How To Find An Profitable Amazon FBA Niche Easily

How to Find An Profitable Amazon FBA Niche in 2023

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A niche is a small part of a specific market or demographic. There are multiple ways to discover profitable Amazon FBA niches.

The future success of your online business solely depends on what to sell on Amazon FBA for Indian Market.

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You cannot simply pick a random product to sell Online. Because the product you have planned to sell on Amazon FBA may not necessarily be of interest to other consumers at all.

How To Choose A Perfect Amazon FBA Niche To Sell Online?

This is the most common question that arises in the mind of first-time sellers. You should remember that your niche should have high demand and low competition.

It is always a good idea to select an Amazon FBA niche in which you are already enthusiastic or knowledgeable. Because you already have some ideas in this area.

For example, if you’re an experienced electronics seller, you definitely have better ideas on electronics products and customer needs.

Before finalizing any niche for Amazon FBA, make sure that it is not too competitive. You should go with a more specific and less competitive product.

There are a lot of techniques to find trending and profitable Amazon FBA niches. However, we can’t all rely on our own interests and hobbies, so here are some tips on how to find a profitable Amazon niche:

Have Some Depth Knowledge On Product Before Sell On Amazon India

You should have a clear idea about what you are going to sell. Here we have covered some cool tips to give you a proper glimpse on product selection for online Sell On Amazon FBA India or Global.

  • Size: Always consider the small and light products. Because these will be easier and cheaper to ship. Think of something like shoes versus big-screen TVs.
  • Price: You should choose price ranges from Rs 300-Rs 3000 for Amazon FBA India. You should know that people are willing to spend money on Ecommerce stores, mostly because those items tend to be cheaper online.
  • Profit: You should not expect huge profits at the starting of any business. Find a Amazon FBA Niche with a profit margin of 10-30%. You can occasionally find an item with a huge profit margin with a limited sell value. So, it is better to stick with something consistent.
  • Sales: You should remember this mantra every time in your entrepreneurial journey, i.e., consistency is the key. If you can find a product with 10+ sales per day, then you can go with it.

Say No To Seasonal Products

You need to avoid the seasonal Amazon FBA niche, then you can sell fairly consistently year-round.

For example, plan to start a little Christmas store for kids. The demand for Christmas sweaters, Caps, and other things will be almost zero after the Christmas season supplies.

So you should go with the kid’s garment and add some products at the time of the festive season like Christmas to boost your daily sell.

You can go with some micro-niche related to electronics-related. For example, there is a tremendous demand for earbuds, chargers, and batteries all the time.

By selling these products online, you can expect a fairly consistent order and turnover every month of the year.

Look for Product Competitors Without Videos

These types of items are a bit tougher to find. Because nowadays, more Indian retailers are aware of the reality that videos are a smart thing to feature. If you can find an area with few or no competing product videos, you need to act wise and grab the chance.

Even you can start a YouTube Channel to spread awareness about the product and make yourself an expert in the same field. You can easily promote your Amazon FBA Niche in your channel and increase the sell.

Go With The Products With Continuous Demand

By taking a product with continuous demand can give you significant relief on online selling.

You don’t need to promote the product or spread awareness. Your buyers will have a complete notion of the product.

You need to go with the products like toothpaste, face cream, or multi-vitamins as an example. People use these kinds of items regularly and will keep ordering once they run out.

Just stick to selling a product that can produce subsequent orders is a great way to increase the potential for steady demand and sales.

Use Some Pro Tips & Amazon FBA Niche Finder Tools

Since you are looking for niche products, you will need to analyze the keywords you are thinking about.

Just write down all keywords or phrases whatever you are considering. Now, its time to know the potential of those keywords or phrases.

Keywords Research is one of the most effective techniques to use for researching and selling items on Amazon FBA. You’ll need them to find that perfect something to sell, and you’ll need them to help buyers find you quickly and easily.

You can quickly identify the relevant keywords by using tools like Google Adwords – a keyword planning tool.

You can also find the used phrases by buyers from Amazon and check their competition and search volume from the Google Keyword Planner tool.

There are plenty of keyword research tools for Amazon products. We are showing you some popular tools below.

No.Amazon Keyword ToolPricingFeatures
1Viral Launch$24 per monthThe toolmaker has claimed to be the most precise data from Amazon. Uou can filter irrelevant keywords, check the search volume trends, and find low bidding and low competition keywords for your ads campaign.
2Helium 10Free sign upYou will find the awesome features such as Magnet Amazon Keyword research tool makes Helium 10 a perfect tool for SEO professionals.
3SonarFreeThe Sonar keyword tool uses complex algorithms to collect keywords used by Amazon shoppers. 
4Keyword ToolFree to PaidYou can find the best keywords for Amazon products in a fast and easy way. You can use Keyword Tool Pro for Amazon for more advanced options.
5ScopeFrom free to $57.5 per monthYou can easily monitor best selling products, keyword ranking lists and much more with Scope tool. A newbie can also pro to use Scope to research the best keywords for Amazon products.
6Keyword Tool Dominator$49,99By using the extension, you will get access to Autocomplete databases from Google, Bing, Amazon and YouTube. It is a handy tool for research of Long Tail Keywords.
7Scientific SellerFreeYou should know that unlike most keyword tools that are fast and efficient, Scientific Seller is slow and meticulous.
8SellerAppFreeYou can use this tool to identify the best keywords that drive the customer to buy your product and display some details about keyword’s search visibility, positions, etc.
9Google Keyword PlannerFreeIt is one of the best keyword tool currently available to business owners. Google AdWords help you to find out relevant keywords to your products. You can also create online ads based on them.
10Merchant WordsFree $29 to$149 per monthThis tool helps you to develop specific keyword phrases. You must check for availability in their country.
11AMZ OneFrom free to $180You can use features like Keyword Rank Tracking or Sales Tracking to find more accurate keywords.
12AMZ SistrixFreeYou can quickly analyze the keyword by a simple insert a keyword in the tool..
13SEO ChatFreeIt is the best place to find all the information and tools for professional Search Engine Optimization. You can develop a successful business with the help of this tool.
14Seo StackFree You can easily generate keywords, get keyword suggestions and analyze keyword competition.


Final Thoughts

We have covered a thorough guide on how to find Amazon FBA Niche For Indian Market. Now its your turn to choose the best one.

No doubt it will take time to find the right one. But spending enough time on every step, and you’ll get to a clear Amazon FBA Niche Idea. By selecting profitable Products, you will see the exponential growth of online Business.

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