Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA India today

10 Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA India Right Now (2023)

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The online Retail Industry of India is booming day by day after the growth of the internet.

Everyone is trying to crack at the Indian online retail industry. So it has become harder to find the most profitable items to sell online for a beginner.

You should have the depth knowledge of the right products with the proper fulfilment agency. Amazon has been one of the most renowned online market to buy and sell products of any sort for years with 10 million users.

Amazon FBA is an initiative by Amazon, where they fulfil the orders instead of merchant fulfilled (FBM). Amazon takes responsibility for packing and shipping your products to buyers in return for a fee.

There are a lot of profitable Amazon Products. Here we are covering the Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA India and Global.

List Of Top 10 Most Profitable Items To Sell On Amazon FBA India 2022

You can sell any product quickly with proper promotion and marketing strategy. You should have the appropriate knowledge about your target audience and the truth behind every word you say about the product.

On the other hand, there are kinds of products built to be one of the Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA every day. Although they are never a guarantee to be sold out every time, they are more likely to be.

A significant advantage of using FBA is the amount of extra time and resources you can gain when you let Amazon handle your storage and shipping. As a result, you can focus on promoting items effectively and ensuring buyers enjoy the best customer experience. 

So, let’s take a look at the top products to sell on Amazon FBA India.

Top 1 Most Profitable Item: Books

There is a misconception that the book industry is slowly dying. But in reality, it is booming gradually.

Books are one of the Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA because of low cost, high returns. You can sometimes buy a surplus of books for a dollar which you can immediately be sold for as high as 1,000% mark-up on Amazon. Not a sure-fire pricing strategy, but useful when done right.

You can quickly maximise the profitability of selling books on Amazon FBA is to bundle trilogies or series together. For example, The Hunger Games, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight, and other successful sets are often available to buy in bundles. 

Packaging standard-sized paperbacks together is a simple but effective way to increase the value of off-site storage.

Some Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA India on this category are:

  • Cookbooks, diet books, and recipe books
  • Biographies and memoirs
  • Children’s books
  • Comics
  • Fictional books
  • Suspense and thriller books

Top 2 Most Profitable Item: Clothing, Bags, and Accessories

Clothing, bags, and accessories are the standard-sized products and incur a low charge for storage at an Amazon Fulfilment Centre. These are one of the top products to sell on Amazon FBA India. The multiple items can fit into one modest-sized box without compromising the quality or safety of the product. 

You can quickly maximise your storage space’s cost-efficiency by packaging multiple types of items together and selling them in a combo pack.

By thorough research on this niche, you will find many micro-niche with a significant market trend.

One of the best micro-niches in clothing is Exercise Clothing and accessories.

Top 3 Most Profitable Item: Exercise Clothing and accessories

You can sell exercise clothing and accessories to the people with health and fitness interest. It will also attract those people who are planning to work out in future.

Women’s Sports Bra

Just for that extra added support to keep women comfortable while running; to avoid being weighed down.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants or legging is necessary for a sportswoman. Generally, they buy a set of clothes for excise.

Top 4 Most Profitable Item: Jewellery

Amazon India sells jewellery, which has become one of the market’s hottest items, making them one of the Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA. Selling jewellery with Amazon FBA can bring high margins. You should keep in mind when setting the price that Amazon takes a referral fee for jewellery sales.

You can still benefit from Amazon FBA even if you’re selling low-cost jewellery. Make sure that you have packed the product smart way. Avoid large boxes if it is not essential. Because, you’ll be charging a higher price for a light, standard-sized package that takes up little storage space. 

Some best selling micro niche on Jwellery on Amazon are as below.

Women’s Brooch

Nowadays, younger women are interested in buying multiple attractive low cost rather than a costlier one. In this scenario, the younger generation prefers cute and small items that accentuate what they are wearing. So brooch will be the best choice for them.


They are wearable with any formal outfit and for every occasion.

Women’s Bracelet

An elegant bracelet can become an essential statement piece.

Top 5 Most Profitable Item: Footwear

Footwear’s are one of the high demanding products every time. People will always need footwear, whether that’s something cool for the office, for a workout or to wear with jeans. In most cases, footwear’s are lighter in weight packaged in small boxes and relatively straightforward. The demand of this product is consistent throughout the year. So, definitely it is one of the Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA India.

Top 6 Most Profitable Item: Electronics and Accessories

Smartphones and tablets are some of the best items to sell on Amazon FBA. Brands are launching new gadgets and also do marketing on a large scale. If you can sell them in competitive rates, then you will easily attract a vast customer base. Fortunately, they come in small boxes and typically involve the bare minimum of packaging. 

So, if you invest in storing a large volume of gadgets in a Fulfilment Centre and achieve strong sales, the fees may barely make a dent in your profits.

People love their techy gadgets and what’s in it for you is:

  • The lower of Amazon’s commission fee (8% versus 15%)
  • An excess of choices and subsets within each category
  • A variety of new devices coming out all the time
  • Different ways of appealing to different audiences based on the brand name,
  • Excellent retail arbitrage opportunities

Top 7 Most Profitable Item: Camera & Photo Accessories

With the growth of the internet and social media, demand for camera and photo accessories is growing every day. According to the latest figures, the camera market’s sales inclined by 7.1% in February 2017 from 1.7%.

As of now, cameras that feature interchangeable lens tend to be favourably influencing this market. While the DSLR cameras’ sales declined by 9%, their non-reflex bodies (rangefinders, compact cameras, and mirrorless) generated 50.6% sales.

Some Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA India on this category are:

  • Instant films
  • Instant click cameras
  • Camera accessory kits
  • Photo papers
  • GoPro
  • Home security cameras

Top 8 Most Profitable Item: Items for babies and Young Children

You can sell clothing and accessories for babies and young children. Generally, these are very small and lightweight. You can easily pack multiple pieces and sell as a combo.

Babies and kids use to make clothes dirtier quickly. So multiple garments are essential to provide them with better hygiene.

Some Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA India platform include the following:

  • Baby toys:
  • Baby Diaper
  • Baby Clothes
  • Baby Healthcare Kit

Pro tip: market to first-borns because parents to spend more on them (if you’re a middle or youngest sibling-like myself, you’ll know how true this is).

Top 9 Most Profitable Item: Video Games

Various types of video game can be some of the best items to sell on Amazon FBA. the popularity of video games has grown and changed drastically over the years. According to, it will grow into a vast billion-dollar industry by the year 2020.

Even larger box sets are generally lightweight and can be packaged in small boxes. But it’s crucial to avoid excess space when preparing them for shipping, to keep the contents from moving around while in transit. 

Some Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA India under this category are:

  • Gaming gift cards
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Microsoft XBOX
  • Nintendo
  • Wireless controllers and game adapters
  • Gaming accessories
  • Game charge kits and docks

Top 10 Most Profitable Item: Beauty And Personal Care

Both men and women equally look for natural products to add to their everyday skincare regime. No wonder beauty business is one of the vast retail market forces, both offline and online. The sales are genuinely high for this domain, but people really want to buy it from a trusted platform.

Some Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA India covers under this category are:

  • Branded makeup products
  • Beauty products that have natural ingredients
  • Beauty tools and accessories

Pro Tips To Find Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon India FBA For Beginners

We have explained the best items to sell online on Amazon. But it would be best if you decided on your way to select the best products to sell on Amazon FBA India.

To Find A Profitable item to sell, you should follow our pro tips.

Product Should Address a Need

The product should address even a single need of the target audience. Otherwise, there is no point in selling it.

Read Reviews Of Your Target Products

Read the product reviews by multiple people because there is the chance that you will be receiving the same reviews from your customers.

It will help you to understand the current issues facing by customers and also demand of the products.

Understand The Market Trends

Research the market trends and try to sell the product in the first phase of the trends to boost sales. You can Google Trends tool to know the local and global trends. You can also find the lists top-selling product from Amazon.

For example, the hand sanitiser and masks demand was in the boom in the lockdown period during Corona Pandemic. Such a scenario, you should take wise steps and sell the trendy products to grab the maximum sell.

Profit Centered

It would be best to calculate all the expenses needed from procuring a product to deliver it to the end customer and consider them to set the product’s price. Avoid heavy and massive products with low profit. Because it will have high shipping costs.

Final Thoughts

Your Amazon Business depends on choosing a product to sell on Amazon FBA India. You should choose the Best Products To Sell On Amazon India FBA to maximize the sell and profit.

You must do your research and ultimately offer competitively priced products aimed at a specific target audience to ensure your success. Always stick with trends and sell products with great demand.

Here in this article, we have tried to refine your product ideas and uncover the Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA India. You will be in a better position for your Amazon business to become profitable.

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