Amazon Negative Reviews

Amazon Negative Reviews: How To Handle Negative Reviews In 2023

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A good reputation is essential if you want to be a successful seller on Amazon. A bad review is not something that Amazon sellers like. Negative reviews can directly harm your business by decreasing your product’s visibility and deterring customers from purchasing your product. Your chances of winning the Buy Box are also affected by your seller feedback rating.

Buyers view reviews as one of the most valuable resources when making a purchase. Therefore, Amazon Reviews are valuable not only for the customer but also for you as a seller. Plus, customers are more likely to trust products with more reviews.

Although customers leave reviews for many reasons, sellers can use them to conduct market research. So let’s know about Amazon Negative Reviews and how to handle them to grow our business.

What Is The Worst Thing About Bad Amazon Reviews?

Bad reviews are not rocket science. An average 1- to 3.5-star rating on Amazon’s eCommerce platform can seriously affect your brand. Your relationship with Amazon is also at risk.

Amazon does not tolerate underperforming sellers. Failure to adapt could result in seller privileges being suspended or, worse, your seller central account.

How Negative Reviews Affect Sales?

Positive reviews are directly proportional to increasing buyer trust. So, first, Amazon determines which trustworthy and reliable sellers are in a niche. Then, it rewards them with a Buy Box.

The winner of the Buy Box will have their product promoted to customers more than other sellers selling similar or identical products. Amazon considers several factors when deciding who the Buy Box should be. These include the product price, fulfillment method, and, most importantly, the average seller rating.

amazon Buy Box for better sale

Positive reviews are a great way to increase visibility and traction.

How Negative Reviews Affect Seller Accounts

Amazon calls the Order Defect Rate (ODR) one of the metrics used to measure seller performance. According to Amazon, it is “a key indicator of your ability to provide a great customer experience.”

For example, if an order results in a credit card chargeback claim, A-Z Guarantee claims not being dealt with, and negative feedback, it is considered defective.

amazon account health

Amazon asks sellers to keep their ODR under 1% or risk account deactivation.

Why Do Customers Write Negative Reviews On Amazon?

Everybody might have different reasons for leaving a review. It is important to understand why customers leave negative feedback so that you can respond. This will help you to identify solutions. Let’s look at the most common reasons buyers leave valuable feedback.

Lackluster Listings Or Products On Amazon

Negative reviews allow customers to express their dissatisfaction with your product or services. Although this could be for many reasons, it allows you to address the concerns. Unfortunately, these are the most common reasons customers leave negative reviews after a bad experience.

Product Quality

Amazon customers cannot visually inspect the quality of the products they buy, unlike regular brick-and-mortar stores. This gap can be bridged by a detailed product description or high-quality 360-degree photos. However, there is always the chance that customer expectations are not met, and this can lead to negative reviews.

Why Managing Amazon Negative Reviews Is Important?

It is important to remember that buyers often scroll to negative reviews, even when a product has high ratings. They want to see the potential problems with the product. They look for reasons to stop buying, just like many other shoppers.

A bad review can lead to a sharp drop in sales. So, of course, you, as a seller, want to avoid negative reviews. But what should you do about them? What can I do?

This post will outline the best ways to counter negative Amazon reviews. Then, we’ll evaluate the effort required, the likelihood of success, and the expected outcome for each measure.

How Can You Stop Amazon Negative Reviews From Happening In The Future?

To make informed purchases, customers should have all information about the product. Therefore, be honest when listing a product. While mistakes are bound to occur, they can be minimized if your team is on top.

Product Mix-up

Even if the product is slightly different in size or color, it can cause a negative impact on your seller’s reputation. This can lead to negative reviews and even a return of the product. Amazon will take care of delivery if you are an FBA seller. If not, ensure you pick the correct order before shipping it.

Delayed Delivery

Customers expect lightning-fast delivery due to the rapid growth in e-commerce and the introduction of services such as Amazon Prime. Two-day delivery and one-day delivery are now the norms. Nobody likes to receive a birthday present a few days after they turn 50. Although it might not be your fault, a delayed delivery from the customer’s point of view is unacceptable. Amazon will take care of you. FBA seller Amazon will inform the reviewer that delivery issues are beyond the seller’s control. However, the negative review will not be removed.

Damaged Product

This is easy to understand. Customers can complain if the product is damaged. Amazon has packaging guidelines that will help you avoid shipping damage.

To help others, some customers leave honest and constructive feedback. An honest review can help others evaluate the pros and cons of a purchase. These reviews are valuable information. You should acknowledge the issues and work to solve them. Remember, constructive negative reviews are free to market research for sellers.

A Platform For Being Heard

Your customers should be able to voice their concerns. It can be frustrating for many people to take the time and leave feedback, but not all of them get a reply. Negative reviews should not be ignored. Instead, recognize customer concerns and work with them to resolve them. This could make a negative review positive.

How to Easily Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon

If you are not as experienced at identifying fake reviews on Amazon, this pattern will help. Fake reviews are the easiest to handle. Just go to the “Ask Amazon for Delete Negative Reviews” section.

These are the most inappropriate and fake reviews.

  • Review that contains any type of slanderous remarks.
  • Reviews that only contain one word
  • Reviews include email addresses, links, and phone numbers to other pages or products.
  • Multiple reviews for the same product by the same person are considered fake.
  • Review of presentations and seminars.
  • Reviews that include any third-party material
  • Third-party sellers, manufacturers, or publishers of comparable products may write reviews.
  • Comment on the reviews.
  • Reviewers who make tasteless comments.
  • Review that contains an advertisement
  • Reviews that include any information (price, availability, etc.) Alternative products.
  • Reviewers provide vague information about the product and fail to address its details.

You can also check the reviewer’s “Helpful votes,” Reviewer ranking, and “See all of my reviews” to expand your search for fake reviews. There is a good chance that the reviewer has a hidden agenda if they only post a few negative reviews.

You have one more trick you can use. Before you can start to amend a negative review, make sure you verify that the reviewer received the product. This can be checked by looking under the review title. For example, a “Verified Purchase” tag means the reviewer purchased the product.

Now, let’s see what are the most efficient ways to deal with negative reviews on Amazon.

How to Handle Negative Reviews on Amazon

Bad reviews on Amazon are inevitable. It is crucial to listen to and respond to customers in a market where your reputation and visibility are tied to sales and visibility. You can make a customer’s review retroactively, so effective communication will help you build your reputation as a super-seller.

One of these options can be used to handle customer reviews:

  • Respond directly to negative reviews: You have the option to respond directly to customer reviews. You can find a solution. This will reduce the damage to the reputation of both the seller and the product.
  • Delete the review: If you think that the review isn’t abiding by Amazon’s guidelines, then you can request Amazon to delete the review.

React Immediately To Negative Amazon Reviews

First, you must respond to the review. Start by apologizing and thanking the reviewer.

Replying to negative reviews allows you to clarify the situation and provide additional information that may be of value to future buyers. Did you resolve the issue that was raised by the reviewer? It is important to mention it. Although a negative review may be left, those who read it will have more information to help them decide before buying.

These are the options for commenting on negative customer reviews:

  • Be polite and share your view on the matter.
  • Please describe what you did to resolve a problem and why it won’t happen again.
  • Show your love for them by providing exceptional customer service.
  • Ask them to contact you through the buyer-seller messaging service if they need further assistance.

The following are some of the benefits of commenting on reviews:

  • Although the review remains the same, the negative impact on the customer is lessened by you providing additional information to other customers
  • Customer reviews are improved because they received good customer service and were able to help them with their problem. However, you should not ask the customer for a review change.

Remove Bad Reviews On Amazon

After you’ve experienced the negative effects on your sales, you can delete 1-star Amazon reviews. In addition, if a review does not conform to the review guidelines, Amazon will remove it from its site.

A negative review that is removed is considered a positive result.

However, Amazon is unlikely to remove a review. To be removed, the review must clearly violate Amazon’s community guidelines.

This is not a valid violation if the review is extreme (e.g., deceitful or harshly inappropriate reviews). It is not sufficient to simply state that a review is unfair.

It is easy to request the revision or removal of a review. You can either report it via Amazon in a few clicks or send an email.

Click “report abuse” on the product detail page for your product.

Alternatively, you can send an email to and indicate the ASIN of your product, the date and time of the review, the name/pseudonym of the reviewer, and, ideally, a link to the review.

You can increase your chances of success by detailing how the user has violated the review guidelines.

Before you start reporting each 1-star review, however, bear in mind that Amazon will only delete reviews if there is a specific violation against their guidelines.

Do not try to bulk-report your negative reviews to see how many will be removed. This won’t work and could lower your reputation as an Amazon seller.

You should only report if a review’s contents violate any of Amazon’s community guidelines. Report any comments that violate Amazon’s terms & conditions

report amazon reviews

 The popup that opens when you click on “report abuse.”

report abusive amazon reviews

Too many negative reviews to click on? Suppose you believe your listing has been subjected to a malicious attack by several bad reviews on Amazon. In that case, you can also report your entire listing to Amazon by emailing You can also include the reviews that you feel are in violation of Amazon’s policies, and they will investigate.

Amazon Review Removal Policy

Although a review may be harsh, it can still be fair. However, you may also find some generic reviews that are not appropriate. How can you recognize these reviews?

Amazon’s review-removal policy can assist you in this. Here’s the deal:

  • The review should be about the product and not the seller (or any other aspect).
  • Amazon does not allow reviews that compare prices or other options, as well as product availability.
  • The review must not be offensive, harassing, threatening, or inflammatory (i.e., it shouldn’t contain profanity or hate speech).
  • Obscene or pro-nudity content
  • Reviews that include personal contact information and email addresses
  • Promoting other products and URLs
  • In exchange for content, compensation may be requested or offered.
  • Review from competitors
  • Multiple negative reviews from the same customer about a single product

Not All Amazon Negative Reviews Are Bad

Most customers will leave negative reviews on Amazon. This is a good opportunity to rectify the situation. You can, for example, update the product descriptions based on the negative review. In addition, they can be thanked for their heads-up.

Analyzing negative reviews is another way to make use of them. Analyze the customer’s pain points to identify the gaps in your listing and then improve your product.

Final Toughts on Amazon Negative Reviews

Amazon sellers strive to provide great customer service and products for their customers. But, unfortunately, sometimes, a sale does not always end happily. Negative product reviews, regardless of whether they are justified, will be something almost every Amazon seller will have to deal with.

You now have some more ideas about how to manage Amazon reviews. You can improve your rating and communicate a consistent message to potential and current customers by following the tips for dealing with negative Amazon reviews.

How do you tackle negative reviews? We’d love to hear your tricks and tips in the comments below.

FAQs On Amazon Negative Reviews 2022

Here check the important FAQs On Amazon Negative Reviews 2022. 

How To Comment On A Negative Review?

Log in to your seller account. Navigate to the comments section on the product page. Navigate to the review you are interested in and click “Add a Comment.” This will allow buyers to recognize you as the seller of the product. Comment as valuable as possible.

Customers cannot contact vendors as they can with sellers (using buyer/seller messaging). Only vendors can ask customers to contact Amazon customer service.

How Do I Get A Negative Review Removal?

Contact Amazon to remove a negative review. The firm will not act if the review violates its communication guidelines.

You can contact Amazon via your Seller Central account to inform them about the review. Include the Order ID, reviewer name/pseudonym, and the posted date and time.

How Do You Ask A Customer To Remove Negative Reviews On Amazon?

It is impossible to ask customers to remove Amazon negative reviews. You can only contact Amazon customer service to ask them to remove any review that violates Amazon’s communication guidelines.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not ask the buyer to remove negative reviews, even if they can be contacted directly. This could land you in serious trouble.

How Do I Remove Negative Feedback?

Amazon will remove negative feedback in two situations:

If the buyer has posted a review of the product as seller feedback.

The seller may opt for Fulfillment By Amazon if negative feedback is due to damaged goods, return issues, or delayed delivery.

Amazon will quickly respond to both of these situations.

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