20 Best Amazon SEO Tools To Improve Amazon Ranking Easily

20 Best Amazon SEO Tools To Improve Your Amazon Product Ranking Easily

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If you want to rank your products on Amazon, you must follow best SEO practices. You have many options for Amazon SEO tools and services to assist you.

Sellers often face intense competition while selling on Amazon. Even though Amazon has a huge audience, no one will buy your products if they cannot see them in the correct position. 

So, it is a good reason to invest in Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Your optimization will be slow and not up to date without the right tool. Amazon SEO tools can help your business streamline its SEO processes. It will allow you to spend less time searching keywords and more time processing orders.

This article will help you find the Best Amazon SEO Tool To Improve Your Amazon Product Ranking Easily.

In this article, we are covering a detailed guide on 20 Best Amazon SEO Tools To Improve Your Amazon Product Ranking Easily.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing Amazon product listings to rank higher in Amazon search results for relevant keywords. 

Amazon calls its search engine “A10”. Amazon calls its search engine A10. To succeed, you must ensure that A10 is aware of your existence and follow the algorithm’s rules. A10 is constantly evolving, and most developers of the tools and services we refer to here update their apps to reflect A10’s changes.

Why should you invest in an Amazon SEO tool?

An investment in Amazon SEO tools will bring you many benefits. According to “The 2021 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report” by Feedvisor, 49% of consumers aged 27-40 always or frequently/often buy the first product listed on an Amazon search result. 

Here you can check some notable benefits of using the Amazon SEO tool.

Quickly Do Amazon Keyword Research

Keyword Research is an essential task for Amazon SEO. So many Amazon SEO tools are called Amazon keyword research tools. You can use these tools to assist your SEO strategy.

They simplify the process of searching, researching, and verifying keywords. Keywordtool.io will, for example, share the keyword’s monthly search volume and average cost-per-click per click (CPC) and its competitiveness.

Quickly Do Amazon Keyword Research with amazon seo tool

It is a free Amazon keyword research tool that offers a faster experience than manual keyword research.

In seconds, you can get keyword data such as monthly search volume. It also allows you to make data-driven decisions regarding your SEO strategy.

Easily Monitor keyword performance

You can easily monitor your keyword rankings using paid Amazon SEO tools. A tool like Sellics allows you to track your keyword rankings over time.

This feature can be used in a variety of ways. It allows you to measure your SEO performance and assess your Amazon A/B test’s impact on organic rankings.

Easily Monitor keyword performance with amazon seo tool

Once again, you have a quick solution to a time-consuming task. It can be challenging to monitor your keyword rankings over time, especially if many products are in your product catalog.

Manual keyword monitoring is not an accurate solution.

Reveal competitors’ SEO strategies

Amazon SEO tools will help you discover a competitor’s SEO strategy. Your brand could use tools like Helium 10, for example, to find out which keywords your competitor’s products rank for.

Reveal competitors' SEO strategies with amazon seo tool

Also, you can see where the product appears in search results (e.g., on the first or second pages). By revealing the monthly search volume of these keywords, you can also determine their value.

With instant access to the SEO strategies of your competitors, you can quickly compile a list of keywords. This scenario is where the competition has already done the keyword research.

You can use these keywords to create product listings.

20 Best Amazon SEO Tools Free & Paid 2022

There are many tools available for Amazon SEO, as Amazon is the largest ecommerce marketplace. 

Here you can see the 20 Best Amazon SEO Tools Free & Paid 2022

SmartPlug: AI-based Advanced Amazon SEO Tool

SellerGeni’s AI-based Advanced Amazon SEO Tool SmartPlug lets you quickly optimize your Product listing and boost your Product ranking. Hence, your CTR, conversion rate, and sales will be increased. You can also track the top performer keywords and expand your related keyword list.

SmartPlug AI-based best Amazon SEO Tool

The more CTR & Sales, the better the positive signal to the A10 algorithm. The higher your products ranking and the more people purchase it. It can easily create a self-sustaining flywheel that combines rankings and sales.

You don’t need to worry about manual Amazon Keyword Research or competitor analysis. SmartPlug will take care of everything.

SmartPlug Key features:

  • Product Listing Analysis: Quickly identify the optimization potential of your listings and your entire product range.
  • Advanced AI Based Listing optimization: The SellerGeni’s SmartPlug Tool helps you create high-ranking product listings using an efficient optimization process.
  • 1-click optimization of keywords: Automatically create a perfect backend keyword list with just one click, resulting in greater organic visibility.
  • Amazon Ranking tracker: You can easily track the progress of your Amazon keyword ranking and measure accurately the effectiveness of your efforts to optimize.
  • Take Care Amazon SEO in Autopilot Mode: SmartPlug provides the autopilot optimization process according to Amazon’s Algorithm.


FREE access to all features for 45 days.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is the leading all-in-one software, analytics, and resource solution empowering e-commerce sellers.

Their Cerebro and Misspellinator keyword search tools and their Listing Analyzer, Frankenstein, Scribbles, and Index Checker listing optimization tools are the most useful for Amazon SEO. Helium 10 also offers a free Amazon keyword search tool.

Helium 10 amazon keyword research tool

With the Helium 10 Amazon SEO tool, you can easily do 

  • Keyword research
  • Trend research
  • Listings optimization
  • Competitor analysis
  • Amazon PPC management
  • Inventory management
  • Product validation
  • Fraud protection
  • Refunds
  • Landing pages
  • Sales analytics
  • Email automation
  • Listings hijacking protection

You can start by entering a seed keyword, ASIN, or keyword into Helium 10, Amazon’s keyword research tool. This tool will provide thousands of relevant and competitive search terms to optimize your listing. So it is one of the Best Amazon SEO Tools.

You can also discover your competitors’ keyword strategies with a reverse ASIN search.


Helium 10 provides free Amazon SEO Tools with limited features. To use all features, you need to select a paid plan ($39/mo – $399/mo).


SellerApp is one of the best Amazon SEO Tools that offers a variety of tools that can be used to boost your Amazon business, including sales, marketing, and operations.

These tools focus on keyword research, PPC analysis, and keyword tracking. Their Amazon keyword tracker can help you determine your listing’s rank in search terms.

Seller App Amazon SEO Tool

Focusing on relevant keywords will improve your optimization strategies. It contains essential metrics such as page rank, position, and change in position.

It will allow you to immediately see the effect of any changes you make to your Amazon SEO strategies and the change in your listings’ positions over time.


SellerApp provides free SEO Tools for Amazon Sellers with limited features. To use all features, seller need to select a paid plan ($39/mo – $79/mo).

Seller Labs PRO

Seller Labs PRO (Product revenue optimization) is an Amazon seller platform that allows you to manage your business using a complete Amazon software package.

It’s designed to maximize profits, drive growth and increase sales. Seller Labs PRO allows you to manage your reviews, sales, profitability, and other business information from one central location.

Seller Labs PRO Amazon SEO Tool

Amazon sellers can use Seller Lab PRO’s Keyword Performance Center to boost their sales with accurate data. You can track the top performers and expand your related keyword list.

Also, you can see which keywords rank highest based on estimated sales, search volume, and CPC. You can follow as many keywords or products as you like.


Seller Labs provides premium SEO Tools for Amazon Sellers with all features. The plan starts from $49/mo.


AMZScout offers multiple Amazon product search tools. The Full Plan, according to them, includes everything you need to launch products, create listings, track sales, and more.

AMZScout best Amazon SEO Tool

Track your competitors and monitor their sales, pricing, keywords, stock levels, etc. AMZScout keyword tools allow you to create a product listing and run PPC campaigns.

A perfect listing combined with a PPC campaign can reach the top searches on Amazon and increase sales by 400%.


AMZScout provides Paid Amazon SEO Tools for Amazon Sellers at $16.49/mo – $29/mo.

Keyword Tool for Amazon

This tool does exactly what it says. Keyword Tool uses Amazon’s autocomplete (or search suggestions feature) to generate relevant keywords you can use for Amazon listing SEO or other purposes.

Keyword Tool for Amazon

It will help customers find your products more accessible.

The Pro version offers, on average, twice the number of Amazon keywords than the free version. You also have access to many other valuable features to make keyword research much more efficient and quicker.


The tool is available in two versions: a free and a paid version called Keyword Tool Pro. The plans are from $69/mo – to $159/mo.

Sonar – Free Amazon Keyword Tool

Sonar is Amazon keyword tool by sellics. It assists Amazon vendors, agents, and sellers find the most relevant keywords for their business, improving Amazon SEO, and increasing product listing rank.

Sonar – Free Amazon Keyword Tool by sellics

This tool only considers keywords for which the ASIN ranks on the first page of Amazon search results during the most recent database update.

You can also use sonar Amazon’s keyword tool to track competitors’ keywords using a reverse ASIN search.


Sellics provides free Amazon SEO Tools with limited features. To use all features, you need to select a paid plan ($259/mo – $1,249/mo).


MerchantWords provides a range of services and tools to help you grow your Amazon business.

best Amazon SEO Tool MerchantWords

There are three options:

  • Silver,
  • Gold,
  • Platinum.

The higher plans offer more capabilities and tools. MerchantWords data is directly derived from the Amazon autocomplete bar.

These search trends are captured as they occur to see how customers search for products all over the globe. A Digital Shelf Diagnostic report is one of the MerchantWords reports.

You can use this report to identify new keyword opportunities for SEO or PPC. You can use the report to understand your market reach and how your ASIN ranks in relation to others in the same category.

It also shows you which keywords are most popular. It allows you to see your closest competitors’ titles, images, and key performance indicators.


MerchantWords provides Paid Amazon SEO Tools for Amazon Sellers at $35/mo – $749/mo.

Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector is a collection of tools that help Amazon Sellers get an edge over their competitors. Although each tool is distinct, you can use multiple tools simultaneously to help you sell/optimize more products on Amazon.

best Amazon keyword research Tool Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector’s primary tools are:

  • Use the reverse ASIN keyword tool
  • KIPRT (Keyword Inspectors Product Research Tool)
  • Keyword Trends Tool
  • Indexation Tester
  • Amazon Keyword Tool Free for Suggested Keywords
  • Amazon Search Terms Optimizer Tool Free


Keyword Inspector provides premium SEO Tools for Amazon Sellers with all features. The plan starts from $99/mo.

Scientific Seller

Scientific Seller claims you can increase your monthly Amazon sales by 10% simply by using more intelligent keyword search software. You can get a free keyword tool.

They collect keyword ideas from many sources, including Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), and filter them out if they don’t turn out to be Amazon keywords.

Scientific Seller Amazon SEO Tool

Scientific Seller is proud to have a slow keyword tool. It is recommended that you run it overnight or even longer.

It does this because it searches for keywords in seconds and then continues searching, doing thousands of Amazon searches that are more creative than you could ever imagine.


Scientific Seller provides free Keyword ResearchTools for Amazon Sellers with all features. 

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an all-in-one platform to sell on Amazon. The addition of Downstream has expanded their offering. It allows you to measure, manage, and increase your Amazon advertising presence.

best Amazon SEO Tool Jungle Scout

The core Jungle Scout product can be used to find out what products are most in-demand, which keywords will increase your sales, how you can automate your inventory, review requests, and much other helpful information.

Amazon allows you to validate product ideas instantly. You can evaluate new opportunities, forecast sales, and request reviews with one click.


Jungle Scout provides Paid Amazon SEO Tools for Amazon Sellers at $29/mo – $84/mo.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator provides a keyword tool and keyword research tool free for Amazon.

Keyword Tool Dominator Amazon SEO Tool

The Amazon Keyword Tool helps you find the most relevant keywords for Amazon SEO product listings. Search for keywords in 18 Amazon marketplaces to generate the most relevant product keyword list.

Keyword Tool Dominator simulates a user typing search terms with minor variations repeatedly to generate hundreds of keyword suggestions within a short time. From one search term, you can find many great long-tail keywords phrases.


Keyword Tool Dominator provides premium Keyword Tool for Amazon Sellers with all features. The plan price is $49.66.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch software is designed to give your brand all the tools to become an Amazon seller. It contains Amazon keyword research tools, competitor tracking, and Amazon advertising and pay-per-click.

Viral Launch Amazon SEO Tool

Viral Launch allows you to track the most important keywords that drive sales and places sponsored ads daily. You can also receive notifications when a keyword’s rank drops.

You can track thousands of keywords related to your products, so you will always know how people find them in sponsored and organic search results.


Viral Launch provides Paid Amazon SEO Tools for Amazon Sellers at $69/mo – $199/mo.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker offers keyword tracking to see where your products rank for specific keywords in one glance. You can track your competitors’ products so that you can identify when they make changes that work.

AMZ Tracker best Amazon SEO Tool

It’s easy to identify the problem and fix it. You can also improve your rankings by bringing people off Amazon directly to your listing with the Super URL tool.

AMZ Tracker members have access to Deepwords, a long-tail keyword search engine for Amazon sellers.

You can find high-converting keywords that are not covered by most keyword tools. Open the Unicorn Smasher Chrome extension to see Amazon’s revenue, reviews, quality, listing, sellers, etc.


AMZ Tracker provides Paid Amazon SEO Tools for Amazon Sellers at $50/mo – $400/mo.

Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg is a set of five keyword tools focused on keyword research. You can enter a seed topic to find high-interest long-tail topics within seconds.

Keyword Keg best Amazon SEO Tool

These are the five tools:

  • Find Keywords Tool: You can use the Find Keywords Tool to enter up 30 seed keywords at once and receive keyword suggestions from 11 APIs
  • Import Keywords Tool: You can use the Import Keywords tool to obtain metrics for keywords you already own quickly, perhaps acquired using another tool such as Google Search Console or other websites.
  • Related Keywords Tool: Google’s Related Keywords Tool shows all related keywords at the bottom of search results pages.
  • People Also Ask For Keywords Tool (PASF Tool): All keywords that Google displays when clicking on a link.
  • Merge Words Tool: The Merge Words Tool allows you to enter multiple keywords and create multiple combinations using those keywords and their metrics. This tool is excellent if you have products that are different in color and for different customers.


Keyword Keg provides Paid Amazon SEO Tools for Amazon Sellers at $38/mo – $762/mo.

Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Research Tool allows you to conduct detailed keyword research. This can help you identify the phrases that will increase the visibility of your products as well as boost sales. 

Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Ahrefs is more than just a keyword tool for Amazon. It’s a comprehensive SEO tool that can do every SEO task extremely well, and it does so without any lags.

First, enter the keywords and then select the location you want to search for.You will receive details about similar keyword suggestions, search volume, clicks, and average CPC for the keyword after you submit.

It also gives you access to other key metrics such as clicks, clicked/not click, and returns rates. Ahrefs claims that no other tool can provide such detailed analysis on keywords on Amazon.


Ahrefs plans start at $99.00 per month, and can go up as high as $999.00 per year. You can choose the one that suits your needs and is most convenient for you.

Amazon Keyword Rankings & Index Checker

Amazon Keyword Rankings & Index Checker is a Chrome extension. It is one of the best Amazon SEO tool. This tool is a chrome extension that speeds up keyword research and ranking. It also includes an index checker. It also gives information about page ranking and keyword placement.

Amazon Keyword Ranking & Index Checker

You can also check the ranking of keywords and positions in your product. It allows you to monitor the changes in your Amazon advertising campaigns, by changing keywords. You can also access real-time ranking results.


It’s powered by Amazon’s SellerApp. You can also use extensions for Chrome at no cost.

AMZ India Profit

AMZ India Profit, an Amazon SEO tool, helps you to stay ahead of your competition and increase sales by improving the product ranking. 

AMZ India Profit best Amazon India SEO Tool

It’s an end-to-end tool, which includes several elements such as a product tracker and keyword rank tracker , keyword generator, hijacker alarm, negative reviews alert, search engine optimization, product listing changes alert, and HTML3_ product listing updates alert.

This tool offers several free elements such as a chrome extension and an Amazon shipping label resize/crop tool.


You can choose from 5 different paid bundles, and each one comes with a 10-day trial. It is important to remember that 18% GST is not included in the price. The INR 1,000 monthly starting plan and INR 10,000 per months for the highest package are available.


KeywordsFX allows you to search keywords for Amazon and Google.

KeywordsFX, a free tool for keyword research from WebFX (one of the largest SEO companies in the world), is great. This simple online tool allows you to search unlimited keywords.

KeywordsFX Amazon keyword research Tool

You can search for related words, questions and modifiers. You can download the CSV file, or copy the entire list. Unfortunately, the tool does not provide details about search volume or competition.


It is a Free Amazon Keyword Suggestion Tool by WebFX.

Data Hawk

Data Hawk is an Amazon SEO tool that will assist you in every step of the way. It will increase the visibility of products. This will allow you to improve visibility, get more traffic, and ultimately, sell more.

datahawk best Amazon SEO Tool

Data Hawk’s primary components include:

  • Amazon Keyword rank tracker.
  • Amazon Keyword research tool.
  • Analytics tool for Amazon products.
  • Amazon Sales rank tracker.
  • Alerting Tool for Products
  • Hijack alert.
  • Review alert.
  • Amazon Market research tool.

Because it uses data-driven optimization techniques, it claims to be able to deliver outstanding results. You can also track the strategies and performance your competitors so you can learn, implement and grow.

You can access all detailed reports from an Excel file. You can segment the data using excellent filters, tags and projects. Finally, you can integrate your entire team into one dashboard.


Datahawk offers a free plan, but it does have limitations on the features. It also offers three paid plans, ranging from $15.00 per monthly to $550.00 each month. If you choose to subscribe to the annual subscriptions for any of the three plans, you can save as much as 20%

Final Thoughts

We have covered a detailed guide on 20 Best Amazon SEO Tools To Improve Your Amazon Product Ranking Easily. There are quite a lot of Amazon SEO tools available on the internet for free and paid.

All the Amazon SEO tools mentioned above are the best to rank your products, enhance viability, and improve CTR & overall sales. Use these tools and optimize your product listing within few minutes.

FAQs on Best Amazon SEO Tools Free & Paid 2022

Here you can check important FAQs on Best Amazon SEO Tools Free & Paid 2022.

Will Best Amazon SEO Tools help me increase my Amazon ranking?

Best Amazon SEO Tools provides all the data necessary to help you formulate strategies that will improve and increase your Amazon search ranking.

Does Amazon SEO Tools support All Amazon categories?

Yes, all best Amazon SEO Tools fully supports all Amazon categories. Keyword suggestions will be generated based on the your selected category.

Does Amazon SEO Tools support different Amazon markets?

Yes, all best Amazon SEO Tools fully supports all the countries and markets where Amazon operates at the moment.

How to see the number of searches for Amazon keywords?

Amazon Keyword Tools provides Amazon keywords search volume estimates based on the latest data.

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