Amazon Product Videos Guidelines & Benefits for Sellers

Amazon Product Videos All Sellers Need to Be Educated

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Brand-registered Amazon sellers can now add videos of their products in their product listings. The potential impact this can be on your business is immense.

90% of consumers say videos to aid in making buying decisions. Conversion rates for landing pages that include videos are up by 80 percent.

So the presence of a video about your product on your listing can be an important feature that can give your product a competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace. With more than 60,000 registered brand names on Amazon, this is an opportunity that you shouldn’t be able to overlook.

Let’s dive into Amazon product videos to find out how they can help you stand out. 

In this guide, we’ll provide you with complete information on who is eligible to use Amazon Product Videos, their benefits, guidelines and best practices, and the most effective strategies.

Why should I consider using videos in my Amazon listings?

Amazon product videos included in the listing are among the most effective ways to enhance your listing. Videos can be a great way to establish a connection with potential customers.

The best videos showcase the product’s advantages and features and demonstrate its benefits. Explainer videos provide more information about the functions of a product or how it operates in a way that no collection of Amazon bullet points can accomplish. Videos of comparison show what the product can do compared to other products.

For consumers, videos let shoppers get a lot of information in a short time. They let them know what they should feel about a product creating an emotional connection. This is information they need, and they’re more likely on your list and continue watching if your video is worth it.

Videos can be a great way to highlight the product’s features without distractions and to let the customer know they have exactly what they need. It’s the most effective way to showcase the product’s worth and uses, brand information and distinctive selling point.

Here’s a great example of this:

The most important thing is that Amazon product videos aid customers in understanding the brand and your product, help them make an informed purchase choice, and increase sales.

Need more proof? Here are some figures to prove it:

  • 96% of customers are convinced by video when making purchases online.
  • 79% of consumers prefer watching video clips to gain product information rather than reading the text on a webpage.
  • The best Amazon product videos can boost conversions by as much as the 80% mark.

Videos can also decrease negative reviews by clearly describing what the product can and doesn’t offer, thereby making buyers less likely to purchase products that don’t meet their requirements.

Who can use Product videos on Amazon listings?

The Amazon product videos aren’t available in the majority of Amazon sellers. At the moment, it is accessible in two categories:

  • Marketplace sellers with an established brand registered with the Amazon Brand Registry. Sellers can access video accessible through the A+ Content (formerly EBC) within Seller Central.
  • Vendors are brand-owned manufacturers who supply wholesale products to Amazon. Video for vendors is accessible via A+ Content inside Vendor Central.

Registered brands also have the option of using videos on Amazon Storefronts.

It is important to note that although the video is accessible to all registered sellers with a Brand Name on Amazon, Most sellers in Europe are not yet given the option of uploading videos. In the UK and other parts of Europe video uploads are restricted to vendors only.

Suppose you’re an online seller who has no registered brand or brand. In that case, You are only allowed to post Amazon product videos that customers post in their reviews.

What we can learn from this about Amazon product videos is that Amazon is committed to providing the best features to trusted companies and can generate the highest number of sales. You have limited options if you’re not one of these sellers or brands.

Where does an Amazon product video appear on your listing?

When you upload a video to your product listing, it will appear under the main product images section. Customers can easily find and view the video without having to scroll through your listing. 

location of Amazon product video appear on your listing

When you click on the video thumbnail, it will open a bigger window through which customers can watch the video.

What does it cost to add a video to a product on Amazon?

For sellers registered with a brand, including Amazon product videos on your page and Storefront is free.

Unfortunately, the vendors have to pay an extra fee for the use of their Amazon product videos. It’s considered a premium feature. It can cost approximately $1500 for each detail page for only one ASIN variant family.

For all sellers and brands, videos of products posted in the form of a review by a customer are free. However, this isn’t something you can influence in any way.

Regarding production costs for video quality, Amazon product videos of the highest quality are more affordable than ever to create. With the advancements in editing, camera and lighting technologies, video production has become extremely economical.

How can I add product videos to my Amazon listing?

From now on, we’ll primarily concentrate on companies selling products via the Amazon marketplace and publishing your Amazon product videos via A+ Content within Seller Central.

It is easy to include videos to the product’s listing is quite simple and easy:

  1. Log into Your Seller Central account.
  2. Click on the Inventory.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Upload and Manage Videos. From the dropdown, select Upload & Manage.
  4. Hit the button Upload Video, and choose your desired video file.
  5. Include a title and ASINs for the video that is associated with the video.
  6. Choose the thumbnail (preview image) for the video.
  7. Click submit and send your file to Amazon for review.

The review process could take as long as an entire week or even longer. Once the review is completed, the status will be changed from “live” to “live.” The video will be displayed on the product detail pages of the relevant ASINs within two days, so long as there are not over six pictures assigned.

Should I engage a production company or Create Amazon product videos By Myself?

Suppose you are creating a video to promote your company’s products. In that case, there are two primary choices: either make the video on your own or contract the creation to a production firm or an agency specializing in Amazon videos for products.

The decision to make is contingent on your budget, your time frame and the experience of your personnel in comparison. Agencies or production companies.

No matter if you’re doing the work by yourself or not, it’s a must that you have to remain involved during the process to protect the authenticity of your brand and ensure the best quality of the final video.

For most Amazon brands and private labels, the best strategy would be to put money into professional video production. You’ll want your product and brand displayed at the best quality, and investing in the professional production of videos will repay off through increased sales in the future.

What should I consider when planning the pre-production of Amazon product videos?

Planning and pre-production are essential to success in every form of video-making, no matter if it’s for your company’s latest gadget or Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster.

When it comes to your video about your product, it is essential to think about how you’d like to showcase your brand, your product, and what details to include.

  • How do you position your brand, and how will your production portray it? Are you selling a high-end product, or is it a product that appeals to the general public?
  • What are the advantages and features of the product? And how do they solve problems for customers?
  • How can you showcase the product you sell to make it clear to customers and entice them to purchase it?
  • What kinds of questions do clients frequently have? How can you respond to these questions in the video?
  • Are there any variations to the products? Do they require separate videos, or could they be put together in one?

You’re creating a video for your product to highlight your brand’s offerings. Therefore, you’ll have to ensure that your brand’s logo remains in line throughout the process.

What are the different types of Amazon product videos?

There are four kinds of videos most frequently utilized in Amazon products.

Product highlights video

This video is clear, simple and focused only on the item. It could be an easy perspective of the product set against white backgrounds or an elaborate video that includes close-ups of the product being used.

This is an illustration:

Which one is best for you is dependent on the product. Certain products, like footwear or clothing, greatly benefit from being shown from different angles. Regarding other items, it’s crucial to help viewers understand the features and their style.

Consider how someone would experience the item in a physical shop and then try to recreate that feeling on the screen.

Customer experience video

The purpose of this type of video is intended to demonstrate the product used by the customer, which will help potential buyers get a better understanding of the product more clearly and understand its potential of it.

Here’s a great example of this:

This kind of Amazon product video is perfect for products that are interacted directly with – where the object is an experience, like toys and cosmetics. The video can help customers know what the product can provide and what they can expect.

Explainer video

The Amazon product video type you see here focuses on the advantages that the item offers and how it will help customers solve their problems. A compelling script and a persuasive copy are essential for this type of video, regardless of whether the words are read in a loud voice or projected on the screen.

This is an illustration:

Explainer videos are typically the best choice for products that are, well, in need of explanation!

The advantages of certain products, like the nutritional supplement mentioned above, aren’t apparent by their appearance alone. A video that illustrates what the item does, how it is utilized and the benefits to the person using it is a valuable benefit.

Video of comparison

This kind of video showcases the product’s performance compared with other products or what would happen if a buyer did not own this product at any point in their lives.

This could be a great option when there are numerous similar products available. Your product solves the major issues with these products or features other significant distinctions buyers are likely to want to know about.

You don’t need to speak about other products in detail. However, you could say, for instance, that some products have handles that are difficult to hold or contain loose parts and explain how your product can provide solutions to these common problems.

How To Create Best Script for My Amazon product videos?

If you’ve never created a video script before, you might think, “How hard can it be?” The answer is fairly difficult, particularly when it comes to shorter videos.

The optimal duration to use Amazon product videos is not more than one minute. However, it’s possible to go longer. If you go past 2 minutes in length, the product will not be able to draw the attention or interest you’d like. The most reliable general rule is the less time you spend, the more effective.

In an outline for a single-minute video, each word and image counts. You’ll have to introduce your product’s features, advantages and uses, all while remaining engaging and in tune with the appropriate images.

It’s a good idea to employ an experienced script writer or copywriter to break your message and convey it in a captivating visual and narrative manner.

Also, you should consider narration. Is there narration on camera or an off-camera voiceover? Perhaps there isn’t any narration, but you tell the tale through captions, images, or graphics?

Think about the objectives you’ve set in the pre-production stage. Then, select the format that will best help you communicate all the information you need to your ideal client.

types of Music Selection For Amazon product videos

Particularly in short Amazon product videos, the perfect piece of music is crucial to enhance the experience.

You don’t want to overpower the audio or distract the audience. So, ensure that your music is in harmony with the other components of your presentation.

It is important to ensure you do not need copyrighted songs without permission. A variety of websites specialize in low-cost music to be used in video soundtracks. Find royalty-free music. Be aware that royalty-free does not necessarily mean that the music is free. It simply implies that the price does not depend on the number of music played.

Make sure you download the best quality file you can for your video so that you can provide your editor with the flexibility to decide how they utilize the music. Poor audio quality can ruin the most stunning video.

What should I have prepared before filming product videos for Amazon?

Suppose you’re producing the film or working with a professional production company. In that case, there are several things you’ll need ready before when the cameras begin to roll.

You should have high-quality physical and digital logos that you can insert into the video. You can use your logo’s colors as background color, or maybe even on the clothes of your camera’s on-camera actors.

Make graphic components, collect high-quality images and get your music files in order. If you’re doing yourself filming, you must prepare the location and test your equipment.

A key aspect of being aware of is having several duplicates of your item for shooting purposes. Make the most attractive copies as “hero” items to only shoot close-ups and images of the product. Utilize different objects to showcase the product being used. Always have cleaning supplies available to clean the products in need.

What’s the problem with the excessive focus on cleanliness? You might be shocked by how easily you can detect dust and fingerprints in close-up photos.

What are the tech requirements regarding Amazon Product videos?

Like all Content on Amazon, Amazon has very specific guidelines for how technical elements are handled in videos for products.

Export the file using your editing software for video at the highest quality possible setting. Acceptable file formats include 3GP, AAC, AVI FLV, MOV MP4 and MPEG-2. Avoid Apple ProRes file format.

The thumbnail image must be in a JPEG or PNG file format with an aspect ratio of 16:9, and the minimum size should be 1280 pixels x the resolution of 720 pixels (1920 1080 pixels is the preferred size).

What caused Amazon to deny the product video I uploaded?

It is important to note that your Amazon product videos will be subject to approval based on the Amazon Video Content Policy guidelines. In this regard, many factors could violate these guidelines, resulting in your video not being accepted.

Here are a few examples:

  1. False or insubstantial claims made about the product.
  2. Negative remarks made against competitors.
  3. Citing your business as a distributor and distributor or details about your company’s contact information.
  4. Including promotions, price discounts, or other important information with a time limit.
  5. Modifying the warranty of the manufacturer or extending the warranty of your choice.
  6. Reviews of customers based on incorrect product information soliciting positive reviews, including reviews older than a year old or editing reviews to alter their significance.
  7. The claim is that a product will result in weight loss without eating a balanced and healthy diet and exercising.
  8. This includes web links and calls to action that steer users away from the page as well as away from Amazon all in all.
  9. Infringing on intellectual property rights of others.
  10. Socially insensitive, controversial or politically divisive.

As you will observe, there are many ways to break your Video Content Policy. It’s possible to commit this offense in error if you’ve failed to read through the guidelines from beginning to end, particularly if you are trying to incorporate humor into your sensitive video or product.

The need to re-shoot or edit an edited video because of unavoidable mistakes in policy can cost a lot of time and money and is difficult.

Is there a way to include Amazon product videos on without registering a brand?

Suppose you’d like the advantages of Amazon product videos but don’t have a branding strategy, or you own an existing brand that isn’t included in Amazon’s Amazon Brand Registry. In that case, you’re only given one alternative.

This is an option for a review video. A buyer can post an online review of your listing and add an accompanying Amazon product video. Suppose you’ve got a fantastic product with excellent customer service and a well-optimized listing. In that case, you may discover that review videos are posted without having to take any other action.

Don’t submit false reviews to include videos, or you can use one of the fraudulent services that promise that they will add video reviews to your listing. Amazon may not catch up for some time, but when it does, you could face permanently removing your Amazon seller’s account.

To reap the benefits of Amazon product video, A+ quality Content, and the protection of your brand, The best way to protect your brand is to incorporate your business added to the Amazon trademark registry.

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