6 Best Places To Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in 2022

Several online marketplaces can help you find thousands of wholesale suppliers.  IndiaMART and TradeIndia are two reliable websites that offer free directories of manufacturers and wholesale clothing suppliers in one place.

1. Online marketplaces

Visiting trade shows or fashion exhibitions can provide you with networking opportunities to grow your business. You can meet with multiple wholesale suppliers and have your questions answered.

2. Visit exhibitions and trade shows

Search engines can help lead you to potential wholesale suppliers. However, you must be careful of unverified or scam suppliers. Assess the wholesaler’s website and find their contact details.

3. Search for wholesalers online

Many wholesalers have an active social presence to capitalise on social media marketing. You can contact the suppliers by sending them direct messages on their social profiles.

4. Search for wholesalers on social media

Facebook business groups allow wholesalers to build an exclusive community and connect with resellers directly. Community members get access to exclusive offers and content from suppliers.

5. Join Telegram and Facebook business groups

Most brands have their contact information for business queries on their FAQ or Contact Us pages. The brand’s business team would most likely direct you to their wholesalers.

6. Contact manufacturers directly

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