Amazon UPC codes 2022

Amazon UPC codes: How to Buy UPC Codes For Amazon 2023?

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As an Amazon seller, you should already be familiar with UPC codes and what they entail. Amazon requires sellers to have unique product codes (also called UPC codes) to list their products. Amazon UPC (Unique Product Codes) codes are integral to conducting commerce with Amazon.

Without them, it’ll be virtually impossible to market on the market. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

In this article, we’ll look at what exactly Amazon UPC codes are, why they are so important, and, more importantly, where you purchase these.

What are Amazon UPC codes?

Amazon UPC is nothing but a unique code that is assigned to every item on Amazon. It is a unique code assigned to each item on the Amazon marketplace. It’s used to distinguish the product from the thousands of other items available on the internet. UPCs allow it to be simple to determine the specific products that are sold on Amazon all over the world. Imagine UPCs as Amazon’s method to identify each product within its database.

The codes function similarly to the barcodes you find on every item in the local store. They are distinctive, and a quick scan will reveal what the item is and other information pertinent to the product.

It is not necessary to mention that UPCs offers a variety of advantages, including:

  • They aid buyers and sellers quickly finding each item and then cataloging it appropriately.
  • UPC codes facilitate the management of inventory and track
  • It becomes easy to track products/consignments in transit during shipping.
  • The codes allow you to search for items within warehouses and on the internet.

Why do you need UPC codes for Amazon?

UPCs are required for doing transactions through Amazon. Period. Amazon requires a unique product identification number, and UPC codes can be used for that. It’s necessary to ensure the seller can complete the “Product ID” field efficiently when creating an entirely new listing to sell. Of course, other codes exist, like ASIN, GTIN, EAN, etc. However, UPC has generally accepted the most widely used standard for identification in the marketplace.

what are amazon upc codes

If you do not have a UPC Code for the item, Amazon will not accept it as a product for the marketplace.

Amazon also revised its policy on UPC codes, saying that it will verify each product’s UPC to the UPC database supplied, which is the only and only source for UPC codes. It’s done to confirm its authenticity. UPC code: If there is any error or mismatchthe listing will be rejected, and the listing will be taken down. Additional action could be taken against the seller.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure you have the most current and authentic UPC to sell your item.

How do I generate the Amazon UPC Code for Your Product?

Before we move on to the point that allows us to purchase UPC codes, let’s take the time to look at how UPC codes are created.

First things first, you cannot make your own code. It is necessary to get it purchased from GS1, a non-profit organization with the task of establishing guidelines for business communications and providing information on retail products around the world. There are more than 100 GS1 organizations that provide services to various regions. You need to be aware of the GS1 US for the United States.

There is no need to buy at GS1. You can purchase UCC (formerly GS1) codes from places such as that work perfectly with Amazon and have been good for the last 15 years.

Creating the UPC code begins by making the GTIN Global Trade Item Number for your product. If you’re confused about UPC and GTIN, Think of the two in this manner:

When UPC codes are a series made up of strips of white and black explicitly designed to identify a particular product and its owner, the GTIN is the code that complements this. It is an integral element that makes up the UPC code.

Here’s how to make your UPC code:

  • It is first necessary to obtain the GS1 Company Prefix for your product. It’s nothing more than an individual number that represents your business to corporations around the globe. It usually has six numbers.
  • You can get a GS1 Company Prefix after you have joined GS1 US, provided your company is located in the United States.
  • In addition to this Company Prefix, the Company Prefix is a five-digit code that uniquely identifies your item.
  • Then, a check number is added to the 11-digit number in order to ensure there is no error in the GTIN correctly generated.
  • The 12-digit number you’ve got now is the GTIN unique to your product. You can now use this number to generate an easily scanner-friendly UPC code.

A UPC sample code that uses GTIN.

European Article Number, also known as EAN, is quite like UPC codes. They are mostly used in European nations. They are composed of 12-13 digits and barcodes.

How to Buy UPC Codes for Amazon 2022?

Now that we have learned how to generate UPC codes let’s explore the process of purchasing UPC codes.

  • It’s done to get your company’s Prefix, the unique six-digit code we discussed earlier. Obviously, there are many other methods to obtain this number, but the number will likely not be associated with your company.
  • Many business owners fall into the trap of purchasing the Prefix from third-party sellers, who then purchase large quantities of it to resell. This breaks the authority chain and undermines the credibility of your business when Amazon recognizes that your UPC does not match the one listed within the GS1 database.
  • This is why purchasing the GS1 code directly on the website is highly recommended.
  • The remaining steps are similar to the steps that were previously described. Give a unique product code to your company’s Prefix. You can choose your numbering method, but it must be unique to every item you plan to sell on Amazon.
  • Once you have your 12-digit GTIN, create your UPC codes for the identical.
  • Also, you need to determine how you would like to display the barcodes on the product. If you don’t have a packaging or label for your product and want to get the barcode digitally, use it directly onto the packaging and labeling for your item. However, if you’ve completed the design and packaging completed, you can purchase barcode labels to put onto the product
  • You can lease UPC codes for GS1 price, which includes renewal and the initial cost that could be costly. You can also purchase them through our preferred supplier,
  • is the most popular retailer of UPC codes on Amazon and charges zero hidden costs, there are no renewal costs, and they don’t expire and only cost $5 to begin. Discounts for bulk purchases are offered in the form of 100 codes are 45 dollars ($0.45/code). You can purchase UPC codes from UPCs in less than a minute and then use them immediately on Amazon.
  • The final step is to purchase Amazon UPC codes. There are a variety of third-party websites like UPCS (Formerly known as Snap UPC); however, it’s preferred to work with a solution supplier on GS1’s site. They are GS1 certified and fully conversant with their standards. You can quickly browse through the complete list of solution providers and easily select the one you think is best for your company.

What does the cost of Amazon UPCs cost?

The price for Amazon UPC codes depends on the requirements of your business. If you’re a small company proprietor, GS1 US offers an economical solution. It is possible to get one GS1 US GTIN and UPC code for just $30, and there is no renewal cost.

However, If you’ve many products to offer, you’ll likely require more codes. As a result, prices will be higher. This is how it works:

Number of Items
in Need of UPC Code
Renewal Fee
1 $30 None
10 $250 $50
100 $750 $150
1,000 $2500 $500
10,000 $6500 $1,300
100,000 10,500 $2,100
NDC/NHRIC Company Prefix $2,100 $2,100

Remember that these fees are just for the creation of barcodes. It is necessary to shell out additional money to order or deliver your product. This cost will depend on the solution provider you select.

FAQs On Amazon UPC Codes 2022

Here check important FAQs On Amazon UPC Codes 2022.

I’m selling several variations that are the same item. Do I require UPCs for each product?

Yes, you can because different versions of the item differ in their dimensions, color, or any other parameter you’ve chosen. Therefore, they are unique and, as such, require an individual identity.

For instance, if you are selling a pair of socks that come in various colors, you will require Seven different UPCs.

I’m selling a product through Amazon that’s already available on the marketplace. Do I need to get a UPC code?

Yes, absolutely! Even if a different seller sells your item, you’ll still have a unique identifier for the item. It could comprise an Amazon UPC code, EAN, GTIN, et cetera.

I’m buying a brand from a wholesaler and later selling the product on Amazon. This isn’t my brand. Do I have to purchase amazon UPC codes?

Even if you are reselling a product on Amazon, like most sellers, you still need to pay for Amazon UPC codes (or any other unique identifier, for that matter). The bottom line is that Amazon needs to separate each of the millions of products in the database in one way or another.

Codes like UPC, EAN, and GTIN, among others, help Amazon achieve this goal.
So, whatever may be the case, if you are selling something on Amazon, it must carry a unique identifier code.

Final Thoughts On Amazon UPC codes

By now, you must have realized the importance of Amazon UPC codes. Without one, it will be impossible for you to sell your products in the marketplace. It is an investment but is undoubtedly worth the price. You must ensure that you buy Amazon UPC codes from proper authorities like GS1 and their solutions partners to avoid discrepancies. The codes must be authentic and correct and must adhere to Amazon standards.

Please share your experience with these codes in the comments section below! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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