33 Trending Products To Sell Online In India 2022

You need to have three things to be successful in ecommerce: high-demand products to sell, the marketing skills to promote these products, and the drive to succeed.

The demand for fast, reliable and widely compatible charging is expected to increase with the increasing number of devices being used.

1. Wireless charger

With an increasing number of chargeable devices around, a power bank is an addition to a tech-savvy consumers’ digital toolkit.

2. Power bank

Laptop covers and sleeves are one of those products that are unlikely to run out of fashion in the near future. 

3. Laptop cover

Phone tripods, gimbals, and other such tools make for an easy, practical investment that supports creativity, leading to increased consumer search and, consequently, demand.

4. Smartphone videography equipment

Trend charts for fashion and beauty show that the '90s are back in full swing. In 2022, scrunchies will be one of the most popular hair accessories.

5. Scrunchies

Over the past few years, nail health and fashion trends have gained momentum. Like most fashion marketing strategies, a nail extension business can gain attention by personalizing.

6. Nail extensions

Driven by evolving choices of female consumers, the growth of the compression wear and shapewear industry has boomed.

7. Shapewear

With a distinct strain of fashion progressing towards function over looks, tote bags have gained popularity for over a decade.

8. Tote bags

Slip-on shoes are comfortable and easy to wear. Their versatility makes them perfect for workwear or a weekend getaway. Casual or formal, they are agnostic to the occasion and a hit in fashion and this season.

9. Slip-on shoes

With the health and beauty sector steadily becoming more inclusive of men and their needs, customizable beard grooming kits are a good investment.

10. Beard grooming kit

The pandemic has definitely resulted in a change in consumer purchase behaviours. Personal hygiene essentials that may have once been picked off in physical stores are now increasingly searched online.

11. Personal hygiene essentials

Poor posture is detrimental to spinal health and neck health in the long run. The posture corrector belt has been an innovative solution that addresses a literal consumer pain point.

12. Posture corrector belt

People often seek herbal products as an alternative to avoid side effects. Ashwagandha is a root well-known for its stress-relieving energy-boosting effects.

13. Ashwagandha fortified consumables

Weight management, the demand for convenient food, and lack of time to cook have resulted in a growing market for quick and effective nutrition on the go. Protein and energy bars fall under this category.

14. Protein bar

Augmentation to being healthy have started as a trend and picked more popularity amid the pandemic. Customers started to pop multivitamins as a saviour.

15. Multivitamins

Even as offices resume, employers, having realised the potential savings from having a WFH workforce, are increasingly giving their employees the flexibility of a hybrid work culture. As a result, several home workspace furniture items continue to trend.

16. Workspace furniture

Retaining the spacious appeal to compact spaces and open designs, kitchen furniture is trending with modular cabinets, freestanding furniture, use of screens, kitchen plants, overhead lights, and so on.

17. Kitchen furniture

Sofa beds have recently won the market with unique designs and convertible features. Addressing the needs of the living room while keeping in mind the compact spaces, it serves as a sofa as well as a bed.

18. Sofa bed

Research also shows that people are leaning more toward sustainable blankets that are modern, decorative, stylish, and comfortable. You can also sell custom-made blankets by teaming up with one of the many print-on-demand companies out there.

19. Blankets

From anchoring your furniture to protecting floors, brightening up the room to giving a warm and cosy feeling, rugs are the prominent interiors that add to the room's aesthetics.

20. Rugs

Designed to prepare guilt-free and healthy meals, an air fryer is soon becoming an Indian kitchen essential.

21. Air fryer

Convenience is the new buzzword in Indian kitchens. These handy instruments save consumers juggling work and household chores a lot of time and energy while cooking.

22. Vegetable chopper

In the last year, houseplants have become a popular way to add some color and life to interiors while improving indoor air quality.

23. Planters

With hygiene being the foundation of the new normal, air purifiers started to trend in the market, meeting all sizes' needs and budgets.

24. Air purifier

Exercise resistance bands have quickly become one of the best-selling products online, to no one's surprise.

25. Resistance band

Typically, a large number of New Year resolutions and goal lists feature health and fitness as a top priority.

26. Bicycle

Given the growing popularity of yoga and increasing awareness of its health benefits, Google Trends reports an uptick in interest in yoga mats each year.

27. Yoga mat

Coming in many styles, covering comfort, ease of carrying, durability, and weather resistance, tents are trending as moderate growth products covering all seasons.

28. Tent

With customers becoming more health and fitness conscious, tracking calories burned, steps taken, and goals achieved have become a buzzword in the fitness world.

29. Fitness band/watch

The ‘India Pet Care Market Outlook, 2021-26’ report states that the pet market’s value in the country is expected to rise to INR 7,500 crore by 2026. A huge part of this market continues to be pet food, making it a lucrative area to tap into.

30. Pet food

Jigsaw puzzles have been a popular pastime activity since the 1760s. They are a great way to relieve stress and create something beautiful.

31. Jigsaw puzzles

The global reusable water bottle market was already valued at $8.38 billion as of 2020 and is expected to continue growing by a CAGR of 4.0% until 2028.

32. Reusable water bottle

The gifting industry in India has witnessed massive growth over the past decade due to easier accessibility, quick fulfilment, and rising income levels and aspirations.

33. Customised gifts

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