17 Best Places to Look for Profitable Ecommerce Product Ideas

While searching for new product ideas, make sure to look beyond the products themselves. Don't be afraid to look at smaller product categories and niches.

Before you begin searching the depths of the internet for business ideas and the ends of the earth for products and niche ideas, it’s always best to start with the ideas you already have.

1. Start with what you have

Paying attention to trends in brick and mortar retail and adapting them to ecommerce can be just the ticket you need to create a profitable and unique internet business idea.

2. Your local community

Following trend publications is a great way to begin understanding consumer products' direction and the trending product ideas. Some popular trend publications are,: – Trend Watching – Trend Hunter – PSFK

3. Online consumer trend publications

Following the right people on social media can help inspire new ideas through a constant stream of carefully curated content from the people in the know.

4. Industry leaders

Product review and discovery sites can also be a fantastic source for product and internet business ideas. Some Best Sites Are: – Uncrate – AHALife – Bless This Stuff – Cool Material – GearMoose – Werd – HiConsumption – Firebox

5. Product and trend discovery sites

Polyvore and other similar image curation sites can be a goldmine for product and niche ideas. Popular social curations sites are: – Fancy – Wanelo – Wishlistr

6. Social curation sites

Wholesale and manufacturer sourcing sites expose you to thousands of potential products ideas. Popular B2B wholesale sites are: – Alibaba – Oberlo – TradeKey – Global Sources – Wholesale Central

7. B2B wholesale marketplaces

Another rich source for product ideas are online consumer marketplaces. Popular online consumer marketplaces are: – eBay – Amazon – Kickstarter – Etsy – AliExpress

8. Online consumer marketplaces

You can go through Social forum communities for best product ideas. Popular Social forum communities are: Reddit – Quora

9. Social forum communities

You can check popular sites like – Instagram – Facebook – Pinterest – Twitter You can use social media to search for product and niche ideas from. Hashtag Product curation accounts Audience insights

10. Social media networks

If you already have a business (online or in real life), check out your own customer reviews. Savvy entrepreneurs consider customer recommendations, the motivation behind it, and respond accordingly.

11. On-site and third-party customer reviews

Search engine optimization (SEO), insights can show you what’s trending on search globally or targeted to specific geographic locations. Google has a number of free and paid tools you can use

12. SEO analytics and insights

Consumer-facing publications in your industry can reveal a lot about a market segment and what’s trending. Consider what these publications are talking about and which articles resonate most with the audience

13. Consumer lifestyle publications

Learn from the successes of your competitors and popular businesses in your chosen industry. Which products have they launched with the most success? Why were they so successful? Sometimes, brands will share the why and how behind new products.

14. Your competitors

Surveys are one of the best ways to get qualitative and quantitative insights into an audience. Here are some best tools for survey: – SurveyMonkey – Google Surveys – SurveyGizmo – Zoho Survey – Typeform

15. Audience surveys

Crowdsourcing is along similar lines as surveying, except when it comes to crowdsourcing, you’re asking for ideas more overtly.

16. Crowdsourcing

One way to learn is from the past. Through examining history and old trends, you can come up with a list of revived product ideas to sell.

17. Look to the past

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