Sell On Flipkart in 2022

Sell On Flipkart: How To Start Selling Online On Flipkart in 2023 Easily

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E-commerce Business is booming in India because of online shopping sites such as Flipkart, SnapDeal, and Amazon. They have revolutionized the online shopping experience for Indian customers. 

Innovative models such as cash on delivery and same-day delivery endorsed by reduced costs have encouraged more people to buy online. It makes Flipkart India’s most prominent electronic commerce shop.

Popular Indian E-commerce Store Flipkart offers a variety of products on its site. Having millions of customers, Flipkart is one of the best platforms to sell different kinds of products.

In this guide, we look at how to become an online seller and selling products on Flipkart from your home.

Before starting the complete guide on Selling online On Flipkart, you should know why.

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Why Sell On Flipkart?

Flipkart started in 2007 as an online book reseller. Later, they have expanded their categories to apparels, electronics, lifestyle goods, groceries, and others. They have reported a revenue amounting to approximately 346.1 billion Indian rupees in India’s financial year 2020. Currently, Flipkart ships more than 50 lakh shipments each month also produces over 80 lakh each page visit.

You should also know that they also sold merchandise worth over USD 1 billion during the financial year 2013-14 and has a client base of over 2.6 crores registered users.

13 Ultimate Steps To Sell On Flipkart In 2022

If you plan to sell online, then Flipkart will be one of the best choices for you. There’s a huge business opportunity for sellers on Flipkart. We have accomplished the groundwork and find out the best way to help you kick-start your online business.

If you have your products or want to sell some products through a massive platform like Flipkart, you have to follow some steps.

Product Research & Selection Of Your Business Type To Selling On Flipkart

To start a new Online business is not as easy as drinking water. It is not rougher as Rocket Science either. With the proper information about the business and target audience, you can start an online business and start selling from day one.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Everybody was a newbie at the time of starting a business. You should not let your motivation down because of a lack of experience in starting your own business. Selling on Flipkart is also a business where a lot of people have minimal experience. But before you proceed, there are a few things, business-wise, you need to take care of.

Do Product & Market Research To Sell Online On Flipkart

Before starting any product online, you should have a clear idea about the niche and its market potential. It idea holds the potential seed to succeed. Research properly about the business and also its future potential. Don’t just jump into trendy seasonal things. It may give you some good quality sell, but you will have to face the no-sell situation after the season.

Remember one thing before finalizing any products that don’t be greedy about the profit margin. Try to find the product or niche you kind of evergreen, i.e., the demand should be almost the same throughout the year,

For example, Books, Grocery, Clothes or beauty products are those kinds. If you research more, you will find deeper micro-niches in these categories with huge market potential.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself to validate your business idea includes:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What is the competition like?
  • Is there a need for your products you are planning to sell?
  • What would be the cost, and what is the potential return?

Now, you need to put all your answers and more in your business plan. It will help you understand your own business from a different perspective.

Make Sure Your Finances Are Planned Before Start Selling On Flipkart

You need some initial investment, and the ability to cover the expense before making a profit is necessary. Ensure that you have noted down all the one-time cost estimates like insurance, market research, licenses, permits, legal fees, branding, Inventory, trademarking, and more in a spreadsheet to plan your finances.

Don’t miss any minor costs. Initially, it looks like it is just a few Rupees. But if you have to pay the same amount 100 to 1000 times, it will make a difference.

Select Right Business Structure Start Selling Online On Flipkart

Choosing the right Business Structure is also a critical task. There are different business registration structures available in India for small business, namely,

  • A Sole Proprietorship,
  • A Partnership Firm,
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP),
  • One Person Company (OPC)
  • A Private Limited Company.

We would like to suggest that you start with the most basic structure. This will not only allow you to be flexible but will also help you keep costs down. If you are a solopreneur, then go with the Sole Proprietorship. If your business has more than one partner, then go with A Partnership Firm. You can go with another structure, but you need to pay a high renewal cost every year. Also, non-renewable or late renewable penalties are more elevated.

Properly Select Your Business Name For Selling On Flipkart

You need to look for all the potential implications before choosing the right business name. Once you have completed selecting the name, register with the proper business structure and grab the domain name.

How to choose a name for your Online Selling Business On Flipkart

  • Be descriptive but not too general or vague.
  • Creatively use Business related words.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Don’t copy your competitors.
  • Avoid using your own name.
  • Keep your domain name short.
  • Make it easy to pronounce and spell
  • Keep it unique and brandable.
  • Choose a scalable name.
  • Make sure you have a related domain.

Complete Your Paperworks Before Becoming A Flipkart Seller

Paperwork is the most critical process when you have decided to start a business. You should have several small business permits and licenses. You need to apply based on your business type and location. You need to research what permits and licenses use and then work on it.

Make sure you have this checklist ready with you. These are the Business structure, business name, business registration, permits, license, trademarks, patents, copyrights, PAN numbers, necessary bank accounts, etc.

Choose The Right Product To Sell On Flipkart

When selecting products to sell online, you should make sure the product already has a demand in the industry.

To select the best products to sell online on Flipkart, you need to consider some essential factors.

  • Do thorough research about the trend and market demand for your product. You can refer to existing products and check the reviews. It will give you the idea of consumer needs and extrapolating them into sales.
  • If you plan to manufacture your own products, then figure out manufacturers for your product. Analyze their strategy and implement it on their own.
  • If you want to resell other brands’ products, get in touch with wholesalers. Know their requirements and the selling price. Don’t select any heavy product with less profit margin.
  • To set the final price, you have to add a profit margin based on your costs and other selling costs.
  • Select easy to ship and non-fragile products. These will be easier to send to various locations without getting damaged during shipment.
  • Select smaller products. They need less space for storage in the case of space limitations.
  • Check the shelf life of your product. Try to avoid products with a low shelf life. Products with a quiet shelf life should be immediately sold to prevent wastage.
  • Avoid seasonal goods to see continuous sales.

Some of the highest selling categories or products for Flipkart marketplace sellers in India include:

  • Home and Kitchen
  • Books
  • Baby Products
  • Mobiles, Electronics, & Accessories
  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Beauty and Health Products.

The next step after deciding on the product is to choose the right business registration.

Registration On Flipkart Based On Your Business Type

It is one of the essential tasks you should accomplish before selling a product online on Flipkart. You have to provide your business-related information to Flipkart in addition to the crucial information.

All essential documents must be submitted during the Flipkart seller registration process. The types of documents will vary based on the type of business registration, as follows:

Sell On Flipkart As An Individual Or Sole Proprietorship

When individuals want to sell their product on Flipkart using their own name and legal standing. These types of businesses perceive to be a Sole Proprietorship business. A sole proprietorship business does not offer limited liability protection to the promoter. It is not easily transferable.

It is also not very scalable and cannot have investors or partners. The main issue in this type are less scalable and has limited capacity to obtain bank loans. Therefore, it is best to avoid becoming a seller on Flipkart using a sole proprietorship entity.

Documents Required To Sell On Flipkart As Sole Proprietorship Or An Individual

In case a sole proprietorship is chosen, the following documents may have to be submitted:

Identity Proof Documents Required To Sell On Flipkart As An Individual:

  • Signed declaration on the business letterhead, stating that the individual owns and manages the bank account held in the business’s name.
  • Statement of bank accounting registered on Flipkart payment gateway.
  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voters ID
  • Driving License
  • Any other photo identity card
  • Letter from a recognized Public Authority or Public Servant verifying identity.

Address Proof Documents Required To Sell On Flipkart As An Individual:

  • Telephone bill (Fixed line) in the name of the Proprietorship firm
  • Electricity bill in the name of the Proprietorship firm
  • Bank Account Statement in the name of the Proprietorship
  • Letter from Employer
  • Ration card
  • Lease or license agreement
  • Letter from a recognized Public Authority or Public Servant verifying identity.

Selling On Flipkart As A Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is one of the most preferred methods of becoming a Flipkart Seller. It gives you limited liability protection to promoters, separate legal entity, easy transferability, the ability to take on investors or partners, and quickly scale-up operations.

Documents Required To Sell On Flipkart As A Private Limited Company

The following documents must be submitted for a Private Limited Company:

Identity Proof Documents Needed To Start Selling On Flipkart As A Private Limited Company:

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation of Private Limited Company
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • Company PAN Card

Address Proof Documents Needed To Start Selling On Flipkart As A Private Limited Company:

  • Company Telephone bill (Fixed line)
  • Company Electricity bill
  • Lease or rental agreement

Sell On Flipkart As An Llp / Partnership Firm

As a Flipkart seller, you can register to be a Partnership Firm. However, while signing on as a Flipkart seller, it is better to register as an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership). It provides:

  • Limited liability protection.
  • Easy transferability.
  • Separate legal entity.
  • Other documents are required to quickly become a Flipkart seller.
Documents Required To Sell On Flipkart As A Partnership/LLP Firm

Essential Identity Proof Documents To Selling On Flipkart As Partnership/LLP Firm

  • Partnership registration or LLP Incorporation Certificate
  • Partnership deed
  • Power of Attorney granted to a Partner or an Employee of the LLP or Partnership firm to transact business on its behalf
  • Any document identifying Partners and the person holding the Power of Attorney with their photographs
  • PAN Card of the LLP or Partnership Firm

Essential Address Proof Documents To Selling On Flipkart As Partnership/LLP Firm

  • Any officially valid document confirming the address of the Partners and the persons holding the Power of Attorney
  • Firm/Partner’s Telephone bill
  • Firm/Partner’s Electricity bill
  • Lease or Rental agreement
  • Company Electricity bill
  • Lease or License agreement

Sell On Flipkart As A Trust & Foundation

Trusts and Foundations can also become sellers on Flipkart. Documents similar to the above documents must be provided in the Trust or Foundation’s name to establish the Trust / Foundation’s legal identity and the address of the Trust / Foundation.

Open A Bank Account & Complete Tax-related Registration To Sell Online On Flipkart As A Seller

To sell online on Flipkart as a seller, you must complete the tax registration as GST and have a bank account in the business or entity’s name.

The below-mentioned tax registration and bank details would be required to online sell on Flipkart:

  • Name of the business/entity
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number) – PAN Card of the private limited company or individual or partnership
  • GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) – GSTIN of the seller in case goods to be sold on Flipkart comes under the purview of GST
  • TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) – TAN is needed for TDS (Tax Deduction at Source)
  • Bank account in the name of the business or entity
  • Bank account number of the entity or business
  • Bank IFSC code for the bank mentioned above account

Create Flipkart Seller Account

You can easily create a Flipkart Seller Account and start selling online. After providing the above information, registrations, and documents, the business could initiate selling its goods on the Flipkart portal.

As a new business on Flipkart, follows these simple steps to creating a Seller Account.

  • Step 2: Verify your Personal Contact Details, Business Contact Details, Account Details, etc., to list your products on Flipkart.
  • Step 3: Here, you will be asked to furnish your PIN code, from where the products would be picked up. Once the PIN code is verified, you have to punch in the exact address.
  • Step 4: After the PIN code verification, you need to punch in the details like complete address, GSTIN, etc. However, you also have the option of only selling categories that are GSTIN exempted, such as books that one can sell on Flipkart without GST.
  • Step 5: Next, you have to provide your bank details associated with your business. In case you have applied for the same and the details are awaited, you can choose that option and proceed accordingly.
  • Step 5: On providing all the requisite details, the seller dashboard will appear, and you will able to check the pending information. You need to be uploaded before you start selling on Flipkart. You have to put up a Store descriptor and business entity name, which will then be displayed to your product’s online buyers.

On completing the business procedures related to the Flipkart seller registration, the business could set up its storefront and list its products for selling on Flipkart.

Once you register on Flipkart, you will also need to adhere to all tax laws applicable to the e-commerce sector. An essential part of this compliance is filing your GST returns on time.

Listing Of Products On Flipkart

Listing on Flipkart is relatively more comfortable than other online marketplaces. Flipkart has a self-service portal. You should know that you must have at least 1 listings(unique products) to sell on Flipkart. You can keep photos of products ready and upload the images along with text and price information. Select the right category for your product. 

Step By Step Process To Complete Flipkart Product Listing

The seller dashboard is straightforward to use, and listing your products is just a matter of a few clicks.

  • Step 1: Open the link and login with your email id and password. Go to the Listing section on the top left corner of your browser. After clicking on the ”Listings” option from the menu, a listings dashboard will appear within the seller’s dashboard.
  • Step 2: Now you have to click add “”New listing”” you will be taken to adding “”Single Listing”” or “”Add Bulk Listing. “”
  • Step 3: On Clicking “”Add a Single Listing,”” you get a list of categories. By selecting a particular category, further breaks down into several sub-categories from which you can choose. When you decide on the sub-category, it would ask you to upload the same photo and then submit it for a QC check by Flipkart’sFlipkart’s back-end team. On approval, the product you intend to sell would appear under “”My Listing.””

Flipkart Seller Dashboard To Manage All Operations

After completion of Flipkart seller registration and listing the products, you can easily sell on Flipkart. Flipkart provides an easy dashboard to control all operations. They also offer product promotions and advertising as well as analytical support. So, you can quickly find the best-selling products on Flipkart in terms of prices and other factors.

The Flipkart Seller dashboard allows you to modify all the details, for example – pricing, bullet point, description, etc.

The Key Features Of Flipkart Seller Dashboard

The Flipkart dashboard arouses and provides the information that a vendor needs to run his business efficiently in one area. With the dashboard, product and order management is simplified and automatically synced using all the Inventory.

The vendor has to see the final combined data in neat and educational reports. Here’s a review of the vital characteristics of the Flipkart dashboard, which aids in data management.

The dashboard provides all the essential information to the Flipkart seller. These include listings, payments, Inventory, orders, growth, reports, and advertising. A seller can easily access it by clicking on the respective tab.

Here are the key features of the dashboard you have to use while selling online on Flipkart.

  • Listing Section: The listings part of this dashboard manages the information linked to the goods listed in the Flipkart shop. This section gives advice on the active listings, blocked listings, listings prepared for manipulation, inactive listings, and more active listings. The listing also offers a shipping calculator to make proper decisions on the purchase price. 
  • Order Section: These pages could be retrieved in the drop-down menu of their tab. The active section orders will provide detailed data about the busy orders at the moment and can be split into five segments. These are Upcoming, New, Package, Handover, In transit, and Delivered. Each part is self-explanatory and simple for a person to browse to and comprehend. Returns and cancellations segments also supply similar helpful specifics of their orders.
  • Payment Section: Sellers may also receive a precise evaluation of the obligations which were processed via the system in the waiver section. The statements of every payment and a thorough statement could be generated out of here.
  • Growth Section: The Growing segment of the dashboard is beneficial for analytics. Here, a vendor can receive all of the information on the operation of the Flipkart shop. He can also see the opportunities which may be tapped and even the operation of Flipkart advertising and promotions.
  • Reports Section: The dashboard also provides a Reports section form where useful reports can be generated. Decision making becomes accurate with these comprehensive reports.

Shipping And Logistics Of Products By Flipkart

After starting a Flipkart Seller accounts and you receive the advantage of shipping and logistics service. Flipkart includes tie-ups with couriers that can pick up parcels and send them all through India. To guarantee hassle-free selling of merchandise and supply an outstanding customer experience, Flipkart has made it compulsory to provide goods via Flipkart logistics partners. Flipkart will subtract a certain amount from the shipping price title from the sale price before making the payment.

Flipkart Shipping process 

The shipping process is divided into three categories, namely Local, Zonal, and National.

  • Local: Local indicates the Intra-city where the products are shipped within the same city.
  • Zonal: It is indicated as Intrazone. The products are shipped within the zone borders, namely east, west, north, and south.
  • National: This is referred to as Interzone, where the products are shipped across zones.

Flipkart even provides packaging support and materials as well as training. After receiving an order, the seller packs the product and ready it for shipment. The logistics partner picks it up for onward transmission. It is easy to sell on Flipkart and ship because they have 200 pick-up hubs and 10,000 delivery personnel.

Flipkart Delivery Methods

Flipkart has two types of shipping & delivery methods:

  • Standard delivery is the common delivery method used by Flipkart’s logistics arm Ekart to deliver products. The delivery of orders to customers works based on the availability of products from the seller. The replacements take up to 45 days.
  • Flipkart advantage – In this program, Ekart handles all inventory stocking and shipping and delivering the products in a day from the product purchased. However, sellers need to ensure products are delivered to Flipkart’s warehouses ahead of time to use this feature.

This ensures good packaging and delivery within 24 hours, and the service comes with a 30-day replacement policy. In case a replacement is not possible, refunds are done. Customers will see a Flipkart Advantage badge next to the product while shopping.

Fulfilment Of Orders On Flipkart

Flipkart Fulfilment is a program that offers fulfilment centers at feasible rates. Under this scheme, sellers can get seamless order processing, strict quality checks, best packaging, dedicated Inventory across fulfilment centres, and a Flipkart assured badge. 

What does Flipkart Fulfilment offer?
  • Fulfilment center space
  • Faster delivery of your products
  • Quality check of your products by Flipkart experts
  • Packaging that will delight your customers

After working for a month and satisfying 30 sales, the new seller can move to tier 1. The customer complaint settlement rate also decides the position. When a tier 1 vendor defaults that he might be downgraded to tier 2. Tier 1 sellers receive payment sooner, within 5 days from shipment, whereas tier two sellers receive payment in 10 days following shipment. Whatever the case, they must adhere to a set of principles for order fulfilment.

Fulfilment is depending upon the type selected and displayed. Flipkart sells goods after acquiring them from vendors in their benefits program. A shipper should package and keep things prepared using Flipkart’s materials, carrying the Flipkart logo from the conventional shipping style.

Get Payments Of Orders On Flipkart

All payments are made through NEFT transactions (online banking). The payment is made directly to your bank account within the next 7-15 business days from the date of order dispatch. It’s 7 business days for Gold Sellers, 10 business days for Silver Sellers, and 15 business days for Bronze sellers.

Flipkart Charges For Selling Products

You have to pay small charges on each sale to sell on Flipkart. Flipkart charges a small commission on each sale based as a percentage of the value of the product. Shipping fees are to be paid by the seller. He can add shipping in his price or include it.

The seller have to pay the following fees on the order item value to sell on Flipkart:

  • Commission fee: A percentage of the order item value vary based on vertical/sub-category 
  • Shipping fee (calculated based on the product weight, shipping location and )
  • Collection fee: This will vary based on order item value and customer payment mode (Prepaid/Cash on Delivery) 
  • Fixed fee: A slab wise Fixed fee. This varies based on Order item value
  • GST (applicable on all of the above components)

Return Policy Of Flipkart

Flipkart is also popular for an easy return policy. You should know the terms and conditions of the return policy before selling on Flipkart. Customers can return any product, even if there was no problem, but may spell additional costs for the seller.

One best thing is that if the product is returned for any reason, Flipkart does not charge the seller for any shipping cost. They also bear the cost of the product if it is damaged in transit. Exchange of product does not make you liable for the reverse shipping fee.

Promotion To Boost the Sell of your products on Flipkart.

You’re selling online on Flipkart, and what’s your topmost priority while performing business? Selling fast and smart. In simple terminology, Sales Promotion is the process of having a possible customer purchase the item. It’s a short-term strategy to boost earnings and a fantastic approach to utilizing e-commerce platforms. Promotion, coupons, coupons, freebies, loss leaders, and rebates are a couple instances of sales promotion methods.

5 Promotional Tips To Boost Your Sales On Flipkart

There are a few tips and techniques you can implement to boost your Flipkart sale success. Some of them include:

  • Product Listing Advertisements: Flipkart shows your products as ‘Featured Products’ on relevant pages of its website. It increases the visibility of your products and helps you to reach a more extensive customer base. It brings your products under the spotlight, provides more visibility, and boosts your sales. 
  • Become a Flipkart Advantage seller: Register to become a Flipkart Advantage seller. With this, all you need to do is stock your products with Flipkart. Flipkart will take care of the rest, from packing your products to handling return requests. Flipkart Advantage offers you, in addition to storage space, a quality check of your products by experts, faster delivery, and much more. This will mean maximum sales, minimum returns, and a better buyer experience.
  • Participate in spike sales: During spike sales, Flipkart provides exciting offers on almost all the categories. This attracts many buyers and drives massive traffic to the Flipkart website and the mobile app. You don’t just get to hike your sales with minimal effort and reach more buyers in one go.
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads: Use Google Ads and Facebook Ads to drive targeted traffic to your listings. If you can’t do it, you will find plenty of people to do it for you for a very cheap price.
  • Keep an eye on the reviews: Better reviews means better social proof for your users. Handle negative reviews with care and try to urge people to give you positive reviews. You can do this only by absolutely delighting your customers.

Analyze Your Performance

Flipkart has started a mobile app for vendors in the name of Sellers Hub. It gives you real-time information on orders, listings, payments, order fulfilment, returns, and much more. You can easily download from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Flipkart also includes its dashboard for vendor analytics, which lets them slit distinct market point metrics. You can visualize the information over a specific interval, download data charts to see it offline, comprehend return requests, trends, and much more. The dash may be used to identify patterns in your sales tendency, and it can help you discover the top-selling towns, goods, etc.

Advantages of Sell On Flipkart 

Let’s see what are advantages of sell on Flipkart when you start selling online products and services with them.

Big Customer Base

There are millions of people are purchasing products from Flipkart. To get such a major customer base isn’t possible for a small merchant and the new company. However, you are able to access the massive customer base if you start selling on Flipkart. No matter whether you’re little business or new company you’re able to find the access the huge customer base with the Flipkart marketplaces. Marketplaces would be the ideal method to begin and constructing the online sales business.

High Reliability

These huge marketplaces are almost never face any technical problem or downtime, however many clients are coming into those sites they’re well equipped to deal with the traffic. When you market online Presence is the largest issue however whenever you’re connected with Flipkart you won’t confront downtime and you won’t lose the cash as a result of some technical problems and you do not need to pay additional to keep the web site up and nice and you may spare a good deal.

Instant Credibility

If you’re small company along with also a startup and you have you have ecommerce site than clients might not purchase your goods and services because of no authenticity and you’re brand new on the marketplace. If you’re linked into this marketplaces then you receive the immediate credibility and clients really like to get services and products from you too and they won’t be afraid to pay online also for your merchandise.The type of credibility you receive after correlated with those two you will not get by yourself, therefore it is a best thought to become connected with Flipkart for greater authenticity.

24/7 Customer Service

In online business just selling isn’t significant but following sales support is also quite significant and plays a very significant role in scaling the enterprise. If you’re connected with Flipkart you do not personally need to be concerned about the customer support as both of these marketplaces supply all sort of excellent customer solutions. Flipkart will manage most of the inquiries of the clients linked to your merchandise from shipping, yield of the merchandise along with additional fulfillment.

Excellent Referral System

Flipkart have huge data base of their clients based in their own perspectives, searches and want to services and products. If customer is enthusiastic about the sort of services and products that you have then it’ll be displayed to the purchaser’s homepage as well as your services and products will be known to the clients by the huge giants. This referrals strategy is obviously a blessing for your own brand newest company of course, in case you have some exceptional product afterward referral system can allow you.

Proper Delivery and Shipping Management

Flipkart will look after the delivery and transport system if you receive an arrangement of your services and products. Delivery process is a really complex and delivering the goods is a intricate procedure, however you do not h need to worry since this will probably be handled by Flipkart.

Disadvantages of Selling on Flipkart

Let’s see what are disadvantages of sell on Flipkart.

Cant Extract Customer Information

Since you won’t receive the immediate access to the clients information in that circumstance it id not feasible to run ant direct marketing activity to them. You are able to become just the sick speech of the consumers and doing any advertising activity in that situation is small impossible or difficult. So no opportunity to acquire the direct sale from existing

No Quick Transscection of Money

If you do business offline and you earn a revenue then you receive the instantaneous money however in online market if you receive the purchase for you goods and sales and services has been done but you will not receive the cash instantly, first that cash will go the significant market and following deduction you’ll find the cash after couple days.

High Competition

Everybody would like to sell more and desires the greater earnings, making the major market more competitive. If you’re selling shoes there are other retailers that are selling exactly the identical brand and same caliber together with any other features like some free gift and very low cost and several other advantages to the clients, such offers aren’t feasible for each merchants. 

Flipkart Has Control on Vendors Act

In online market you can not control the costs of the other sellers, they reduce the cost as low as they could and they take reduced percentages merely to acquire the greater earnings. Such strategy will result in price cuts by a number of different sellers and in the last nobody is likely to create the desirable money.

Marketplaces are Costly

Whatever you’re connected with Amazon or even Flipkart you may get more and will find the more earnings however that comes expensive. Their commission is extremely high and retailers get cash from the deduction of this fess that is quite high from the huge marketplaces.

Final Thoughts

The success of any business is based on the sale and trust among its customers. E-commerce major Flipkart offers a variety of products on their site. By selling online On Flipkart, you will easily target a massive customer base. Having millions of customers, Flipkart is one of the best platforms to sell different kinds of products.

You need to follow the steps as we have elaborated this article to sell on Flipkart. Before Selling Online on Flipkart, make sure that you have completed your paperwork like Business Registration, Bank Account, GST Registration. Promote your products and bring your online business to the next level.

Here you can check the summary on step by step guide to sell on Flipkart.

how to sell on flipkart easily

FAQs To Know Before Sell On Flipkart

Here you can check some important FAQs related to Sell On Flipkart.

  • Can Anyone Sell On Flipkart?

    According to Flipkart’s policy, anyone selling new and genuine products is welcome. In order to start selling on Flipkart, you need to have the following:
    a. GSTIN
    b. PAN Card (Personal PAN for the business type Proprietorship and Personal + Business PAN for business type as Company)
    c. GSTIN/TIN Number (not mandatory for few categories)
    d. Bank account details and supporting KYC documents (Address Proof, and Cancelled cheque)
    e. Minimum of 1 unique product to sell

  • Can I sell branded products on flipkart?

    Yes you can sell branded products, provided you have proper brand authorization in case of gated brand.

  • Can I sell on Flipkart without GST Number?

    You can sell online without a GST Number only if you sell goods that are exempted. If you sell goods on which GST is applicable, you have to get a GST number to sell online. You have to take GSTIN even if turnover is less than Rs. 20 lakh.

  • How To Sell On Flipkart Assured?

    The Flipkart Assured badge is accorded by an algorithm, developed by Flipkart data scientists, which computes key product and seller metrics along with stringent quality parameters. A product is eligible to earn the Flipkart Assured badge only if it passes extensive checks on seller and product quality as well as availability of faster shipping. 

  • How do I contact Flipkart to become a seller? Is there a seller helpline?

    Yes, you can get all the help you need. Flipkart now has a dedicated seller’s page and 24×7 support for sellers. You can raise a ticket through the Seller Support Ticket Dashboard.
    Alternatively,  you may also email us at: or simply SMS ‘SELL <email ID>’ to 56677.

  • Will I get charged for listing products on Flipkart?

    No. Listing of products on is absolutely free. Flipkart does not charge anything for listing your catalogue online. You need to pay a small commission for what you sell.

  • Who takes care of the delivery of my products?

    Flipkart logistics partner will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the customer. All you need to do is keep it packed and ready for dispatch.

  • How many listings are required to start selling on Flipkart?

    You are required to have a minimum of 1 listings(unique products) to start selling on Flipkart.

  • Can I Sell Unbranded Products On Flipkart?

    Yes, definitely you can sell Unbranded Products On Flipkart. One can do that and most of the sellers found on Flipkart and other online marketplace platforms do this. Something found in one market is not always available in other market and sellers benefit from this by making it available online for everyone.

  • What protection does Flipkart offer in case of lost/damaged goods and fraudulent customer claims?

    Flipkart has set up a Seller Protection Fund (SPF) to protect our sellers against fraud. You can request for SPF claim through the seller dashboard. When the buyer or logistics partner is at fault, you will receive due compensation.

  • Would I get compensation if the customer has returned damaged products?

    Yes, you can raise a claim through Seller Protection Fund. Depending on the case and category, you will be given a refund provided you have adequate proof that you shipped an authentic/undamaged product. This will help us close the dispute in your favour.

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