7 Ultimate Strategy to Effectively Sell White Label Products on Amazon

7 Ultimate Strategy to Effectively Sell White Label Products on Amazon

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Selling White Label Products on Amazon are an excellent way for eCommerce businesses to get started or expand their existing ones. However, you need to be careful about where you source your products while selling on Amazon.

The choice of white-label suppliers can significantly impact your operating costs, profit margins, reputation, and competitiveness. Quality, pricing, and reliability are the three most important things to remember when sourcing products.

To ensure that the products are high-quality, try them out. To ensure that the product delivers as promised, don’t sell a product without testing it first. Selling low-quality products can cause problems in your business and ultimately lead to you being forced out of business.

In this article, you will know the 7 Ultimate Strategy to Effectively Sell White Label Products on Amazon.

Why Should I Sell White Label Products on Amazon?

White labeling allows products and services to be offered without spending time or money developing them. White labeling allows you to offer products and services to your customers without incurring upfront costs while maintaining your company’s branding.

You should check the pricing, quality, and shipping logistics. This is one factor that can impact your profit margins. Shipping logistics should be easy for the manufacturer.

Online directories dedicated to white-label manufacturing can help you find reliable suppliers and manufacturers. You can also hire third-party sourcing companies to source white-label manufacturers.

Amazon’s product sourcing software can also be used to locate white-label manufacturers and suppliers. You can also use Sellics and AMZInsight.

7 Ultimate Strategy to Effectively Sell White Label Products on Amazon

Amazon has a way that you can implement a white-label strategy that is effective. This will increase your chances of securing higher profits through your branding efforts.

Here are seven Strategy to Sell White Label Products on Amazon.

Select A White Label Product

The first Strategy to Sell White Label Products on Amazon is identifying the product you wish to sell. You should also study the market to determine the demand for your product.

Start your product research on Amazon by looking at the top-selling products from each department. You can also use product research tools to find the best products for selling on Amazon.

The best tools for product research on Amazon are SellerApp and AMZScout.

Other important factors like shipping cost, sourceability, seasonality, and price are also important.

Find Your Competitors

After you have identified the top products to sell on Amazon.com, it is time to conduct in-depth research on other brands to find out how they are doing on Amazon.com. To identify gaps in the market and potential opportunities, assess each brand’s content, top-sellers rank, and customer reviews.

Locate a Reliable Supplier

The next Strategy to Sell White Label Products on Amazon after finding the product that is in good demand and has enough competition is to find the best supplier.

Many online directories list reliable manufacturers from around the globe. You can also search for manufacturers or suppliers on Alibaba.

Design and Label Your White Label Products

Once you have narrowed your supplier list based on your essential things, you can contact potential suppliers and request samples and quotes.

Take the time to review the quotes and samples sent back to you. Then, choose the supplier that meets all of your requirements. Consider shipping costs, import duties, and the order lead time.

Next, create packaging and logo designs for your products to establish a brand identity.

Determine Your Fulfillment Strategy

It is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to fulfill your orders via Amazon’s FBA, Amazon’s FBM, Seller Fulfilled Prime, Seller Fulfilled (SFP), or third-party fulfillment centers.

It is essential to pick a fulfillment Strategy to Sell White Label Products on Amazon that works for you and your customers. You should also consider the cost implications as they directly impact your profitability.

Create & Optimize your Amazon Listing

Once you have your white-label product, list it on Amazon. Next, create a professional listing that includes a product title, bullet points, a description, and high-quality photos.

To achieve higher rankings, ensure your listing is SEO optimized. To differentiate your product description, you can also use Amazon A+.

Here is an example of an optimized product listing.

promotion Of White Label Products

Advertise your products through Amazon ads, social media, and Google AdWords and run promotions to get customers to try your product.

The Pros and Cons to Sell White Label Products on Amazon

You’ll find many competitors if you buy ready-made products wholesale and then rebrand them as yours.

You must be on top of your game to survive in a highly competitive business environment. Selling white-label products online on Amazon isn’t as easy as it seems. There are pros and cons to this business model.

You will need a solid strategy to overcome the challenges of selling white Label Products on Amazon.

The Pros Of Selling White Label Products on Amazon

Here you can check the The Pros Of Selling White Label Products on Amazon.


You can manufacture your products yourself and sell them directly to customers. It can take a lot of time to create your products. White labeling allows you to save months on developing products and concentrate on selling products made by others.


It is a significant investment and requires lots of resources to create your products. Selling white-label products on Amazon can be a cost-saving option since it eliminates your need to make your own products.

You Can Set Your Profit Margin

White labeling a product on Amazon allows you to set your own prices. You can enjoy good margins if the product is high quality and in high demand.

White Labeling is Risk-Free

If something goes wrong, creating your own products comes with some risk. You risk losing all the money that you have invested in product development.

Rapid Brand Growth

Amazon white labeling is a great way to reach potential customers. You can increase your brand’s visibility by offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

The Cons Of Selling White Label Products on Amazon

Here you can check the Cons Of Selling White Label Products on Amazon.

Less Control

You have less control over the marketing, distribution, and sales of products manufactured by another company.

Inconsistent quality

White-label products can have different production processes, leading to inconsistent quality.

Potential Liability

White-label resellers could be held responsible for customers’ problems while using the products.

To be successful when selling white-label products on Amazon, there are some things you should avoid. It’s not a good idea to choose the cheapest supplier. This could cost your business long-term if they don’t meet the quality standards.

You don’t want your core vision lost in the white label. You are still the product, so you should be involved in the white-labeling process.

Why Dropshipping White Labelling Is Not Possible

Dropshipping is often mistakenly believed to be a great way of white labeling. However, there are many disadvantages to this business model. Dropshipping white-label products are shipped directly to the customer. The retailer does not see the product and has no control over its supply chain. This puts quality control at risk as you are literally at the mercy of your supplier.

Low product quality or late delivery can cause damage to your reputation. It could even lead to your expulsion from the business. It will be almost impossible to grow your business and build a brand because you don’t have complete control of the entire process.

Low-profit margins are another common problem associated with white-label drop shipping. Dropshipping is cost-effective because your inventory is not stored in dropshipping. However, it also has low returns. Low-profit margins are because dropshipping suppliers or manufacturers only sell one unit per order.

White-label dropshipping can be very competitive as many resellers view it as a profitable business model. Dropshipping is a popular business model that many entrepreneurs do not understand. Dropshipping white-label products have many disadvantages. Dropshipping is not a viable business model for building your brand and generating good profits.

White labeling can be done most efficiently: keep your stock.

Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a Strategy On White Label Products On Amazon

White-label strategies should not be limited to the product. There will be thousands of products similar to yours on the market.

It is an excellent strategy to invest in branding assets and messaging that can be “instantly bought.” A strong brand creates a lasting impression on consumers and reinforces your credibility in the market.

You must offer reliable customer support to increase customer loyalty and improve your brand’s reputation. This will help reduce returns, encourage positive customer reviews, and prompt word-of-mouth recommendations.

These are the top pitfalls to avoid when you launch an Amazon white-label strategy.

  • Selecting a manufacturer with little experience is a risk.
  • Do not ignore product training
  • Neglecting inconsistent branding history
  • Too much emphasis on the short-term gain over long-term success

Make Your White Label Products On Amazon Success

It’s hard work to develop products from scratch. This can be costly for companies that want to quickly get their products on the market. This is where white labeling comes in.

But, making your own products is the best strategy. This allows you to control the production process and many other aspects. It is also easier to distinguish your brand by developing your own products.

Selling white-label products on Amazon requires a lot of optimization. An expert may be needed to assist you.

SellerGeni can help you sell white-label products on Amazon. We are an Amazon marketing agency that is top-notch and results-driven to help you grow your eCommerce brand. Take your Amazon or eCommerce business to the next level with our managed services today!

Contact SellerGeni today to learn how we can help you sell white-label products through Amazon.

FAQs on Ultimate Strategy to Sell White Label Products on Amazon

Here you can check FAQs on Ultimate Strategy to Sell White Label Products on Amazon.

What is Amazon White Label Products?

White-label products on Amazon are products made by one company and then rebranded by another, so they look just like the original products.

Where can I find white label products?

White label products can be found on platforms like IndieGogo and Kickstarter. Trend Hunter is another example.

What Are Amazon’s Private Label Brands?

AmazonBasics is one of the top private label brands.

What Amazon Products can I sell on White Label?

White labeling can label various products, including hair, pet, and baby merchandise.

Why branding is so important To Sell White Label Products on Amazon?

White labeling success is all about solid branding. Establishing a brand that differentiates your products from others is essential to winning their trust.
Although your products might be high-quality, they won’t look as good without branding. A strong brand identity is the best way to make your products stand out from thousands of other Amazon sellers.
Unique brand identities build customer trust and sustain and strengthen your relationships with them. It also helps build a strong reputation, leading to many referrals.

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