Amazon Vine Program for Sellers 2022

Amazon Vine Program for Sellers in 2023 cTo Get More Reviews

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Amazon is always improving and offering more space for authentic sellers, reviews, customers, and customers every day. It’s no surprise that Amazon is at the top of the E-commerce pyramid. They’re always trying new things. 

Amazon’s Vine program allows trusted reviewers to post reviews about new products. This helps customers make informed purchasing decisions.

The Vine Reviews cannot be edited or influenced by vendors or suppliers at any stage, as long as they adhere to the Posting Guidelines.

Amazon Product reviews are important for your Amazon business. These reviews are crucial in driving sales and increasing awareness among customers. You must have a way to encourage customers to leave reviews after purchasing.

Let’s look at the Amazon Vine program and its benefits, how to enrol, the cost to enrol, as well as whether it’s worth it for the Amazon seller community.

What Is Amazon Vine Program?

Amazon Vine allows the most trusted reviewers of products to post product reviews. The objective of this feature is to assist fellow shoppers in making informed purchases.

Amazon invites customers to be ‘Vine Voices’ depending on their reviewer rank. Amazon gives these reviewers free products from sellers and brands they like.

Amazon Vine 2022

There have been significant changes to this program as of 2022. The program has been simplified, with new costs per enrolment and a higher limit on the products that can be enrolled.

Amazon Vine is currently available to professional sellers and Amazon vendors with FBA fulfilment. However, the tool can only be used by those who are enrolled in the Brand Registry. You must register as the brand owner in Amazon Brand Registry to participate in Vine.

Amazon has increased the limit on enrolment to 60 ASINs. The previous limit was 5 ASINs per vendor and seller. This means that there are many opportunities for larger brands with bigger catalogues.

How Does Amazon Vine Program Work?

Let’s say your product has just been listed. It’s like a blank slate. There is no review, no Q&A, and there’s no product in the initial stage. You only need to get reviews from customers to drive traffic to your product and increase sales. It can be a little tricky, to be honest. Amazon Vine is a great way to generate reviews.

Amazon Sellers should send sample products to reviewers before the product is released to the public. The Amazon Reviewer rank algorithm will help them understand their work. You might also be able to create a platform of awareness for your potential customers by enrolling in Amazon Vine Program. It’s easy: experts who like your product will also like it.

According to different reports and sources, vines increase conversion rates. For example, if someone starts a product review on the first day of your launch, your ranks will be higher than theirs. This gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Also, the Amazon Reviewer ranking is a badge that lets others know your product is of high quality.

What Are The Requirements To Enroll In Amazon Vine Program?

Previously, Amazon Vine was only available to vendors. This feature is now available to sellers as well.

To be eligible for the program, your products and you must meet these criteria:

  • You must be a seller registered in store.
  • You must be registered in the Amazon Brand Registry for the item that you want to enrol.
  • You must give away each product for free
  • You must have fewer than 30 reviews on your listing
  • Your product must be an FBA offer in ‘New’ condition
  • Your product must not be an “adult” product
  • Your product must already have launched at the time of enrollment
  • You must have available inventory for your product
  • Your listing must have an image and a description
  • No software or apps digital.

What Products Are Not Eligible For Amazon Vine Program?

Amazon Vine is not available for all products. Restricted product items are not eligible. These items are not eligible.

  • Amazon will bundle products for review and delivery.
  • Reviewers will need to order additional products to review certain products. You cannot enrol an ink cartridge under this program. This requires you to have a printer to complete the review.

Remember that Amazon Vine Program is not available for certain products. These products include:

  • Packages sold
  • Bulk or heavy items
  • Sample goods
  • Hazmat products
  • Dropship products

Amazon doesn’t determine Vine Voice qualifications, but they do invite Vine Voices based on reviewer rank. The effectiveness and usefulness of the review determine a reviewer’s rank.

Customers must find enough insight from your product reviews. If you want to qualify for Amazon Vine, you must write honest and detailed reviews of the products you purchase.

What Is The Cost Of Amazon Vine Program?

There is no enrollment fee for the Early Reviewer Program. Amazon used to charge vendors a fee per enrolled ASIN. This cost ranged from $2500 per vendor. Vine Voice members will review your products if you send them (free). Vine Voice members are known for writing thoughtful Amazon reviews. They are hand-picked by Amazon to be critical of your product.

Be careful. Vine reviewers are more critical, so make sure your product is top-quality. Expect to get 1-3 stars ratings or reviews.

Remember that Amazon Vine membership does not guarantee positive reviews. You must ensure that the product listing page matches the product.

How Can Sellers Enrol In The Amazon Vine Program?

These steps will allow you to enrol in Amazon Vine if your product and brand meet these requirements.

If your brand and product meet the above requirements, you can follow these steps to enrol in Amazon Vine.

  1. In Seller Central, go to the Advertising tab > Vine.
    Amazon Vine in seller central
  2. If you are brand registered, you will see a ‘Enroll in Amazon Vine’ button on this screen.
    begin amazon vine enrollment
  3. On the next screen, enter your ASIN and then click Begin Enrollment.
  4. Verify your product information.
  5. If you are enrolling a product set, Amazon generally recommend that you chose the option All product variations that are available in my inventory at a Fulfillment Center are available to reviewers. This gives the most flexibility to Vine Voices as they will be able to select their favourite variation, optimising your chances to get insightful reviews.
  6. Enter the number of units you are enrolling for the ASIN family including variations.
  7. Click Enroll.
  8. Review the enrolment fee and accept the Terms and Conditions of the program.
  9. Click Enroll to complete the enrolment.

It’s as simple as that! 

It’s that simple!

Amazon has a limit on the number of ASINs that can be enrolled in the Vine program. A product can have up to five ASINs.

Amazon Vine reviews will require you to send free product units. After you have enrolled, they will be able to start requesting the product within 24 hours. They will then analyze your product and begin reviewing it.

There will be three levels of enrollment. These are:

  • Register 5 products at the Basic Level
  • Plus level – enrol 10 products
  • Premium level – Register up to 20 Products

Amazon Vine Program Advantages for Sellers

It’s obvious that solid reviews have many benefits. Let me tell you a few.

  • Quality traffic increases conversions
  • Brand awareness can be increased for new products and slow-moving ones
  • Brand trustworthiness is built through reviews
  • More reviews equal more sales and Rank high in the Amazon search results.
  • This will allow you to gain a better understanding of how your customers perceive your product. This will give you more opportunities to improve your product.
  • Potential customers tend to value reviews from Vice Voice more if they are backed by credibility.

How To Cancel Amazon Vine Program Enrollment?

It is easy to cancel your Vine enrollment. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon Seller Central homepage.
  2. Click Vine when you hover over an advertisement.
  3. Click on Details next to the product for which you wish to cancel enrollment.
  4. Click Cancel enrollment in the bottom right corner.

What Happens When You Enrol In The Amazon Vine Program?

Once you are enrolled, you can send Amazon samples of your products. Amazon will then let their Voices know that your product has been tested. You can only enrol five ASINs per day.

Amazon determines which products to offer a reviewer based on previous purchases and reviews. If a Vine Voice reviews and purchases electronics a lot, Amazon is likely to offer them products from that category.

Amazon will show your product only to Vine Voices within the first 28 days. Amazon will sell any inventory that is left after the 28-day deadline to all Vine Voice reviewers.

Is Amazon Vine Worth It?

Think about all the work that Amazon has done to make it easier for customers and sellers to understand the product and to help it succeed.

Amazon Vine Program or any other, Amazon’s goal is to serve and continually work on building a meaningful virtual partnership between seller and buyer in order to meet the needs of both.

Customers can trust a review program that includes a badge of confidence to show they are investing their money in worthwhile things.

Amazon selected vine Voices due to their reviewer ranking. This reflects how helpful their reviews are perceived by other Amazon customers. The reviews they leave will also be more detailed and well-thought-out than the average customer review. This makes them more useful and practical.

Amazon Vine is expensive because it costs money per parent ASIN, and your business must give away the product. You may not be eligible to enrol 30 units for some products, particularly those that are expensive. Some businesses may not be able to spend that much money or product for each listing.


Amazon reviews are essential for getting traction. There are very few ways to get honest reviews. Brands must be open to constructive and honest feedback, as well as the possibility of receiving free units from customers.

Amazon Vine is a great way to increase your reach and solicit real reviews from people who will likely give a fair and complete opinion.

You should start getting quality reviews, even if you’re not in the top-selling batches or just starting selling on Amazon. Even if your product isn’t yet on the market, it will help to increase brand awareness. It will let people know what experts think.

People still love and admire the fact that so many people have already reviewed the product they are planning to buy.

FAQs on Amazon Vine Program in 2022

Here you can check the important FAQs on Amazon Vine Program in 2022.

How do I use Amazon Vine?

Within Seller Central, ensure you’re registered to your Brand Registry linked account. In the “Advertising” drop-down, scroll towards “Vine.” On the top, type the ASIN you’d like to join on the right-hand side of the screen.

Within Vendor Central, ensure you’re authenticated to the account that is associated with Your Brand Registry account. In”Merchandising,” select the “Merchandising” option, and select “Amazon Vine.”

Then, Amazon will guide you through the setup process, which is done quickly and efficiently. Simply select the number of units you wish to sell and confirm your agreement to these terms of service and the conditions. Amazon will then provide the products you have directly to Vine Voices through the reviewer portal.

When Will I Be Able To See Reviews From Amazon Vine?

This is contingent on your product and the category you are in. Amazon will provide the product to a small set of people likely to be interested in your product, usually those who have bought from your category prior.

Within 28 days, they’ll increase the number of units to a larger audience. Most reviews will be published as fast as four weeks after enrolling, but it may take a bit longer. Reviewers usually require time to try the product and develop an opinion on the product.

Vine Voices typically post a comprehensive review and, often, are highly thorough with their feedback. This can be either positive or negative, based on the item.

What Is The Way That Amazon Vine Help Vendors As Well As Sellers?

Amazon Vine works to generate authentic reviews, which could otherwise be difficult, especially when a brand or product is only beginning to get off the ground. Sellers can offer reviewers samples before the product is released to the market to get the necessary early reviews.

Everybody wants to purchase products that have five or four stars, and Vine can be a great way to kick-start the process of a product’s listing by providing accurate reviews.
Joining Vine increases brand awareness because Amazon’s algorithms assign more weight to the top reviewers.

If your product “experts” love your products, then it is likely that they will also, which is why Amazon places them at the top of the list of reviews. Your product’s performance is evaluated by the number of sales along with the feedback from customers. Positive feedback indicates that your product has a higher chance of being a top outcome for customer queries.

Vine improves conversion rates because reviews are essential to making the sale. If you start by providing reviews of your product on the first day when you launch your new product, you will have an advantage over your competitors. Your product must appear fresh and exciting yet still show proof of quality. This can be accomplished by a large number of reviews.

Is There Any Cost To Using Amazon Vine?

The cost of being a Vine Voice reviewer has always been free, excluding some tax-related burdens on the products purchased. There is also no compensation for the reviewers for their time. The reviewers receive “payment” through either free or discounted products to test.

If vendors and sellers want to join, the cost could be a barrier for some businesses, specifically startups that stand to gain greatly from Vine. Since Vine was launched on Seller Central (while previously only accessible through Vendor Central) towards the closing of 2019, Amazon temporarily waived the fees for enrollment.

→ Previous cost to enroll in Amazon Vine – $2,500
→ Current cost to enroll in Amazon Vine – $0
→ New in 2019 – free enrollment extends to sellers on Amazon Seller Central as well as Vendor Central
→ Sellers are responsible for FBA fees to stock and ship products

What Type Of Reviews Will My Business Get On Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine uses high-quality reviewers to give an objective, honest and truthful opinion. Amazon cannot provide guarantees for positive reviews and will not take down the review unless it is in violation of the rules and regulations.

Additionally, it is prohibited under Amazon Terms and Conditions to contact a Vine reviewer to inquire about reviews written. But, you can rest sure that Amazon selects only top-quality reviewers to participate in their program. This means that the reviews are relevant as well as honest, and carefully thought-out.

Do Amazon Vine Reviewers Have To Leave A Review On A Product?

No. Amazon Voices members are not obliged to leave reviews to write only positive reviews after they have received the product. 

When Vine Voice Vine Voice receives your product in the mail, it may take between 4 and 8 weeks before they can write a review. They must test the product prior to evaluating the product.

Do Amazon Vine Reviewers Provide Me With Reviews That Are Positive?

Vine Voices are chosen based on the quality of their reviews as well as their authenticity. The fact that you have your product listed on Amazon Vine does not ensure that you’ll receive favourable reviews. Amazon Vine Voices will provide customers with honest and unbiased reviews of your product.

Be sure your listing information is 100% accurate and correct. If a Vine Voice reviewer spots any mistakes or incorrect claims in your listing compared to the product they are receiving, they will be able to highlight the flaws during their review.

Can I Delete An Amazon Vine Review?

You cannot delete the Amazon Vine review unless it is in violation of Amazon’s terms of service. If you don’t like the review or if it’s an unfavourable review, then you are not able to remove it.

How Many Reviews Can An ASIN Receive Through Amazon Vine?

Each product can get at least 30 reviews per ASIN. The only limitation is that 30 reviews are the maximum number of reviews an ASIN will receive from the program.

When your products already have 25 reviews, for instance, the maximum number it will receive via Amazon Vine is 5 reviews. But, if the product is not reviewed, the maximum number it could get through Amazon Vine is 30 reviews.

How Many ASINs Are Able To Participate On Amazon Vine?

Amazon limits the amount of ASINs that are in operation from one to five. Once an ASIN has completed the required number of reviews allowed via the Vine program, additional ASINs are able to be added later.

Are Vine Voices Paid For Writing Reviews Or Pressured To Write Favourable Reviews?

No, Vine Voices are not paid to participate in the program or to write favourable reviews. Amazon Vine reviews reflect the honest and unbiased opinion of the customer who reviewed the product.

What Must Vine Voices Do Before Writing A Review?

Amazon expects Vine Voices to use each product before writing a review of that product. This ensures that Vine Voice reviews are informed and helpful to other customers.

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