Top 5 Free Asset Management Tools For Amazon Sellers

Top 5 Free Asset Management Tools For Amazon Sellers

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As an Amazon Seller, managing your company’s digital assets is vital to creating an image. But, there’s no one best free asset management Tool that everyone can use. The Tool you pick will depend on how you operate and the needs of your team to accomplish their task.

Today, it’s simple to recommend a variety of Asset Management Tool for no-cost programs. However, finding the best option for your Amazon company can be more challenging.

We’re here to help you by providing the Top 5 Free Asset Management Tools For Amazon Sellers. There are a variety of affordable options available that are great when you’re trying to cut expenses.

List Of Top 5 Free Asset Management Tools For Amazon Sellers

Amazon Sellers require a distinct set of services their assets management Tool provides. SellerGeni’s list contains the top asset management Tool available for free that can be used by both FBM and FBA sellers on Amazon. We’ll take a look!

Flat File Pro

The best asset management Tool suitable for Amazon sellers can be found in Flat File Pro. It works because it is integrated directly with the Amazon Seller Central account. It also saves and archives all your listings for products, improving the editing process of your product listings.

In most cases, Flat File Pro is entirely hands-off. Instead of manually adding all your digital assets to the asset management Tool, your employees can import your lists. When you back up your data at night, Flat File Pro saves every product listing information, which includes descriptions of the product images, videos and any other metadata.

Flat File Pro  

What’s excellent about Flat File Pro is that it’s free for those who sign up for the initial 100 customers in 2 months. A free trial will help you determine whether Flat File Pro is the best option for you.

Additionally, Flat File Pro offers various helpful Tool features. This includes features for editing products, user permissions, and unlimited group accounts. Therefore, this Asset Management Tool makes it simple to update and add Amazon Seller Central listings.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage system. It has several useful features for managing your assets, like scanners for barcodes and GPS trackers and recording. Keep your belongings in the cloud and pay only when you have reached a limit of GB.

It may be a surprise to find Google Drive in this list since it’s not a tool for managing assets. But, you can save everything you own on Google Drive and use the built-in features to keep track of them.

Utilizing Google Drive to manage assets is an excellent option if you already have Gmail or similar Google applications. It’s simple to log into your account, and you don’t need to learn a whole new system. These features make it a fantastic choice that is easy to use.

Google Drive

But, this option isn’t without its problems because it’s not explicitly designed for Amazon Seller uses. This means keeping track of your digital assets with Drive is challenging. For this to be done correctly, it is necessary to have a good file name structure and an active arrangement.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is popular spreadsheet Tool. It offers a broad array of functions you could use to manage assets. This includes purchasing order control, inventory control, and location tracking.

Microsoft Excel

Additionally, it’s free to use for unlimited assets, making it an excellent choice for companies on a tight budget. If you’re already using a Microsoft Office subscription, then it’s an affordable option.

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet Tool that the majority of people know about. A spreadsheet is a tool people use to keep track of their business assets.

One drawback to Microsoft Excel is that it can be challenging to utilize spreadsheets to manage digital assets. However, many online resources can assist you in getting to where you want to be.

Asset Management Using Microsoft Excel for Amazon Sellers

As with Google Docs, using an Excel spreadsheet to manage your digital assets can be challenging to maintain and monitor changes. You also pay a monthly cost for those who don’t buy Excel for yourself or own an existing computer that comes with preinstalled Excel.


AssetTiger is an entirely free online solution for asset management. Your company can store as many as 250 items using the no-cost plan of AssetTiger. This includes documents like videos and images of the product as well as documents.

What’s distinctive about AssetTiger is that it allows you to store license and contact details within the Tool. If you sell your products to people other than Amazon, This can be an excellent aspect for your company.

You can also create alerts to notify your team members when it is time to make changes to an asset. This helps keep everyone on the same page.Asset Tiger Best Free Asset Management Tool - Amazon Sellers

Did we say that an unlimited number of employees can work together to create assets? There’s also an app for desktop and mobile devices so your employees can manage assets from their preferred devices.


ResourceSpace is a desktop program with features such as scan barcodes, GPS tracker, creation of purchase orders, and much more. Storage, sharing and collaborating in the digital asset creation process are easy with this Tool.

Resource Space - Asset Management Tools With Free Plans

ResourceSpace is different from other Asset Management Tool platforms because of its wide range of custom options to satisfy the needs of your business.

A no-cost version of ResourceSpace allows you to store up to 100GB of storage for free. Contrary to many other “free” Tool programs, ResourceSpace can host an unlimited team of users, which makes it a great collaboration tool.

At a particular moment, your business may require additional storage space in the future. This year the Team Cloud ResourceSpace plan costs around a hundred dollars per month, while the Enterprise account costs just $1500.

What is Asset Management Tool?

Asset management Tool allows businesses to keep track of their possessions. Most of them include features such as scan barcodes, GPS monitoring, and recording.

It is possible to keep track of details about assets, including the item’s location, date of purchase and maintenance schedule, cost and many more. The metrics you monitor depend on the nature of your business and the goals you’re trying to achieve with your tracker Tool or assets management system.

Amazon Sellers’ best free Tool for managing digital assets includes all of the business owners’ tools for storing the information on their listings. The tools you use to manage your assets should facilitate the storage of videos, images, descriptions of products, and other artistic assets.

What Makes The Best Free Asset Management Software Systems For Amazon Business?

The most effective asset management Tool available for Amazon Sellers includes every feature you require to run your business with an intuitive user interface and an easy-to-learn curve for users at all levels.

What Are the Main functions of Asset Tracking Tool?

There are many essential advantages of Tool for tracking assets, including inventory control, purchase order fulfillment, automated reminders when it’s time to replace assets such as tires or batteries on moving machinery (like vehicles or trucks) and tracking location.

Controlling inventory means you can see at a glance which assets your company has, where they are located, and the amount of each kind you own. Being able to control your inventory can be beneficial in making internal decisions and reporting to shareholders or other parties who are interested.

Purchase order fulfillment is the process by which you can track information about suppliers, such as purchase prices, purchase dates, and dates to better track the amount you spend on assets. When you’re looking to replenish the Amazon Store’s inventory, you can utilize the purchase order fulfillment details to make contact and place orders with suppliers fast.

Automated reminders to remind you when it’s time to replace equipment or components will save your company time and cash in the long term. When you know when you need to return something in advance, Your business will avoid the need to replace expensive components or assets prematurely.

Location tracking is the primary purpose of the Tool for tracking assets because it lets you track where your assets are in the real world. It can be helpful to prevent theft, organize events or places, and various other functions. Amazon Sellers must be aware of their inventory, mainly since they are an FBA Seller; thus, this feature is advantageous.

What are the factors you should Be Considering Before Choosing An Asset Management Tool System?

Like any other Tool, you’ll need to consider your company’s needs and budget before deciding which asset management Tool is best for your needs.

The most important questions to think about before you select an asset management Tool include:

  • What assets do you want to record within the Tool?
  • What features will prove most beneficial in keeping track of these assets?
  • Do you have any features that you’d like to include?
  • What degree of customization and automation can the Tool provide?
  • Does the top free Tool tool for asset management aid in reducing your learning curve?
  • What is the process for those who don’t have the tech skills but need access to specific information (like accountants or managers)?
  • How many users does the Tool handle?
  • Do these locations require different logins and data when you have several locations?
  • What happens to the Tool when you are outgrowing it and require a change to more extensive or more efficient Tool?
  • What happens if you encounter an issue and require assistance?
  • Are there any people you can connect with who will guide you through the steps?
  • What’s the cost?

There’s a lot to consider While Seleting Best Asset Management Tools For Your Amazon Business

There are a lot of questions you should ask yourself when making a decision on whether a top Free Asset Management Tool is suitable for you. It’s not easy because you’ll probably use the same program for decades!

These questions will help you determine which asset management Tool best suits your company and your employees.

In evaluating these aspects, be aware you’re not using every asset-management Tool that will work to the needs of your Amazon FBA business.

If you can evaluate your requirements, you’ll be on the way to better monitoring and managing your assets.

Why is Asset Management Tool Important for Amazon Selllers?

For various reasons, asset management Tool to manage your Amazon sales company is essential. One of the primary advantages of asset management Tool is that it helps you discover the things you already have and what you’re missing without spending money on unnecessary purchases.

It’s also an excellent method of organizing your materials, making it more straightforward for employees (like those responsible for the shipping) to utilize the Tool. Most asset management Tool will aid employees in collaborating on projects to enhance the process of creating.

Barcode readers also ensure that the products are correctly used, are not abused or wasted, and ultimately increase the business’s profits. Additionally, this type of Tool lets you keep control of your assets so that they won’t be lost or taken away.

Many companies today depend heavily on technology equipment. Consequently, a misplaced awareness of vital devices can disrupt their everyday operations and result in an enormous amount of repair or replacement.

Once you’ve learned more about Tool to manage assets, You can begin thinking about the needs specific to your company and select an asset management system that best meets your requirements.

With this wide array of available Tool options, it’s possible to find a solution to meet your needs regardless of what they are.

What is the cost of Amazon Asset Management Tool Cost?

While all of the systems for managing assets listed on this list are free, some paid versions to come with various options. Spending between several hundred and thousands of dollars for a complete system is possible.

If you’re just starting out with a small amount of money to invest, several low-cost or free Tool will meet your needs. While there are many more options for paid than open-source or free Tool, it’s still possible to discover affordable alternatives or build your own system using Google Drive or Microsoft Excel.

While Google Drive or Microsoft Excel isn’t typical asset management, they can help you manage and manage all your assets digitally until you locate the most efficient and available digital asset program suitable for your eCommerce business.

How Can Amazon Asset Management Tool Help In Audits?

Suppose your company is subject to routine audits for inventory and equipment. In that case, it is essential to have a solid system in place. A Tool-based system helps make the process less stressful and efficient in audits.

Furthermore, suppose you use a barcode reader or QR codes to identify your items. In that case, everything becomes more accessible, as you don’t have to be present!

Barcode readers make capturing information faster and more efficient when auditors gather data from multiple individuals simultaneously. It’s also helpful in keeping track of various items scattered around the office or in the storeroom.

Furthermore, it allows employees to assist by scanning documents from their homes while not physically at the office. That means you don’t have to print lengthy lists of assets to let someone walk in and take them in. You can use barcode scanners to scan them and allow the program to take care of all the work.

Barcode readers and other tools are crucial when managing assets across different locations. This is especially true in warehouses, where employees constantly move things about. The automated system is the best option for a fast and accurate audit in such cases.

Suppose you want to ensure your business operates as smoothly as possible. In that case, asset management Tool is among the most essential tools you utilize.

This Tool will save your company time and cost over the long haul by taking care of tasks such as tracking inventory, arranging materials, and stopping theft. Don’t waste time looking into the top Asset Management Tool to use in your company today by selecting one of our suggestions above.

How Do We Choose the Most Effective Free Asset Management Tool Systems

What inspired us to create this list of top assets management free Tool?

We make our ranking by analyzing a variety of critical aspects like reviews of users, popularity and the system’s worth. Alongside this, we considered the ease of use, functionality, usability, and other aspects of Amazon Sellers.

The free Tool for asset management grows in popularity with companies worldwide. We must list tools to help you move your business to the next step.

The systems have been tested and tested by numerous other companies across a variety of industries. So they’re an excellent fit for you, too!

Final Thoughts On Amazon Asset Management Tool 

Asset Management Tool is an essential component of any company regardless of size or sector. Selecting the best system and using it efficiently will streamline your operations by improving communication and simplifying your life. As an Amazon Seller, has to perform a myriad of tasks. Therefore, this asset management Tool can help you complete everything at a cost-effective monthly rate.

With so many options available in the marketplace, selecting one that fits all your requirements is crucial. Start by testing Tool and asking for suggestions! Explore each program to discover the one that is most suitable for your business and figure out the best method for managing your employees’ assets and work together on the process of creating.

FAQs On Top 5 Free Asset Management Tools For Amazon Sellers 2022

Here you can check FAQs On Top 5 Free Asset Management Tools For Amazon Sellers 2022.

Is the free asset tracking Tools really worth it?

It is logical for small companies with the smallest number of products to use an asset tracking system that is free. However, larger businesses with hundreds or thousands of SKUs will require something more robust. A paid asset tracking program will allow you to assist in the creation process and help manage and archive digital assets.

Does asset tracking Tool really cost-free?

A variety of asset tracker Tool is available for trial versions for free. Specific offer free accounts, allowing you to try a few or all features. There’s usually limited to the number of physical and digital assets you can monitor on a free account of Tool for asset tracking. If you’re looking to enjoy all of the features offered by asset tracking programs, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan.

What happens if you lose All All Of Amazon Product Data?

Flat File Pro protects your Amazon business from losing data due to human error, fraudsters and other cyber threats. Use the Amazon listings Tool program to back up and restore your listing information and not worry about it being lost again. Click here to sign up for a no-cost test of Flat File Pro!

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