bullet points are written to convince your customers to purchase your products. These bullet points should not only include technical details and features in the general description.

They should also highlight the benefits and advantages to convince customers to buy your products.

Must Include Relavant Keywords

Spend a lot of time on Amazon Keyword Research. Bullet points must include keywords.

Therefore, your research should be focused on top-ranking and relevant keywords that you can use. This will increase your rank in Amazon search results.

Avoid Keyword stuffing

Avoid being redundant in your keyword usage. Keyword stuffing is when you repeat keywords to rank higher but don’t pay attention to how readable your bullet points are.

Keyword stuffing can make your bullet points appear less impressive, so you should avoid it.

Don’t Use False Information

Don’t make exaggerated claims or use false information. Bullet points should not be interpreted as advertising in which you proclaim your product the best in its class.

This will set a high bar for customers and invite negative feedback. Remember that bullet points must highlight the uniqueness and distinction of your product from its competitors.

Add Essential Information Within The Character Limits

Amazon has a limit of characters for bullet points. No matter the limit, you don’t have to use it fully. Only try to add important points within five bullet points.

Customers will only be able to see the first few paragraphs of your bullet points if they exceed 200 characters. After that, they will need to click “More.” More often than not, they will stop reading. It is always better to keep it short and informative.

Use Simple Language

Remember to write bullet points keeping in mind the customer’s expectations. Your product’s features and uses should be explained to customers as if you were a layman.

You will not be able to convey your message to the right people if you use technical terms.

Try To Address Customer’s Pain Points

Bullet points should address customer pain points and answer important questions. These points can help customers make a purchase. After reviewing customer feedback and reviews, you must include all relevant information in your bullet points.

This is where competitor analysis comes in. You can look at your competitors’ bullet points and reviews, especially if you are a new seller with no reviews. These reviews will give you insight into the opinions of customers and the information needed to make bullet points. This will increase conversions.


Amazon bullet points make up a large part of Amazon listings. These bullet points apply to both the Amazon search algorithm and the purchase decision process.

Amazon recommends that you always write product features from a customer-centric perspective, considering the Amazon keywords due to their limited length. The bullet points should answer frequently asked questions.

Your product should be attractive to customers and presented as a solution. So, Bullet points form an important part of your product listing and contribute to increasing sales.

FAQs On Amazon Bullet Points

Here you can check important FAQs On Amazon Bullet Points.

How Can You Optimize Amazon Bullet Points?

Optimizing Amazon bullet points requires mainly two things:

Consider the point of view of your customer when you create bullet points. It’s all about convincing your customer to buy your product.

Use relevant keywords. Our Amazon Keyword Research Guide explains how to search for relevant keywords on Amazon. Relevance does not depend on whether the keyword appears higher or lower in the bullet points. The keyword must appear anywhere.

Why are Key Benefits of Amazon Bullet Points?

Help customers make a buying decision: Amazon Bullet Points will help you convince potential buyers to purchase your product. Customers rarely scroll past the description of the product. Bullet points, however, concisely and briefly highlight the most important features of the product.

Indexing – Bullet points are included alongside titles and general keywords to help you search Amazon. Using keywords in Bullet Points can help optimize your Amazon Listing to increase visibility.

What Is The Amazon Bullet Points Character Limit?

For the length of all bullet points, Amazon recommends a maximum of 200 to 250 characters, including spaces. However, Amazon even advises only 150 characters for some product categories.

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