How to Win the Amazon Buy Box in 2022

Amazon Buy Box: How to Win the Amazon Buy Box in 2023

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Every Amazon Seller wants to know the secrets to unlock Amazon’s Buy Box formula. They want to be able to win the Buy Box the most efficiently. It is not common knowledge, and only a few are privy to this secret, even those who belong to the elite Amazon inner circle.

Did you know that 83% of all Amazon sales happen through the Buy Box and even more on mobile? Consequently, if you’re not in the Buy Box, your chances of making a sale are pretty slim.

This guide will explain how Amazon Buy Box works and what you should do to win it in 2022. It also explains how to optimize your Amazon prices.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

By 2022, 17% of U.S. retail sales will be e-commerce. It’s time for sellers to embrace digital marketing, optimize for mobile, and establish a brand that can withstand the test of time.

Compelling third-party sellers will always make it a priority to understand the details of this small white Box. This is because of its significant impact on conversions. There is no limit to the number of sellers’ products listed on Amazon. Many sellers may sell the same product, competing for maximum sales.

amazon buy box for a product

The Buy Box section of the product page is where most consumers purchase items. This section will display the highest-ranked seller on Amazon when a customer purchases the product.

The winner will make more sales for the product than any other seller (unless there are several high-ranking sellers; then they will rotate in a Buy Box, with each one gaining their share).

The Amazon Buy Box was designed to align with Amazon’s customer-focused mantra. It helps to determine which product offers the best combination of low price and high seller performance.

Why is the Amazon buy box essential?

More than 83% of sales were made through the Buy Box. This is a valuable spot that has a direct impact on profitability, especially when it comes to mobile sales. Only the name of the winner can be displayed.

Most sellers recognize the importance of understanding the Buy Box and how it competes for specific products.

The Buy Box is the Box in the right-hand corner of the Amazon product detail page that customers can use to add items to their cart. Amazon displays the highest-performance seller at the lowest price.

Why is the Amazon buy box essential

This Box can have a significant impact on conversions. It is, therefore, a goal for competitive sellers.

The Buy Box will rotate high-ranking sellers who are selling a product.

This position can be highly competitive because many merchants can sell the same item. But there’s a catch. The Buy Box is not open to all sellers.

Are You Amazon Buy Box Eligible?

All professional sellers who meet all the performance-based qualifications can be Buy Box-eligible (also known as Featured Seller). This status is usually based on an account and on a category-to-category basis.

A seller can become eligible without paying an additional fee. However, they must perform well. Sellers with low-performance ratings risk losing their Buy Box-eligible status.

Eligible sellers will compete to win the spot within the Box. The same listing may be considered for placement under the More Buying Options if they don’t win. Amazon cannot guarantee placement in these sections, but an eligible seller has the best chance of being featured.

Amazon’s Buy Box Requirements for Eligible Status

Depending on Amazon Buy Box-eligible status, these performance criteria can change at any time and may vary from category to category. There are no guidelines that a seller can follow to achieve Buy Box-eligibility status.

  • Order Delayed Rate (ODR) is based upon customer feedback, A to Z Guarantee claims, and Chargebacks.
  • Seller metrics. Sellers may be Buy Box-eligible depending on the metrics under the seller performance measures.
  • Customer experience. Sellers may be eligible based on the speed of delivery, shipping options, participation in FBA, and customer service.
  • Experience and seniority of seller. This will impact their eligibility.
  • Pro Merchant status. Box-eligible sellers will be affected by their professional seller status.

While before Amazon’s changes, anyone could see who was eligible (formally known by Featured Merchant) by simply looking at the Offer Listing Page. This information is now only available to the seller in their SellerCentral account.

The seller must meet high standards to be eligible. The seller must excel in all qualifying areas to achieve Buy Box eligibility.

Seller performance metrics may be improved in many different ways:

  • Correct listing. To avoid confusion from customers, the seller must carefully choose a title, description, and categorization.
  • Shipment of the item promptly. Fulfillment procedures are followed to ensure that the correct item is shipped.
  • On-time shipping. It is crucial to ship orders on time and meet all delivery dates, especially during holidays. This will help you earn Buy Box-eligible status. To avoid disappointment and cancellations, the seller must confirm the shipment. It is essential to communicate with the buyer about timing.
  • Communication is key to building and maintaining trust with customers. All communication with customers. Customers should be notified of any changes to an order, particularly if it is delayed.

Sellers eager to become eligible can accelerate the process by selling items through Amazon’s fulfillment services (FBA). Even selling a few popular products at a low price on Amazon can help sellers qualify for Buy Box Eligibility status, even on items not Fulfilled by Amazon.

Sellers who believe they meet all requirements but have not been granted eligible status can contact Amazon seller support to request that they be considered.

How to check if you’re eligible for Amazon Buy Box 

Follow the step-by-step guide below to check if you’re eligible for Amazon Buy Box.

  1. Click on the Inventory tab of your Amazon Seller Central, and choose Manage Inventory.
  2. Click on the Preferences tab.
  3. Locate the Buy Box Eligible field in the Column Display section.
  4. Choose “Show When Available” from the drop-down menu.
  5. If you’re eligible for the Box and the SKU is listed in the Buy Box Eligible column, it will show “Yes,” while if it doesn’t, it will show “No.”

The seller might see they can win the Buy Box for certain products but not others.

The Key Factors That Will Win You the Amazon Buy Box

Amazon uses an algorithm to calculate the best price for its Buy Box. This algorithm includes multiple factors that determine customers’ satisfaction. You will see different sellers winning for different categories and products because the algorithm changes depending on the product.

You can price your product higher if you have the following performance metrics.

Therefore, paying attention to all the factors that can increase your chances of landing the desired spot is essential.

Fulfillment Method: Sellers who choose FBA or SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) have a more significant advantage than sellers who sell FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant). All other variables are equal.

Selling Price 

This is the price at which the product has been sold on Amazon. They will need to lower their price to win the spot if they have lower performance metrics than other sellers. If their metrics are high, they can raise their price while still winning.

Shipping Time

You will be more successful if you ship faster.


You can feature back-ordered items in the Buy Box. However, items that are immediately fulfilled are favored by Amazon’s algorithm. Sellers should prioritize avoiding backorders.

Order Defect Rate

This rate combines the Negative Feedback Rate, A-to-Z Guarantee Clim Rate, and the Service Chargeback Ratio.

Valid Tracking Rate

This represents the percentage of deliveries that were sent with complete tracking information.

Late Shipment Rate

This number is the number of orders shipped after the ship date.

On-Time Delivery

This is the percentage that orders were delivered on time.

Feedback Score

Knowing how well others have rated your work is essential, especially in recent times is essential.

Customer Response Time

How fast can you respond to customers? You will lose your chance of winning if you take too long to respond to customers.

feedback count

This shows how many people have provided feedback. The more customers you have, the better.

Inventory Depth and Sales Volume

You will be better if you have enough inventory to go around than if there are large fluctuations.

Cancellation and refund rate:

It could be a problem for your seller’s performance if you cancel an order from a customer that has placed too many orders.

Myths and misperceptions about the Amazon Buy Box

There are many articles on how to beat the little white Box. While some of these might work in certain situations, they are often oversimplified, out of date, or simply wrong. These are some of the most common misconceptions.

Manipulations at the Lowest Price

The theory states that a seller who undercuts the lowest competitor by a certain percentage and then takes an additional penny will always win the Buy Box. This theory isn’t a set rule. It was tested extensively with multiple products at different price points and in multiple categories.

This idea is likely popularized because it caused many false positives when tested on low-end products.

While lowering one’s price will increase your chances of landing the spot in the little Box, it is not true that a specific formula will guarantee you the spot. Price wars between sellers can be created by continually lowering prices, which drives down profit margins for all.

The 2% Rotation Rule

Another false assumption is that sellers priced within 2% of the current Buy Box winner will win the spot at least one-third of the time. The spot rotates among sellers.

This theory is not supported by any evidence. This is another example of false positives, even though it sometimes works when tested.

Rotations of BuyBoxes exist, but they do not fall under the “2% rule”.

Rotations are an essential part of the Buy Box. However, it has been repeatedly proven incorrect to assume they can be manipulated entirely by price.

 How Does the amazon Algorithm Work for Buy Box?

The Buy Box is not a quick way to win. The complex machine-learning algorithm used to determine the winners takes millions of data points into account. Sellers must be aware of potential problems to have the best chance of winning.

You don’t need the formula to win the spot. The formula is complex and multifaceted.

Amazon Buy Box algorithms consider many data points and layers of information about the marketplace and current market conditions. The goal is to give the customer the best value.

It is too simple to assume that the algorithm only considers the price. It determines which product offers the best combination of low price and high seller performance.

Amazon has been committed to providing the best customer experience possible. Amazon describes itself as customer obsessed. Therefore, it is impossible that the formula will only consider price, contrary to some theories.

Although we are unlikely to ever be able to know the exact Amazon Buy Box algorithm in detail, we do know this:

  • This algorithm uses data to evaluate each seller and break down their performance into multiple variables. The algorithm then compares each seller to determine which offers the customer the most overall value.
  • Each variable’s weight can be adjusted on a product-by-product or category basis. This means that even though one seller might lose to a competitor for a product, another could win against them for a different product.

Shipping time is a factor that may be more important than other variables for time-sensitive products like birthday cards. A seller with a shipping time of just one day might have an advantage over someone who ships in three days. Shipping time might not have as much impact on other products like kitchenware.

Each seller should focus on improving the variables that are important to Amazon.

Software Tools that Allow Amazon Box Optimization

This is Amazon’s most sought-after piece of online marketplace real property. It can be challenging to achieve this position at the center of the online marketplace. However, many forms of Amazon Buy Box software available can help sellers succeed.

Feedback Tools to the Amazon Buy Box

A critical factor in winning the spot is good feedback. The more recent feedback has the most significant impact. Sellers must strive to provide quality customer service and prompt resolution of any issues.

Getting customers to provide feedback on their shopping experience is not easy. Most customers don’t have the time or desire to give feedback.

FeedbackGenius is a tool that helps sellers with their feedback process. FeedbackFive is another tool. These tools send personalized reminders to customers and allow monitoring for negative feedback. This saves time and avoids any unnecessary hassle. It also helps to improve customer feedback metrics.

Shipping tools

Shipping time can have a significant impact on your spot. This is especially true for perishable and time-sensitive goods and products. Online business success depends on your ability to deliver your products quickly and efficiently.

Many companies can optimize your shipping process, regardless of whether you use FBA or FBM.

ShipWorks connects with your seller account to download each order. The program creates shipping labels and manages customer tracking information. It also updates the order status online. ShipStation, an identical company, allows sellers to create customized packing slips and branded labels.

Request A Proposal To Boost Your Sales On Amazon

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SellerGeni will help you find a solution to increase your profits on Amazon. Click “Request My Proposal” below to receive a customized roadmap for beating your competition and uncovering new areas of opportunity for increasing sales.

What is a good buy box win percentage on Amazon?

As shown on the Seller Forums, some sellers do well when the Buy Box. More Wins rate is as low as 2%-5%, while others expect decent sales at 15%. Rather than compare rates, sellers can note their optimum percentage for their desired sales level and try to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Does every product on Amazon have a Buy Box?

No. While most products a shopper sees on Amazon will have a Buy Box, a few instances in which a product listing may not have that coveted widget.

How often does the Buy Box on Amazon rotate?

It is that simple! Suppose there are multiple sellers on a listing matching all 3 rules. In that case, the buy box will rotate evenly on a monthly/yearly basis.

What is the Amazon Buy Box winner?

Amazon Sellers who are eligible to win the Buy Box are sellers who have met performance-based requirements. Sellers must maintain their performance levels to remain eligible. Eligible sellers gain placement advantages for their listings on Amazon.

What is the Amazon buy box win percentage?

The Amazon Buy Box win percentage shows how frequently this listing has held the Buy Box for a certain period since Amazon’s SQS reports were generated. Formula: the number of SQS reports with the Buy Box ownership status received in one day/ the number of all the SQS reports received in one day.

Can you win an Amazon buy box as FBM?

For FBA sellers, Amazon handles the packaging, shipping, and customer service. Products sold by FBA sellers also qualify for Prime – ensuring lightning-quick delivery. This does not mean that FBM cannot win the Buy Box. It is possible, but it is easier with FBA.

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