10 Ultimate Steps to Create Best Marketing Plan for Your Online Store

You need to document what your brand is all about. This includes everything from your logo, value proposition, vision, mission, and business story.

Step 1: Define your brand

The next thing your marketing plan needs to define is your target audience - the consumers your marketing strategies will be targeting.

Step 2: Define your target audience

This will give you insights on where you currently stand, how your competitors have been marketing their products to a similar audience, and the tactics you may have to use as well.

Step 3: Conduct a competitor and SWOT analysis

Know your product characteristics, the discounts and offers you can create, product pricing, and similar. 

Step 4: Identify your value proposition

You must calculate the budget you can set aside for marketing. Remember, your marketing budget should be separate from the cost of product making, outsourcing, shipping, discounts, and your profits.

Step 5: Know your marketing budget

The channels you choose to market your business on will vary based on your target audience and what your budget looks like. 

Step 6: Choose your marketing tactics

You can start slow with what is more likely to help you reach your target consumers to streamline the time, effort, and human resources allocated for the same. 

Step 7: Take account of your resources

When you get started with marketing, you need to be able to measure the impact every tactic has on your business.

Step 8: Define your success metrics

You can create a marketing plan for anywhere between three to six months upto a year.  But make sure you set clear timeframes and timelines for each marketing tactic you take up.

Step 9: Set a clear timeframe and timelines

 To be able to pick up on opportunities and what may be draining your resources, set up a clear audit cycle.

Step 10: Set up an audit cycle

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