8 Essential Amazon Product Image Requirements To Boost Your Sales

8 Essential Amazon Product Image Requirements To Boost Your Sales

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If you are selling on Amazon, there are many Amazon Image Requirements that you need to be aware of. One key component of your Amazon listing is the product images.

Amazon product images display on your main product page but appear as thumbnails in search results. And when it comes to optimizing your product photos, you’ll need to think about the context in which they’re viewed.

By following Amazon’s guidelines for your brand image, you can ensure that the photos of your products adhere to Amazon image standards and will result in more sales.

In this blog, We have provided a depth guide on 8 Essential Amazon Product Image Requirements To Boost Your Sales. 

Before starting the complete guide, you must know about the importance of Amazon Product Images for Amazon SEO and rankings.

How Do Amazon Product Images Impact On SEO and Sales?

Amazon integrates click-through rate and the conversion percentage into its ranking algorithms. When the product is being clicked on and bought more often, Amazon’s A10 ranking algorithm will move the product higher in the results.

Your click-through rates ( CTR) and conversion rate ( CR) will directly impact your Amazon SEO. The result is an increase in CTR (thanks to high-quality main images), and a higher conversion will boost your rank on Amazon.

Amazon Product Images requirements On SEO and Sales

It is crucial to be aware that Amazon images of high quality do not necessarily ensure a rise in ranking. When you notice an increase in your CTR and CR, it can trigger Amazon’s algorithm A10 to move your item higher in search results.

Now, you have clarity about the importance of Amazon Product Image for better Amazon SEO & Ranking.

How Can Amazon Product Images Improve CTR?

Before clicking your page, a potential buyer will look at the primary images of your product and your competition. The primary image of your product should be high-quality, and we suggest that you use an image with a resolution that is 3000x3000px. The product should fill most part of the background of the image.

This will give it the appearance of being much larger than the standard Amazon FBA product and will draw more attention. For a deeper dive into Amazon photography techniques and Amazon photography specifications, this episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast contains all you must be aware of.

high quality Amazon Product Images to Improve CTR

You’re trying to convince people to “stop scrolling”; therefore, be innovative and differentiate yourself from the competition instead of having images similar to them. Try to present your product at the moment to ensure that when people see the main image, they know what they’re looking at. This is especially helpful when it comes to products with ambiguous appearances.

Another excellent method to make your primary image stand out is creating a 3D rendering for your item. 3D renders are great for heavy or large-sized objects (like furniture) as well as packaging for products (like bottles or boxes) and products with lots of variations and reflective goods (like glass).

It is possible to make a 3D appear even more appealing than Amazon photographs of products in these situations. You’ve attracted customers to your page. Now is the time to convince customers to purchase your product, also known as increasing the conversion rate!

At this point, the remaining listing of product image slots becomes relevant. Let’s know the 8 Amazon Product Image Requirements To Boost Your Sales.

8 Essential Amazon Product Image Requirements To Boost Your Sales

Your product images are among the most important aspects of your Amazon listing. Clear, high-quality photos will help sell your products by showing potential customers exactly what they’ll receive.

Here check the 8 Essential Amazon Product Image Requirements To Boost Your Sales.

Check Out Amazon Product Image Requirements and Guidelines For Seller

Amazon provides guidelines for the primary and secondary images that sellers must adhere to. The guidelines change frequently, and therefore it’s essential to review them regularly.

Amazon Product Image Requirements and Guidelines For Seller

They don’t cover other pictures (the ones that don’t belong to the “featured” photo); therefore, they are only applicable to your primary image. These Amazon Image Requirements & guidelines aren’t only for new sellers; they’re essential for anyone selling on Amazon.

While some Amazon Image Requirements, like the optimal image size, could alter from time to time, the general guidelines remained the same throughout the decades.

Understand Amazon’s Product Image Requirements:

By submitting high-quality images, you can improve your products’ chances of selling. Your product images must follow certain Amazon’s technical and style guidelines for images.

The table below displays the difference between 2 possible cases:

Parameter Best Result Risk of Rejection
Amazon Product Images: General Rules
Color Mode
  • RGB
  • CMYK, Grayscale, Lab, Indexed, Multichannel
File Format
  • JPEG (preferred), PNG, GIF, TIFF
  • Min. 1,000 pixels in height or width
  • Professional photography
  • Animated GIF, PDF, layout/vector files
  • Less than 500 or larger than 10,000 pixels
  • Blurry images, jagged edges, text/logos, mannequins
Amazon Product Image Requirements: Main Image
  • Show entire product
  • Pure white background
  • Min. 1,000 dpi for zoom quality
  • Show only what customers will receive
  • The product fills at least 85% of the image area
  • Accessories or additional products
  • Colored background or lifestyle pictures
  • Less than 72 dpi
  • Drawings or sketches of the product
  • Borders, watermarks, text, decorations
Amazon Product Image Requirements: Additional Images
  • Different angles and states
  • Show the product being used or in a common environment
  • Nudity or sexually suggestive images
  • Images of kids and baby underwear or swimwear that have been photographed on a model

Here are other Amazon Product image Requirements to ensure that your items will always be displayed on Amazon results pages for product searches.

Amazon Product Image Quality Requirements

  • Ensure that your images adhere to Amazon’s minimum product image guidelines.
  • You can also add as many as eight additional images to an item.
  • Use these images to give all the necessary information regarding your product and emphasize its positive qualities.
  • Be sure that your images have sufficient resolution to allow Amazon’s zoom feature. In allowing your customers to view closer at your item, the distance to your product will be reduced, and the trust of your customers is increased.

Amazon Product Images Quality

For instance, when buyers are searching for the best GoPro camera for their next purchase, they may use the zoom function to look at the various options and buttons that are available to aid them in making the right purchase. Because the item’s specifics are clearly apparent, the purchaser can see how it feels when holding the camera in their hand.

Amazon Main Image of the Product

Your primary Amazon Product Image is the primary driver of the number of clicks on your product since it’s the only image seen on Amazon’s search results page. Customers can scroll through the listing of images for your products on the search results page and click on items they are most interested in.

Images requirements for Image requirements can be described as follows: We recommend that your main image be centered with a background to be a clear background. Also, make sure that the image is well-lit and covers 80 and 85 percent of the frames.

Amazon Main Image of the Product

In the illustration above, we’ve shown two images of the table grill. The first image, although professionally shot, doesn’t effectively convey the essence of the product. Be aware that your primary image will be shown as a preview image within the search results, and you’d like to make sure that you don’t have your product overlooked on the result page. 

This makes the second picture more appropriate because the primary outcome is clearly obvious and recognizable even when it is a preview picture.

The products and the different elements of an image could be crucial and are described below.

Make use of Angle and Perspective

Present the product from various views. This helps let the consumer feel as having been able to see the whole thing and not just the features you wish to demonstrate.

Make use of Angle and Perspective for amazon product images

The Item’s Use Case as well as the Benefits

Use the product as an example of how it is employed. This way, the buyer can visualize more clearly how they will utilize the product and then combine its benefits directly with your product.

user guides and benefits in amazon product image

An Amazon image is particularly helpful in situations where the use and installation of a product are not readily accessible or require explaining. Make it easier by describing the details of one or more images.

Amazon Product Image Background Requirements 

In the case of certain items, buyers must think about how the item will fit into their surroundings. Every type of furniture is such an item that can help you realize your maximum worth by harmoniously fitting into the living space and creating an overall image. Therefore, a table for a couch is more appealing and more comfortable to display in a living space.

Amazon Product Image Background Requirements 

Pro Tip When you display the product’s surroundings and enhance it with the smart selection of top-quality accessories.

Lifestyle Images

A fully automated coffee maker is a slick and stylish pleasure when displayed in a modern kitchen along with freshly made coffee. When a product is purchased, an ideal lifestyle is promoted.

amazon product Lifestyle Images

Explain to the customer what the product can do to fit their life or the lifestyle that one acquires with the item.


Set the image into the human setting and make the product come to life. This isn’t just for clothes. Many items have a social element that is worthy of highlighting.

human Context amazon product image

Make sure your customers understand how they stand out as individuals using a product or how they interact with others.

Pro Tip: Display Size Ratios

Put the product in the background of another product. In the case of certain items, it could be beneficial to show the sizes of the items.

Display Size Ratios amazon product image

Amazon uses this technique to display the Kindle to show how thin its product really is.

Pro Tip: Show Unique Product Characteristics

The features of the product need to be highlighted. Make your product stand out by not just describing benefits through text but making it visually appealing.

Add the Details in Amazon Product Images

If there is any important information about your product, it must be displayed in a distinct image of the product.


The product’s design and packaging are important or not elements of the overall packaging. Items that show prestige and an upscale lifestyle (such as cufflinks, look below) or are given as gifts typically come with elegant and premium packaging. It is often beneficial to display the item inside the packaging in these instances.

amnazon product image on packaging

Make Sure Your Main Image Focus On Your Product

The main photo of your product should highlight the item that you’re selling and not be cluttered with other things. If you have several items in your inventory, only showcase only one item in your primary image of the product. This means that your team members should stay clear of watermarks, images with insets, and text within the main images of your products.

Amazon Main Image Focus On Product

If a photographer takes professional photos of your item, ensure that they capture only the frontal image of the product with nothing else visible in the photographer’s view. It is possible to ensure the photographer will take high-quality images by controlling the image frame. Then you can use an image editor to edit the images.

Make sure to leave fancy elements in secondary images of your items. So, you’ll stay clear of backgrounds, props, text objects, and even individuals. But don’t worry; you can utilize photos of lifestyle or product comparisons as secondary images of your product.

Utilize A Pure White Background

Photographing products is a challenge and requires many tools to complete the task. You must ensure that your product photographs look great using Photoshop or Illustrator tools. These tools allow you to make a white background that Amazon requires on all primary images.

You could certainly use the Amazon photography service or outsource editing of your photos if you want. If you have an experienced graphic designer on their team, they will be able to modify the backgrounds of photos. Around 15 percent of the product’s image should be blank space.

Pure White Background amazon product image

It’s the white-colored color that Amazon likes, which creates the illusion that products are “floating” in their eCommerce marketplace. But, not every white color can be used. Make sure that they change your backdrop RGB color to the following colors: 255,255, 255.

This is right. Amazon sellers should not use white blends or other colors or backgrounds to attract attention. This could result in listing removal! Don’t use fun colors in your other images.

Make Use Of Realistic Colors By Setting The Right Color Mode

If you’re a phone owner, You’ve probably seen the social media-related fun filters that you can apply to your photos. While these filters appear to enhance the quality of images, they can alter the image’s color. For instance, Instagram’s VSCO filter can add an orange tint to the photo.

Setting The Right Color Mode for amazon product image

This isn’t what you want when trying to sell your item on Amazon. To avoid this issue, you must set the correct color mode to your camera’s settings. Your photographer will know how to accomplish this and, in many instances, can fix colors using tools such as Adobe Photoshop.

Beware Of Using Too Bright Or Dark Images

Amazon sellers frequently attempt to create a certain appearance by using light or dark photos. While this may look appealing at first, however, it could end in harming the listings.

Amazon employs a color-contrast algorithm to determine if the product is visually attractive. Suppose an image displays excessive darkness or brightness. In that case, the algorithm will not be capable of choosing the actual hue of the product. The algorithm will consider the item as unappealing and not show your listings.

avoid too Bright Or Dark amazon product Images

If you wish for your images of products to be attractive to customers, stay clear of the high contrast and focus on displaying precise product images. Therefore, you should not add seamless edges or color blocks, or any other filter that isn’t compatible with Amazon’s strict guidelines.

Take A Close-up Of The Main Product Image

The main product images should make up about 15% of the frame. But, there are some sales categories, such as Books, Music, and videos, where the artwork for the cover must fill the entire width of the frame. If your product’s image appears too small, buyers might have difficulty comparing them to your competitors’ choices.

Close-up Of Amazon Main Product Image

Keep in mind that Amazon uses different sizes of images of your products in advertisements, thumbnails of search results, and product suggestions results. Imagine how tiny your product thumbnails would be if they were just filling in 25% of the frame. So, your image should be crisp, clear in size, properly sized, and cropped correctly.

Excellent product images will allow customers to benefit from Amazon’s zoom feature and have a clear close-up view of your product. Customers can read about the product’s highlights in the main image and then switch to other images, including the lifestyle picture, to learn how to utilize the product.

Make Use of the Right Size and Scale

The size and dimensions of your images for products are crucial if you intend to sell your product on Amazon. Your image must be 1000 pixels wide on the narrowest size to ensure that buyers can trigger the zoom feature.

Right Size and Scalable amazon product image

This is one of the Amazon Product Image Requirements to ensure that you have an aspect ratio that your primary photo will be square (1:1) to ensure you can benefit from the image.

Follow the Requirements for Amazon Product images, follow the usual, and see a better conversion rate.

Don’t Forget To Add Additional Images

While it is simple to take and upload the most product images you can, most sellers can’t display eight additional images of their products on Amazon. Unfortunately, failing to include additional images or alternative images can be a major issue.

Additional amazon Images

People love looking at their items from different angles to evaluate their value and quality. Furthermore, these images allow shoppers to compare your product with other alternatives.

Thus one of the most effective Amazon Product Image Requirements is to include any additional images of your products in your listing. Ensure you have images of lifestyles, photos from various angles, and other images your target viewers would like to look at. Yes, secondary images are as important as the main file.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that your Amazon Product Images could be the difference in how your Amazon listings do. Making sure that your listing is in line with Amazon Product Image Requirements & guidelines and using the many options and features offered to you are essential methods to ensure the success of your listing.

With all the competition available in the Amazon marketplace, you have no reason to miss every possibility essential for your listing’s success.

What are you waiting for? Get started with these fantastic techniques to give your listing an advantage over competitors it is owed now.

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