20 Ultimate Tips To Rank Products On Amazon 2022

20 Ultimate Tips To Rank Products On Amazon 2023

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Amazon accounts for 43% of all online sales. If you want your business to stand out and reach more customers, you need to use Amazon search engine optimization (SEO)

Having a high product ranking on Amazon is the best way to increase your sales, as more potential customers will find your products when searching the site without solely depending on ads. 

There are no shortcuts to ranking high on Amazon. 

In this article, you will find a complete guide on 20 Ultimate Tips To Rank Products On Amazon 2022

Every Seller needs to understand how Amazon’s search algorithm works To rank products higher on Amazon.

How does Amazon’s search algorithm work? 

Amazon’s ranking algorithm a10 is similar to Google’s search algorithm at its core. It quickly examines search queries for keywords and then tries to fulfil customer wants with relevant products. Amazon shows only relevant, informative, and reliable content to its customers every day. 

Amazon’s search algorithm’s sole purpose is to connect buyers with the right products they’re looking for as quickly as possible.

Amazon's search algorithm

The main aim of Amazon is to deliver the best customer experience possible. 

Since Amazon aims to deliver an incredible customer experience, it examines several different pieces of information to determine which products appear at the top of search results. The information the algorithm considers when determining product ranking includes:

Amazon has three equally important ranking factors:

  • Conversion rate: Conversion rate is the metric used to measure the number of page visits that result in a sale. It is affected by Product listing completeness, the number of reviews, image quality, prices, etc.
  • Relavancy: Relavancy is a ranking factor given by Amazon. Based on this, your product may or may not appear for the keywords. You should know that to rank higher, and your product needs to be relevant.
  • Customer satisfaction and retention: including Amazon seller feedback and order defect rate. If your product has more positive seller feedback and good reviews, your product will win more sales. So it will be in better rank.

Amazon’s ranking algorithm evaluates a broad amount of criteria to determine who appears on the first page of a search, which is a lucrative place to be.

More people will see your products, and you’ll be more likely to win the Buy Box after optimizing 20 Ultimate Tips To Rank Products On Amazon 2022 as given below. 

20 Ultimate Tips To Rank Products On Amazon 2022

Here’s a list of 20 Tips To Rank Products Higher On Amazon 2022.

Conversion rate Improvement Tips

Your Amazon conversion rate is the percentage of clicks on your Amazon ad that converts into sales. Essentially, your conversion rate shows how many people are making a purchase directly after viewing your product listing.

Improving your conversion rate helps every element of your business, both directly and indirectly.

When you have a high conversion rate, you’re making sales, it’s also an indicator that your product is popular, and Amazon algorithms will reward your brand by putting your listing higher up in search rankings, leading to even more sales. So it is one of the essential factors to Rank Your Products Higher on Amazon.

Improve Sales rank

Sales rank (also known as the Amazon Best Sellers Rank) is one of the most important Tips to Rank Your Products Higher on Amazon. The Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR), also known as the “Amazon Sales Rank”, Amazon assigns a score to a specific product based on historical sales data. It fluctuates hourly.

Improve Sales rank To Rank Products On Amazon

More sales = higher rankings, and higher-ranking = more sales!

Although Amazon doesn’t reveal exactly how the Best Sellers Rank is calculated, several factors contribute to it, including:

  • Current and historical sales
  • Product price changes and promotions
  • Competitive products

The BSR’s biggest influence is current sales trends and historical sales volume, and it is updated hourly.

For example, if a product has 10 units of sales in one hour but drops to only one unit sale the next, that doesn’t mean it will automatically drop down to a BSR for products that only sell one per hour. Instead, the BSR algorithm will take into account both sales velocities.

More Positive Customer reviews

The number of product reviews you receive and the quality of these reviews are important aspects of ranking your Products on Amazon.

More Positive Review= More sales = higher rankings, and higher ranking = more sales!

Reviews aren’t just helpful for shoppers trying to find the right product. They’re one of the most effective ways for you to boost your brand’s conversion, credibility, and overall ecommerce presence.

More Positive Customer reviews To Rank Products On Amazon

If you have few or negative reviews, you’re less likely to convince consumers that your product beats the competition. It’s as simple as that.

Answer Properly Customer’s Questions

Answered questions are listed at the top of the product page and play an important part in conversions.

Customers can ask questions about your product directly on your listing on Amazon. Once the questions are answered, they will be publicly visible on your listing page, just above the customer review section.

Both the seller and other customers can answer these questions. The faster you answer, the quicker the customer’s decision to purchase your product.

Answer Properly Customer's Questions To Rank Products On Amazon

Answering customer questions help your business earn valuable conversions. People won’t buy products if they are unsure about them. By answering customer questions, You help them feel confident that you are knowledgeable about your products. They feel comfortable relying on your expertise to make a decision.

Answering questions may also be the final nudge your audience needs to convert. If the information they hear is positive, it convinces them to make a purchase. So, it helps to Rank Your Products Higher on Amazon.

Use Proper Product Image Size and Quality

Your product images are one of the first things your customer sees from the search page, so they’re an important factor in the click-through rate. Images are also the best way a customer can get to know your product before they buy it, so they can directly influence the conversion rate. 

Use Proper Product Image Size and Quality To Rank Products On Amazon

Sellers should follow Amazon’s image guidelines below to ensure their listings are not suppressed. 

The best product images will:

  • Have a pure white backgrounds
  • Please have at least 1,000 dpi so that it won’t turn fuzzy when customers zoom in on your image
  • Show the entire product, and have the product occupy at least 80 percent of the image area
  • Include only what the customer will receive

If your image includes any of the following elements, you may receive a quality alert on your listing:

  • Borders, watermarks, text, or other decorations
  • Colored backgrounds or lifestyle pictures
  • Drawings or sketches of the product
  • Accessories or additional products not included in the offer
  • Image placeholders, such as “no image available” text. Amazon will provide a placeholder if you do not have an image for your product.
  • Promotional text, such as “SALE” or “free shipping.”
  • Multiple colors of the same product

Set Right Price

Pricing on Amazon is very competitive. This affects the chances of winning the Buy Box and strongly influences conversion rates and sales. 

It is also one of the main contributing factors to a customer’s ultimate decision whether they ought to purchase from you or another seller. So, it is one of the best tips to Rank Products on Amazon.

Knowing how to estimate the selling price comes down to your costs and the profit margin you expect to earn.

Set Right Price To boost sales on amazon

Your expected margins will likely be pretty straightforward. But before you can even think about a product’s final price, you’ve got to count all the costs. Online retail has many expenses to consider, from manufacturing to inventory to marketing to shipping when setting that final price. 

Use Parent-Child Products Functionality

Amazon’s parent-child product functionality will direct customers to a single product page.

When you create parent-child relationships (also known as ‘variations‘) between products, you help buyers find different versions of the product they are viewing. For example, a t-shirt may be available in multiple sizes and colors.

Use Parent-Child Products Functionality To boost product listing

The parent product is the t-shirt (short sleeve, cotton, crew neck). The child product is the variation of the parent (t-shirt in pink, t-shirt in XXXL). 

This will help maximize your customer reviews. Learn more about parent-child relationships.

Improve Visitors Time on Product Listings and Bounce Rate

The amount of time customer spends on your listing will show Amazon how interested customers are in your product.

The easy way to increase time on a page is by publishing high-quality Product content. It means content that provides what your visitors are looking for.

It should be relevant to their searches, and it should solve a user issue or streamline a pain point for your business.

Complete Your Product Listing

The more complete your product listing is, the more chance to improve user engagement. Try to complete every single field on the listing setup page.

Product listings provide all the details about a product that a buyer needs to know to determine whether to purchase the item.

Quality Product Listings, particularly detailed, with each field on the Product Description Page completed with specific information such as, product titles, detailed product descriptions, brand names, and images – are ranked higher by Amazon’s algorithm and appear at the top of a buyer’s search results.

Relavancy Improvement Tips

The Amazon A10 algorithm considers how relevant your product listing is to the search. It reviews where and how your keywords are used and how relevant your keyword is to the search query. Relavancy is one of the important factors to rank products on Amazon.

While optimizing your product detail page, make sure you use the most important and appealing keywords in your product title, bullet points, and product description. Use the best Amazon Keyword Tools to find the right and profitable keywords.

Create Right Product Title

The title is one of the most important parts of an Amazon listing and hugely impacts success. The Amazon title should be concise, clear, and still somehow special, depending on the product.

Create Right Product Title to rank product on amazon

A good product title can easily increase your conversion rate. 

Product title requirements:

Title requirements apply to all products on Amazon’s worldwide marketplaces. 


  • Titles should be concise. We recommend fewer than 80 characters.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word except for prepositions (in, on, over, with), conjunctions (and, or, for), or articles (the, a, an).
  • Use numerals: “2” instead of “two “.
  • Titles should contain the minimal information needed to identify the item and nothing more.
  • Titles can include necessary punctuation, like hyphens (-), forward slashes (/), commas (,), ampersands (&), and periods (.).
  • Titles can abbreviate measurements, such as “cm”, “oz”, “in”, and “kg” .
  • Size and color variations should be included in titles for child ASINs, not the main title (see below).


  • Do not use ALL CAPS.
  • Do not use non-language ASCII characters, such as Æ, ©, or ®.
  • Do not use subjective commentary, such as “Hot Item” or “Best Seller “.
  • Do not include your merchant name in titles.

Appropriate Product Key Features/Bullet Points

Showing the product features in detailed bullet points which include keywords (like below) is a great way to increase conversions. Hence, it helps to rank your products higher on Amazon.

As an Amazon seller, you must know the importance of Amazon product bullet points to make your listing unique amongst the sea of competitors. They can highlight the key features of your product.

Appropriate Product Key Features to rank your product higher on amazon

Amazon bullet points should be used to market the uniqueness of your listing along with its features to entice customers. It is a simple yet very efficient way of communicating specific information to customers when planning to purchase. 

Use the following Amazon guidelines as you craft your bullet points:

  • Highlight the five key features you want customers to consider: dimensions, age appropriateness, ideal conditions for the product, skill level, contents, country of origin, etc.
  • Maintain a consistent order. If your first bullet point is country of origin, keep that same order for all your products.
  • Reiterate important information from the title and description.
  • Begin each bullet point with a capital letter.
  • Write with sentence fragments and do not include ending punctuation.
  • Do not include promotional and pricing information.

Quality Product Description

Utilize the product description to boost your features and include your keywords. It’s worth getting this right as a great product description will increase your customer engagement and conversion rates. It is the important tips to boost your product rank on Amazon.

Amazon gives you 2,000 characters to show potential customers what your product is and what it does. And as per usual, try to use as many of the 2,000 characters as you can and elaborate on any of the features you mentioned in the previous section.

Quality Product Description to rank your products higher on amazon

Use the following Amazon guidelines as you craft your Product descriptions:

  • Describe the major product features, such as size, style, and what the product can be used for.
  • Include accurate dimensions, care instructions, and warranty information
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and complete sentences
  • Do not include any of the following types of information:
    • Seller Name
    • E-mail address
    • Website URL
    • Company-specific information
    • Details about another product that you sell
    • Promotional language such as “SALE” or “free shipping.”

Likewise, a product description that has not well-elaborated content could mean you lose sales (to a competitor) or result in negative buyer feedback

Use Brand and Manufacturer Part Number

If applicable, you should always include the brand in your title.  Amazon uses manufacturer part numbers as a unique identifier to find specific products. For Amazon, this is an optional field in the inventory listing section, and it does not apply to all types of products.

Use Brand and Manufacturer Part Number to Rank Your Products Higher on Amazon

On the other hand, customers use manufacturer part numbers to confirm if the product they buy matches the one they seek. 

This helps buyers search by brand name to find your products.

Add Product Specifications

The specifications section is where you should list your product’s technical and physical details, including size, shipping weight, color, etc. Completing this section indicates to Amazon that you’re diligent about listings.

Selection Right Product Category and sub-category

When setting up your product listing, select the most appropriate and relevant category for your product.

Most new sellers assume that all Amazon product categories are the same, but this is far from the truth. Some product categories have higher profit margins than others, and some have cut-throat competition, while others present fewer growth opportunities. If you want to generate a substantial income on Amazon, it’s important to find a profitable product category. 

Amazon sub-category is the category path of your product. Supplying values in the Amazon sub-category field help better categorize your products, enhancing the search availability. You need to select the sub-category for the feed to be accepted by Amazon.

Utilize Search Terms Proper Way

Amazon Search Terms are strings of keywords that shopper types into Amazon search to find a product. Search terms are commonly known as backend keywords because they are hidden in the backend of your Amazon listing. It is one of the most essential tips to rank Products on Amazon.

Amazon gives you five fields with a character limit to specify the search terms you want to be associated with your product. 

Amazon limits the length of the Search Terms attribute to less than 250 bytes. The Search Terms limit applies to newly registered as well as existing ASINs.

Tips for optimizing your Product Search Terms:

  • Stay under the length limit.
  • Include synonyms.
  • Include spelling variations, no need for misspellings.
  • Include abbreviations and alternate names.
  • You can use all lower case.
  • You do not need punctuation, such as: “;”, “:”, “-“.
  • Separate words with spaces.
  • Do not repeat words within the Search Terms field.
  • No need for stop words such as “a,” “an,” “and,” “by,” “for,” “of,” “the,” “with,” and so on.
  • Use singular or plural, no need for both.

Prohibited use of Search Terms (keywords):

Violating these rules may result in your ASIN being suppressed and action against your account.

  • Don’t include your brand or other brand names in Search Terms.
  • Don’t include ASINs in Search Terms.
  • Don’t add profanity
  • There are no temporary statements such as “new” or “on sale now.”
  • Do not use subjective claims, such as “best,” “cheapest,” “amazing,” and so on.
  • Don’t add abusive or offensive terms.

Customer satisfaction and retention Tips

Customer satisfaction and retention are huge factors in the long-term success of e-Commerce stores and can’t afford to go overlooked. Increasing customer retention by just 5% can boost profits anywhere from 25-95%. It is one of the most essential tips to rank your Products higher on Amazon.

Amazon’s algorithm enables product recommendations that fit customers by analyzing their previous purchases and what they’ve saved or clicked on. 

Try To Minimize Negative Seller feedback

All negative feedback measures against you equally in terms of product search results. Your feedback rating is also an essential factor for your Buy Box chances.

Without a better rating, sellers can’t build buyer trust. By scanning feedback ratings on Amazon seller profiles, buyers quickly determine which seller is the most reliable and trustworthy. The consumer will always choose to buy products from the seller with the higher ratings, especially if they choose between listings with similar prices.

One and two-star ratings are considered negative feedback. Amazon states that having an order defect rate (ODR) above 1% could lose your seller privileges, meaning that sellers who have more than 1% of orders with one or two-star ratings could have their seller privileges removed.

Order processing speed

To be successful on Amazon, you need to ship fast and accurately. You’ll also rank higher with efficient order processing. Quick deliveries have become a norm in the e-commerce industry. So having a reliable logistics system is essential for your e-commerce business.

When you deliver products on time, you are punctual and professional. Customers can be very upset with you, which results in more negative reviews and ultimately rank with a longer Order processing time.

As Amazon FBA manages your customers’ orders with ease, you can focus on the other areas of your business. Also, FBA makes it easy for you to get positive feedback from your customers. So, It is one of the important tips to rank Products on Amazon.

In-Stock Rate

Poor inventory management can result in popular products going out of stock. Amazon likes sellers who keep a high in-stock rate to minimize refunds and pre-fulfillment cancellations.

The most obvious impact of out-of-stock is lost revenue. If a customer goes to your product listing to place an order and the item is out of stock, you lose that sale. 

Shoppers may opt for cheaper products. Or even worse, you may lose a customer forever, which means less recurring sales in the future.

Perfect Order Percentage (POP)

Sellers who achieve a higher percentage of perfect orders will rank higher than those who experience order issues.

One should target to get the perfect order percentage. It means orders are accepted, processed, and fulfilled as they should be. You need to track your products in the inventory, packaging, and shipping them to the customer to maintain a perfect order percentage.

The Perfect Order Percentage (POP) score is calculated by considering the following factors:

  • Negative feedback
  • A-to-Z Guarantee Claims
  • Chargebacks
  • Cancellations
  • Late shipments
  • Refunds
  • Buyer-initiated messages

Order Defect Rate (ODR)

If a customer complains about an order, this is considered an order defect. 

The order defect rate (ODR) is a key measure of your ability to provide a good customer experience. Order defect rate (ODR) represents the percentage of orders with one or more indicators of poor customer service during a given 60-day time period.

The following are the three components of order defect rate:

  • Negative feedback rate: The Negative Feedback Rate (represented as a percentage) is the number of orders that have received negative feedback divided by the number of orders in the relevant period. 
  • A-to-z Guarantee claim rate: The A-to-z Guarantee Claim Rate (represented as a percentage) is the number of orders with a relevant claim divided by the number of orders in a given 60-day period.
  • Credit Card Chargeback rate: Credit Card Chargeback Rate (represented as a percentage) is the number of orders that have received a credit card chargeback divided by the number of orders in the relevant period.

Note, if the buyer later removes the feedback, this won’t count against your ODR. So, it’s worthwhile trying to resolve any issues that might occur. So, It is one of the essential factor to rank Products on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

We have covered the ultimate 20 Ultimate Tips To Rank Products On Amazon 2022.

Now, you have clarity about the methods to rank your products higher on Amazon. Relevant and complete information for your product is essential to increase your product’s visibility and sales.

You can easily track your performance metrics on Amazon seller central and the above parameters. You also need to ensure your products are competitively priced constantly. 

If you want to optimize your listings for better rankings and conversions or automate your Amazon prices and increase your sales and profits, SellerGeni’s AI Base SmartPlug Tool can help you.

 We currently offer a FREE 45-day trial for sellers to try before buying.

FAQs On 20 Ultimate Tips To Rank Your Products Higher on Amazon 2022

Here you can check important FAQs On 20 Ultimate Tips To Rank Your Products Higher on Amazon 2022.

What Is Sales Rank On Amazon?

Amazon sales rank is a number from 1 to 1 million (or higher, depending on the product category). It describes how well your product sells in relation to other products in your category. The lower the number, the better a product is selling.

So if you have a sales rank of #1, that means your product is selling the best. You can find the Amazon sales rank for any product on the product page. Just scroll down the “Product information” section.

Amazon will display the product’s sales rank for its broader product department and its specific product category.

How To Rank Higher On Amazon? 

An optimized listing, FBA, and great product quality are best to rank higher on Amazon. Ads, stock supply, customer satisfaction, good feedback, and great service are further factors that help you sustain the top results.

How To Find Product Rank On Amazon?

You can find the product rank for any item on Amazon. Go to any product listing and scroll down to the bottom, and you shall see a piece of information like this:

Best Sellers Rank: #2 in Sports, Fitness & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports, Fitness & Outdoors) #1 in Activity Trackers

How To Rank Amazon Listing On Google?

Google is the largest search engine globally, and it involves an entirely different set of criteria than Amazon’s internal search engine. Rank well on both, and you can double up on the benefits.

Create a link on another indexed website: The best way to get GoogleBot to pay attention to your product page is to add a link on another website already indexed on Google.

Incorporate long-tail keywords:
 Voice search is the next wave that marketers are looking to catch, and the biggest change that’s coming is the importance of long-tail keywords.

Optimize for Amazon — only focus on Google after that: To ensure you’re getting the most out of your listing, spend most of your time making sure it’s set up well for conversion with rich, interesting, informative content. Get as many high-quality product images as you can. Put up as much information as you have available. Please give it a punchy product description that has terms that rank well on Amazon’s internal search so people can find it. Then, you should think about Google.

Keep your information concise: You can’t determine how your page displays in Google because Amazon autogenerates titles and meta descriptions for all its listings. You can, however, keep the title short enough to ensure it is completely displayed.

Use the power of bundles: There’s a little secret to Amazon that you can use to dominate on both Google and Amazon: bundles. Bundles are a time-honored Amazon technique. Creating a package with more than one item lets you create a completely separate listing, side-stepping a frequent problem with Amazon where a product is oversaturated with listings.

What Is A Good Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon Sales Rank or BSR is ideally ranked from 1 to 1 million. A good Amazon Sales Rank is from #1-3, meaning you are in the top three results. This means that a potential buyer is more likely to buy yours.

In short, the lower your number, the higher your rank is.

How To Find Keywords You Rank For On Amazon?

Enter all your most important keywords in the keyword tracker and click on ‘Analyze’ in Amazon Keyword Ranking & Index Checker Chrome Extension. The Extension crawls through the Amazon listing pages to analyze your listing position in the search results.

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