How To Sell On ShopClues Easily

Sell On ShopClues: How To Start Selling On ShopClues 2023

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The significance of e-commerce is increasing day by day. In today’s era, electronic trade and trade have emerged as a big business. The ease and convenience it offers the public at large is incomparable. People are gradually accepting and relying on the entire idea of online shopping. Various online shopping sites act as an interface to buy and sell several products and provide specific services. These websites have to bear in mind the ease of customers in addition to the sellers.

ShopClues is a shopping site for companies and customers that serves suppliers, producers, professionals, business owners, etc. One ought to register as a vendor by taking specific steps to become part of this online retailer group.

ShopClues is set up by Sandeep Agarwal, Sanjay Sethi, and Radhika Aggarwal in the year 2011. Since that time, more than 6 lakh sellers have associated a record near 3 crore goods with this e-commerce portal. The items covered are apparel, electronics, fashion and kitchen appliances, general utility items, etc. Shopclues assists in the promotion of regional brands and products.

Why Sell On ShopClues India in 2022

To produce the entrance into online selling business easier for manufacturers and sellers. ShopClues provides assistance and guidance on the way. Also, it gives easy access to their massive market by using a straightforward registration procedure for vendors.

The following benefits a seller can secure from Shopclues Seller Registration:

  • Boost The Sale With Wider Customer Reach: All products that are registered on Shopclues would be reputed in consumers’ eyes. Hence more sales would occur for your products if you take the seller registration in Shopclues.
  • Quickly Listing Products: You can easily list different products on this e-commerce website. If you have multiple types of products, then you must list them on the Shopclues website. This will improve your overall sales pattern. Another benefit of going for Shopclues seller registration is the diversification process. You can concentrate on diversifying the products.
  • Open for Business 24×7: You will be getting 24×7 access to product scope without needing to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Work from Anywhere: You can manage your ShopClues online shop through your laptop or smartphone anywhere on earth. With ShopClues, you have to keep track of things, whenever and wherever you would like to.
  • Zero Setup Cost: In the absence of a registration or listing fee, you can really start your company at a zero setup price!

Who Can Sell Online On ShopClues in 2022?

  • An Individual- Any Person person can Enroll himself/herself for a seller by providing the required details along with the registration form to sell online on shopclues.
  • A Business Registered as a Private Limited Company- two or more individuals can come together and form a private limited company by registering themselves with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs sell online on shopclues. When the Certificate of Incorporation is obtained, they can start the procedure for enrolling themselves with ShopClues.
  • A Business Registered as a Limited Liability Partnership Firm- two or more individuals might come together to make a venture and get themselves registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. After enrollment, they can Begin with this ShopClues Registration Procedure.
  • A Business Registered as a One Person Company- In case an individual person wants to enroll a Business and Revel in the benefits of limited liability, then she/he can get their company registered as a 1 Individual Company(OPC)

Basic Requirements To Start Selling On ShopClues In 2022

Before you begin to sell on ShopClues India in 2022, the company must first turn into a ShopClues Seller by completing the registration procedure and submitting the required documents. The following business-related information and documents must be submitted to ShopClues during the ShopClues seller registration process.

Documents Needed To Start Selling on Shopclues Marketplace:

  • Name of the Company
  • Name of the Individual
  • PAN Card Copy
  • A Cancelled cheque (in which the Seller wants payment)
  • Aadhaar card Copy
  • Phone number
  • GST Number
  • An email address
  • Bank Account Details
  • Address proof, e.g., Bank Statement, Electricity Bill, Passport copy, etc., needed for submission

The following licenses and registrations are needed to start selling on ShopClues:

Business Registration

For business entities, there is no specific need to become a merchant on ShopClues in 2022. However, being registered as a Private Limited Company or LLP will help prevent unforeseen liability and enjoy better access to the credit.

Some of the documents to be submitted to start selling online on ShopClues. It will vary depending on the type of business registration, as follows:

Sell On ShopClues As An Individual Or Sole Proprietorship

When individuals want to sell online on ShopClues with their own name and legal standing. These types of organizations perceive to be described as considered a Sole Proprietorship business.

Documents Required To Sell On ShopClues As Sole Proprietorship Or An Individual:

In case a sole proprietorship is chosen, the following documents may have to be submitted to sell online:

Identity Proof

  • Signed declaration on the business letterhead, stating that the individual owns and manages the bank account held in the business’s name.
  • Statement of bank accounting registered on ShopClues payment gateway.
  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voters ID
  • Driving License
  • Any other photo identity card
  • Letter from a recognized Public Authority or Public Servant verifying identity.

Address Proof 

  • Telephone bill (Fixed line) in the name of the Proprietorship firm
  • Electricity bill in the name of the Proprietorship firm
  • Bank Account Statement in the name of the Proprietorship
  • Letter from Employer
  • Ration card
  • Lease or license agreement
  • Letter from a recognized Public Authority or Public Servant verifying identity.

Start Selling Online On ShopClues As A Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is one of the most popular techniques of becoming a ShopClues Seller. A private limited company is a company privately held for small businesses. This type of business entity limits owner liability to their shareholdings, the number of shareholders to 200, and restricts shareholders from publicly trading shares. It has the power to take on partners or investors and quickly scale-up operations.

Documents Required To Sell On ShopClues As A Private Limited Company:

The following documents must be submitted for a Private Limited Company:

Identity Proof

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation of Private Limited Company
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • Company PAN Card

Address Proof 

  • Company Telephone bill (Fixed line)
  • Company Electricity bill
  • Lease or rental agreement

Sell On ShopClues As An LLP / Partnership Firm

As a ShopClues seller, you can register to be a Partnership Firm. However, while signing on as a ShopClues seller, it is better to note as an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership).

Documents Required To Sell On ShopClues As A Partnership/LLP Firm:

Identity Proof

  • Partnership registration or LLP Incorporation Certificate
  • Partnership deed
  • Power of Attorney granted to a Partner or an Employee of the LLP or Partnership firm to transact business on its behalf
  • Any document identifying Partners and the person holding the Power of Attorney with their photographs
  • PAN Card of the LLP or Partnership Firm

Address Proof 

  • Any officially valid document confirming the address of the Partners and the persons holding the Power of Attorney
  • Firm/Partner’s Telephone bill
  • Firm/Partner’s Electricity bill
  • Lease or Rental agreement
  • Company Electricity bill
  • Lease or License agreement

Sell On ShopClues As A Trust & Foundation

Trusts and Foundations can also become sellers on ShopClues. Documents similar to the above documents must be provided in the Trust or Foundation’s name to establish the Trust / Foundation’s legal identity and the Trust / Foundation’s address.

GST Registration

GST registration is required to promote on ShopClues. GST registration is compulsory for sellers to sell products and goods in India. GST Registration is substantial compliance for online businesses. You can register your business for GST easily.

Documents Required For GST Registration To Start Selling Online On ShopClues:

  • 1 Cancelled cheque of the bank account of the entity
  • Aadhaar card of the directors or the partners, as the case may be
  • PAN Card of the Company, LLP, or the Individual
  • Bank Account Details

You also need to share details of your current bank account in the name of the business. The documents required to open a bank account are:

  • PAN Card of the Individual or the company or the LLP
  • Address proof of the entity
  • Certificate of Incorporation in case of a company or an LLP
  • Bank form
  • Partnership Deed in case of a Partnership Firm
  • Identity proof and address proof of all the directors of the company or the LLP as the case may be
  • Once the bank account is opened, a canceled cheque bearing the account number needs to be submitted.
  • Address proof of the entity
  • 2 Valid email ids

Open A Bank Account

PAN Card of the merchant is mandatory on ShopClues along with bank account details. Other details, including account number, PAN account holder name, and IFSC code, should be submitted to ShopClues for the payment process.

The following information about the bank account of the business must be furnished to ShopClues India to complete the ShopClues India Partner registration process:

  • Account Holder Name
  • Bank IFSC Code
  • Bank Account Number
  • Account Type

Trademark Registration

When it comes to start selling goods online on ShopClues, any brand will likely get lots of exposure. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the brand is trademarked to avoid counterfeit goods. So, sellers are required to get a trademark registration for their own brand of products and services.

Research & Select The Best Product To Sell Online On ShopClues

For a lot of beginners, the most challenging part of starting outside is deciding what products to Sell On Shopclues. There are several techniques to find out the most suitable product for the online market at any particular time.

There are four Secrets to find the best products to Sell On Shopclues in 2022:

  • Know Profitability: When choosing a product to sell on Shopclues, then you must know about the profitability. Some first-time entrepreneurs believe that they should just begin selling goods they use and enjoy. You should only sell something if it is making you money, and also, costs accumulate quickly. Promoting a core product that has a chance to match well with upsell and cross-sell products can help you increase profitability more.
  • Cost: Profitability may be significant, but it is just 1 part of this mystery. Well, nobody’s stopping you from purchasing more expensive items on Shopclues. But remember, the larger-ticket your thing is, the harder you will have to work to make your customers trust. The more expensive the product, the longer you will spend pre-selling clients and responding to queries. If you are up for this, then, by all means, go for this, but it is going to typically be more manageable and much more profitable to sell things on Shopclues from the Rs 100- 1000 range. 
  • Check The Trends: Last but not least, ensure the products you’re promoting are hot and in-demand. This tool demonstrates how many individuals have searched for a specific product within the last couple of decades. It is super simple to use. You simply have to put in your search phrase. Google Trends will generate a report showing your customers’ interest as time passes.
  • Competitiveness: Now you understand how to evaluate a product’s need, let us look at things on the side. That is not to say you need to market something entirely unique and never-before-seen, but placing your own distinctive twist on something will surely help. But at the same time, you do not want to promote the same products that customers can receive from a large number of unique retailers, like electricity banks or even generic cell phone cases.

How To Sell On ShopClues As A Beginner in 2022

Before starting the Shopclues Seller registration process, make sure that you have gone through the above steps, as we mentioned.

To sell on ShopClues, you have to follow the steps given below.

Register On Shopclues As A Seller

To market your products on the e-commerce portal Shopclues first, you must register on it as a seller. This process is termed Shopclues Seller Registration. In this digital age, it is considered a smart move to move on to digital platforms to reach a broader client base. The process is simple and hassles free. All you need to do is to make sure that all the minimum requirements are met.

Here is the step by step guide to register On Shopclues As A Seller.

  • Step 1: Visit the Shopclues Seller Website for Signup. All the mentioned documents above must be ready in advanced at the time of registration. Enter the Email id, Mobile number.
signup for shopclues seller registration
  • Step 2: Type in the OTP which comes in your mobile phone.
enter otp for seller registration to sell on shopclues
  • Step 3: Now, you have to Create a password.
create unique password for shopclues seller account
  • Step 4: Type Your Store Name.
set a catchy store name to to sell online on shopclues
  • Step 5: Enter the pin code.
enter pincode to complete shopclues seller registration
  • Step 6: Add all the information like PAN Number, GSTIN Number, Trade Name and submit the documents in pdf or in jpg format.
enter pan and gstin to sell on shopclues
  • Step 7: Now your account is created. You will see a message as the image below.
completed message for shopclues seller registration
  • For the verification part, an email notification will be sent to the registered email id of the seller with a SMS, which is to be sent to the registered phone number.

Product Listing To Sell On Shopclues

You have to decide what items you want to sell online on ShopClues and list them accordingly. 

Add the products in the inventory Sell On Shopclues as given below.

Add the products in the inventory to sell on shopclues

When the listed products in seller dashboard are sold, you will then receive an email notification. You will receive an order with the buyer details and thus process the order. A marketplace like Shopclues is helping all sizes of businesses (small to large) to grow fast online and not remain limited to geographical boundaries.

Shipping And Logistics Of Products

ShopClues offers branded fulfillment services called ShopClues Velocity to merchants for pick, pack, and ship. Before shipping any product, kindly ensure that the product’s packaging is not damaged or tampered with.

You can check the delivery status of all orders through your Merchant Login. The information is provided under the ‘Orders’ tab.

Shopclues offers three kinds of fulfilment services-

  • ShopClues Velocity Premium (SCVP): Items are picked up by merchants and brought to the fulfillment centers. They are packed and shipped.
  • ShopClues Velocity Basic (SCVB): Items are packed by merchants by using ShopClues packing material, affix shipping label and handed over to associated courier partners.
  • Merchant Direct Fulfillment (MDF): Items are packed and shipped directly by merchants. Some products such as an air conditioner or a home gym or other products need to be installed. The merchant has the capacity and know-how to do the technical work, so it makes sense to let them do the shipping.

ShopClues Payments

After completing the process, it is essential to understand tax, fees, and payments. Shopclues has a defined selling service commission on every trade. Merchants/sellers are responsible for collecting and paying the accurate VAT/CST. only provides an online channel and communication platform that connects sellers and buyers. Still, buying and selling is the contract between buyers and sellers. Merchant Selling Price should be inclusive of all taxes.

ShopClues have a weekly payment cycle. Every Wednesday, money (order final value minus service fees) will be electronically transferred for all completed orders. The order should occur two weeks back to your mentioned bank account.

ShopClues Seller Charges

You need to pay only after selling a product. ShopClues currently do not charge for product listing and online storefront. Here are three components of their pricing for the merchants. According to ShopClues, they can significantly lower the cost to sell online for each individual merchant due to the power of combined scale, world-class skills, the economy of scope.

  • Setup fee: Setting up your store on is FREE. There is NO setup fee.
  • Listing fee: ShopClues do not charge for the product listings or online storefront. But suppose you want more visibility or run promotions. In that case, they offer several marketing programs or preferred placement opportunities for a fee.
  • Selling service fee: A selling service fee is charged upon successful execution of a transaction. You pay us a percentage fee on the final sale value only when you sell. Please contact ShopClues on for further details on their Final Value Fee structure.

According to Shopclues, a performance-based pricing structure for their services is the right thing to do for the merchant. That means merchants only pay when they sell.

ShopClues Return Policy

ShopClues has its universal return policy for specific criteria to build trust and ensure safety. They cover their customers under the Buyer Protection Policy. Here, a customer has 10 days to return an order to the Seller for a full refund, including shipping charges. 

It covers all cases as below,

  • Wrong color, 
  • Wrong size, 
  • Wrong quantity, 
  • Manufacturing defects, 
  • Not genuine product, 
  • Not a new product, 
  • Or a product significantly different from the listing description.

Suppose a customer has not registered a return complaint on the completion of the buyer protection period. In that case, the order will be considered complete. The Seller will get paid on the closest Friday. Refer to the ShopClues Returns Policy Guidelines document for more details. Beyond the universal return policy instituted by ShopClues, merchants choose to have their own return policy in terms of when a customer does not like a product or simply wants to return it. ShopClues will ensure the pick up of the returns.

ShopClues Merchant Cycle

Here you can check the simple visual merchant cycle to understand selling with ShopClues easily.

ShopClues Merchant Cycle

Source: ShopClues

Final Thoughts

ShopClues is one of the best alternative marketplaces to sell online in India in 2022 than Amazon, Flipkart & Snapdeal. ShopClues is growing at an unprecedented rate, providing more than a few opportunities to sellers.

Out of different marketplaces, Shopclues offers one of the most lucrative benefits to a seller. Becoming a Shopclues seller means reaching out to customers from all across India without giving up on your profit margins. 

You need to follow the steps we have covered in this article to sell on Snapdeal. Before selling online, you need to accomplish all essential tasks like Business Registration, GST Registration, Opening A Bank Account, etc. It has a considerable buyer base. So with the right product, you can boost your sale and generate better revenue.

FAQs To Know Before Start Selling Online On ShopClues

Here you can check some important FAQs related to Sell On ShopClues in 2022 .

How can I manage my online store at ShopClues?

You have your own user name and password and complete administrative access of your online store at ShopClues at You can access your online store at ShopClues anytime, from anywhere using any Internet connected devices. You can upload new products, change quantity, change pricing, manage orders, manage inventory, and many other things in a matter of seconds from Store Manager.

How to create a catalog on Shopclues website?

A catalog is a list of products that is included in a particular website. A catalog must contain a list of all the information pertaining to the product. Such information will include the following:
• Complete Product Name.
• Mention the Key Product Attributes.
• Upload High Resolution Images with no text or artwork.
• Use clean/uncluttered background for images.
• Enter detailed Product Descriptions with relevant keywords.

How can I upload my products in ShopClues catalog?

Uploading your products in ShopClues catalog is really easy. You can upload your products anytime from anywhere. We offer three options of uploading – 1) 1-by-1 Upload, 2) Express Upload or 3) Bulk Upload using a CSV file as product feed for bulk uploading.

Who is responsible for collecting and paying GST?

Sellers are responsible of collecting and paying the accurate GST. ShopClues only provides online channel and communication platform that connects sellers and buyers but the buying and selling is the contract between buyers and sellers. Merchant Selling Price should be inclusive of all taxes.

Who handles shipping?

ShopClues offers branded fulfillment services called ShopClues Velocity to merchants for pick, pack and ship.

What is merchant rating in ShopClues?

Every time customers buy an item at ShopClues, they are invited to rate the seller on a five star rating system.

How do I avoid getting lower merchant rating from buyers on ShopClues?

Apart from ensuring that you always provide top quality products and meeting all promises that you make to a customer, you should also have an open communication channel with the customer. At ShopClues a merchant can exchange mails and discuss the problems with a customer before the customer finalizes his rating. Use this facility to the fullest. Talk to a customer immediately when you get a complaint.

Can ShopClues offer marketing solutions for Sellers to promote their products?

Yes. ShopClues offers full suite of digital marketing services and preferred placements for you to grow your business at ShopClues. Please contact at or ask your account manager for these services.

What are the steps of packaging and compliance by Shopclues?

The following processes are followed by Shopclues at their fulfilment centre:
• Products are not supposed to be couried from the seller to shop clues
• All the products would be picked up from the seller
• Then a quality check is conducted at the fulfilment centre
• If the product passes the requirements related to quality then the same would be shipped to the consumer.

How does the seller have to pack the products?

Usually the packaging material is given by an agent to the seller. All the packaging material has to be packed as per the requirement of the Shopclues. After this process is complete the package has to be handed over to the courier service.

Is there any form of commission structure charged on the prices of the products?

There is no form of annual subscription fee to sell on ShopClues. However, the seller would only have to pay a specific amount of commission charged for individual products. For full details of the commission structure follow the link


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