Ultimate Guide On Amazon Product Images in 2022

Amazon Product Images & Guidelines in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

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Your product images are among the most important aspects of your Amazon listing. Your Amazon listing cannot succeedunless you have good Amazon product images.

Your choice of images is an aspect of Amazon product listings that can’t be overlooked or undervalued. It can have a significant impact on the buyer’s decision to buy. Customers will be more informed if you use compelling images to describe your sell items.

Clear, high-quality images will help you generate sales of your products by showing potential customers exactly what they’ll receive. 

Conversely, weak images can negatively impact your listings. Dull or blurry photos and even the wrong number of images on a listing can make a big difference.

This is especially true for items that are collectable or used. Here are some best practices that will ensure your Amazon images are optimized. These best practices will help you show the benefits to the buyer clearly.

Let’s get started from the beginning. This guide to Amazon product images is intended to be your definitive guide! This blog is perfect for anyone interested in selling on Amazon.

Let’s get started!

What is Amazon Product Photography?

Amazon product photography is the art and science of taking photos conveying why they need your product to potential customers. This photography style is different from regular product photos. It focuses more on the features and benefits while still maintaining an appealing appeal.

Amazon Product image

Amazon product listings must have at least one product photo. Your listing’s primary image is known as the “main” picture. It is the image that appears in search results and on browser pages. It’s also the first image potential buyers see when visiting an item’s detail page. Images should be clear, easily understood, and well-presented.

Your goal should be to inform and convince potential customers.

Why Are Amazon Product Images So Important?

Amazon images play an integral part in nurturing deals for your business. But they also contribute to client satisfaction. Amazon’s search algorithm is designed to offer the best possible user experience. That’s why product images are required by Amazon; including at least one main image is a prerequisite for listing products

So, It is essential to optimize your listing for Amazon SEO. It’s important to precisely choose the right leading image for each Amazon table. This print appears in hunt results and is the first thing implicit guests see. It helps you stand out from the crowd and encourages shoppers to click- through to your product runner. 

Also, within product runners, merchandisers need to give a selection of more detailed prints. This gives shoppers the information they need to convert. Ask yourself what shoppers would examine if they were buying your product in a store.

Furnishing accurate and detailed product prints can also profit merchandisers post-purchase. As shoppers will know accurately what their purchase looks like, they won’t get any nasty surprises upon delivery. So both returns and negative feedback are less likely.

Types Of Amazon Product Images

The type of images that you should get will depend on the product. However, We will give you a basic image plan.

Every image plan should contain three types of images: Main Images, Infographic Images, and Lifestyle Images.

Main Image

Your main image is the most important element of your entire listing, aside from the product. This is your main image of the product, with a white background. This should show your product’s appearance if opened from the box.

Main image example:

Amazon Product Main Image
Logitech Bluetooth Gaming Headphones Main Image

Infographic images

Infographic images (or simply infographics) highlight the benefits of your product and include text. These images highlight your most important features and explain why your product is the best.

Infographic Image example:

Amazon Product Infographic image
Mi Smart Band Infographic Image

What is an Amazon Infographic Product Image Do?

Amazon infographics are a mix of text and visual information. The objective of this image is to showcase your product’s strengths, beneficial features, and other unique features that differentiate you from your competition.

When you design an infographic, it is important to remember that the consumer isn’t able to touch and feel your product. Therefore, you must create that experience with images. It could be dimensions, the details of the material, the installation method, or any other details.

There is a limited amount of space available. Make sure that your images are simple as well as bold and informative. The main types of infographics are:

Bundle or Set Includes

Suppose your item is a collection of multiple items or multiples of items. In that case, Your customers can benefit by using a quality image. This infographic clearly identifies every item they will receive upon delivery of their parcel.


The infographic on features highlights one (or two) of the products’ most distinctive features. Visually, you can think of this as an advertisement banner. Utilize this syntax to create an appealing image:

  • What’s the reason for the feature?
  • What attribute of the product allows this feature?
  • What is the problem it will solve?
Dimensions or weight

You don’t want to receive a negative review simply because your client expected an entirely different weight or size depending on what they thought the product’s weight or size to be. To prevent any confusion, the dimension or weight image is frequently a valuable option to add to your sequence.

Instead of a picture with measurements labeled around the product, be creative and use reference objects as scale points, like a hand holding your product.


Provide your Amazon infographics with icons that help support claims and educate customers about your product. They could be related to the quality of the product or features that set your product apart from competitors by instilling confidence in buyers.

You can design icons with Canva or Adobe Photoshop and your colors and brand colors instead of pre-designed templates to distinguish your images.

Zoom In

Zoom-In Infographics give buyers a magnified aspect that needs to be highlighted. It highlights a product’s top quality or finish and conveys confidence and durability.

It is most effective when you’ve used special materials in the manufacturing process, which can prolong the product’s life, or offers the purchaser an added advantage, e.g., an anti-theft pocket hidden in a backpack or a the TSA-approved material that is placed in a backpack.


An exploded picture, which is typically produced using 3D rendering, depicts the components of an object as separate from each other or suspended in the space around it. It shows the materials used in the production of your product and the overall quality of the product.

A visual like this could be the key factor for a purchase. For example, a jump rope with self-locking technology lets users pick their preferred length.

How to Use

Have you ever bought something out of sheer excitement only to have it returned later because you couldn’t solve the problem?

Imagine your customer going through the same process before going to your website and leaving your product. Even worse, they purchase but leave a bad review because they don’t know how to use it correctly.

It is possible to use the Instructional amazon image to illustrate how to set up or use the item. This is particularly important in electronics since nobody can operate certain devices.


Customers may be in the process of buying your ergonomically designed, white, insulated container. However, they would prefer to purchase a lavender-colored product instead. Variation images can turn a shopper who is more selective into a buyer.

If you’ve got many variations of your product, such as various sizes, colors, etc. Make use of the following Amazon image to show all the variations.


This Amazon image lets your clients imagine your product’s impact on their lives. Whether they require it or not, there’s an excellent chance that this Amazon image will result in an actual sale since it promises significant improvement in the quality of their lives.

This is precisely why “makeover” reality television shows become so popular among the affluent audience since they allow all to experience how transformation happens. It is always exciting to see change!

Lifestyle photos

Lifestyle images are used to show your product in action. These images allow potential buyers to imagine the experience of using the product even though they can’t physically see it.

Example for lifestyle image:

Amazon Product Lifestyle photos
Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair Lifestyle Image

What is a Amazon Product Lifestyle Image Entail?

Images of your product being used So you need to create a setting that the customer can connect with or envision their own environment. Research has shown that having an actual human face on the image can increase conversion rates by as much as 38%, particularly in the case of a model that is similar to your desired population.

Explore Pinterest and the major brands’ websites and be inspired by the many images of products. The major companies have employed the most skilled photographers and have conducted extensive market research to bring these photos to life.

After you’ve found the product image that you like, look into what is appealing to you, and then incorporate these ideas into your list of images.

If you’re shooting with models, it’s easy to drift by the models. It’s best to ensure that your product is the main focus of your lifestyle photograph. This will help avoid confusing your viewers and appear to be an expertly produced commercial.

Comparative Chart Image

If a buyer is trying to decide between your product or a similar product from another company, it can help them decide. The chart can be formatted using checkmarks or “yes/no” columns to highlight your product’s benefits that others may not. These charts allow you to answer customers’ questions before they have a chance.

Amazon Comparative Chart Product Image
Mamaearth Face Wash Comparative Chart

Instruction Images

Positive reviews can be prevented by using instructions-themed images. Your product listing should be a guide for customers. You can make a few images of the item into an easy-to-understand instruction set. This will not work with every product type. Some items have extremely complex instructions and are difficult to use. Start with simple, straightforward bullet points.

Amazon instruction image
Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil Instruction Image

You know the available image types, but how many should you take?

Amazon Product Images Planning

You must include at least 5-7 Amazon Product Images in your listing below. You can mix and match as many infographics as you like, but the main image is necessary. Make sure your main image follows the rules.

  • Image 1: Main Image
  • Image 2: Shot showing all components and/or the measurements
  • Image 3: Infographic with features
  • Image 4: Comparative Chart of Competitors
  • Image 5: Instructions
  • Image 6: Lifestyle
  • Image 7:  Lifestyle

Infographic images can be more beneficial for some products than others. Perhaps you have a complex product, such as a pressure valve. Likely, your niche cares less about the image of it being used than it does about its functionality and compatibility with its water system.

Or maybe your product isn’t so complicated. Perhaps your product is a simple jump rope, and you want to show all the fun you can have with it.

To ensure that the customer understands what they are getting, We recommend including an image with all components or a sizing table. This will save you lots of time and prevent you from answering many emails about customers who think your product is too big or small.

Guidelines for Amazon Product Images Requirements

Amazon has strict guidelines regarding Amazon product image requirements. If you are trying to take photos yourself, ensure that you meet its requirements. It’s a good idea, even if you hire professional photographers to take photos.

Amazon Product Images General Requirements

By submitting high-quality images, you can improve your products’ chances of selling. Your product images must meet certain technical and style requirements.

Failure to meet those requirements could result in the suspension of your seller account.

Amazon Product Images Required

  • Use pure white backgrounds (RGB 255, 255, 255; hex #FFFFFF)
  • Product images should be at least 1001 pixels on the longest side
  • Product images should be in colour, not black and white
  • All Kids & Baby items should be photographed flat and not on a model
  • Show the entire product; the product should occupy at least 85% of the image area
  • Include only what the customer will receive; accessories that are not part of the product should not be shown
  • If it is a bundled product, it is not necessary to show the entire lot; a single image of the product will suffice
  • Multiple angles of each product are preferred
  • Images should be of the actual product and not any representation like catalogue scans or photoshop copies

Amazon Product Images Prohibited

  • Images that do not match the product title
  • Nudity or sexually suggestive images
  • Images with a non-white background
  • Images that are blurry or pixelated or have jagged edges
  • Images with part of the product for sale cropped by a frame edge
  • Text, logos, graphics or watermarks over the top of a product or in the background
  • Multiple positions of the same model or multiple views of the same product in the main image
  • Models that are sitting, kneeling, leaning or lying down (models must be standing)
  • Images of products in packaging or with external brand tags, except for stockings or socks
  • Visible mannequins, except for stockings or socks

Site Standards Requirements For All Amazon Product Images

Here you can find Site Standards Requirements For All Amazon Product Images:

  • Images must accurately represent the product that is for sale.
  • Images must match the product title.
  • The product must fill at least 85% of the image.
  • The optimal zoom experience for Detail Pages requires files to be 1,600px or larger on the longest side. Zoom has been shown to help in enhancing sales. If you cannot meet this requirement, then the smallest your file can be for zoom is 1,000px, and the smallest your file can be for the site is 500px.
  • Images must not exceed 10,000px on the longest side.
  • Images must be in JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg), TIFF (.tif), PNG (.png) or GIF (.gif) file formats. JPEG is preferred. Our servers do not support animated .gif.
  • Images must not be blurry, pixelated, or have jagged edges.
  • Images must not contain nudity or be sexually suggestive. Kids, baby leotards, underwear and swimwear, must not be shown on a human model.
  • Images must not include any Amazon logos or trademarks, variations, modifications or anything confusingly similar to Amazon’s logos and trademarks. This includes, but is not limited to, any words or logos with the terms AMAZON, PRIME, ALEXA, or the Amazon Smile design.
  • Images must not include any badges used on Amazon, variations, modifications or anything confusingly similar to such badges. This includes, but is not limited to, “Amazon’s Choice,” “Premium Choice,” “Amazon Alexa,” “Works with Amazon Alexa,” “Bestseller,” or “Top seller”. Refer to trademark usage guidelines for more details.

Site Standards Requirements For Main Amazon Product Images

Here you can check Site Standards Requirements For Main Amazon Product Images:

  • MAIN images must have a pure white background (pure white blends with the Amazon search and Product Detail Pages—RGB colour values of 255, 255, 255).
  • MAIN images must be professional photographs of the actual product (graphics, illustrations, mock-ups or placeholders are not allowed). They must not show excluded accessories or props that might confuse the customer.
  • MAIN images must not include text, logos, borders, colour blocks, watermarks, or other graphics over the top of a product or in the background.
  • MAIN images must not include multiple views of a single product.
  • MAIN images must show the entire product that is for sale. Images must not touch or be cut off by the edge of the image frame, except for Jewellery (e.g. necklaces).
  • MAIN images must show products outside of their packaging. Boxes, bags or cases should not appear in the image unless they are an important product feature.
  • MAIN images must not show a human model sitting, kneeling, leaning or lying down; however, expressing various physical mobilities with assistive technology is encouraged (wheelchairs, prosthetics, etc.).
  • MAIN images of multi-pack apparel items and accessories must be photographed flat (off-model).
  • MAIN images of clothing accessories must not show any part of a mannequin, regardless of the mannequin’s appearance (clear, solid-colour, flesh-toned, framework or hanger).
  • MAIN images for Women’s and Men’s clothing must show the product on a human model or lying flat on a surface.
  • All Kids & Baby clothing images must be photographed flat (off-model).
  • MAIN images of shoes must show a single shoe facing left at a 45-degree angle.

How To Add Amazon Product Images?

Using the image tool, you can browse to find image files on your computer and upload them to Amazon. in for your products. You can provide one main product image and up to eight alternate image views for your product listings on Amazon. 

You can add an image either when you create a product page or after the page is already created. It can take up to 24 hours after adding an image to appear on the website.

How To Add Amazon Product Images To An Existing Listing?

To add an image to an existing listing:

  1. On the Inventory tab, select Manage Inventory.
  2. Click the Edit button at the far right of the page for each item.
  3. Select Manage images from the drop-down menu.
  4. Next, click Browse File for the first empty image area.
  5. The Main image is labelled in the top left corner.
  6. Select an image from your computer and click Open.
  7. Click Upload images to add your image to the listing.

How To Add Amazon Product Images To A New Listing?

To add an image to a new listing:

  1. In Manage Inventory, click Add a product, located near the Search box.
  2. For images, click Add Images.
  3. Click Browse File for the first empty image area in the pop-up window.
  4. The Main image is labelled in the top left corner.
  5. Select an image from your computer and click Open.
  6. The image path appears below the Browse File button for that image space.
  7. Click Upload images to add your image to the listing.
  8. When you have entered all your product details, click Save and finish.

How do you get Amazon Product Images done?

Two options are available to you when you want listing images.

  1. You get a professional studio to do it.
  2. You do it yourself.

We recommend hiring a professional studio for your Amazon product images. Professional studios ensure professional images that showcase your product in the best possible way.

Amazon also has product image requirements that you need to follow. It is easy to forget some requirements.

How to Take Your Own Amazon Products Images

Let’s get started if you want to create your listing images. These steps will get you on your way.

Pre-shoot Parameters 

You must set all Pre-shoot parameters as below for all Amazon Product Images.

Technical Requirements

When it comes to Amazon product photography, you need to know the technical requirements. You must first save your images in a TIFF or JPEG format.

Before you start a photoshoot, check your camera’s settings. It is easier to edit in different software and remove blurriness in RAW mode. Your photos should be at least 1000 pixels in height and width.

You don’t have to include special characters, dashes, or spaces in your image name. Understanding the naming convention for product images on Amazon. Include product identification (such as ASIN and SKU ..) and the file extension.

Be conscious of size Interpretation

Make sure your product represents its true size when you shoot it. You don’t want someone to leave a negative review claiming that the images are misleading in describing the size of the product.

Physical Requirements

You need everything to make your shoot a success. This means that you need a camera capable of taking crisp shots. Your main image will need a white background. You will need lighting or enough natural light. Finally, make sure you have all props and locations ready.

Photoshoot Time Parameters

You must set all Photoshoot Time parameters as below for all Amazon Product Images.

White Background

Your main image must be plain. A poster board or bedsheet with white paper is sufficient to accomplish this.


Lighting is vital to present your product positively (pun intended). Any product can be made more beautiful by the right lighting.

Natural light (i.e., You can use natural light (i.e., sunlight coming through a window), but you can’t control it, and you have a time limit. We recommend investing in basic lighting to ensure consistency and not just relying on the Sun.

You can do what you like with your lighting, but it’s good to try different combinations. Eliminate all shade is a golden rule.

Different Angles

Take more photos than you think you will need. It is better to have too many photos than not enough. You can shoot from different angles to later go back and choose the best one.

We want your customer to fully understand your product. We don’t want customers to miss out on any one thing simply because they didn’t get a shot at a certain angle.

Place your camera on a stable surface

Whether you use a tripod or set your camera on a flat surface, you need sharp photos. You don’t want blurred photos or untitled shots.

What To Do After Amazon Product Image Photoshoot?

Top-quality photos are important to improve your conversion rate and CTR. It will also help you get more clicks and sales through Amazon PPC ads with high-quality product images.

If you run Amazon PPC ads, use Sellergeni’s GrowZ tool to automate the setup and optimization of ad settings.

Infographics & Touchups

You may be able to add infographics to your images using Photoshop. You can also hire someone on Fiverr who will do infographics for you and then edit your images. This is the most reliable option, and it’s easy to find someone with the right skills at a reasonable price.

Amazon Product Images: Conclusion

Whether you are just starting out or have an established product catalogue, your photos matter. High-quality images can lead to better click-through rates and more conversions of your products on Amazon.

Images can help you build trust with your customer. Images are an important part of the overall picture of your Amazon SEO plan. They help to evoke interest and inform customers about the buying process.

It can take time to find high-quality photos and may require professional photographers or graphic designers. But if done correctly, your product listings will look more professional and credible.

FAQs On Amazon Product Images & Requirements in 2022

Here you can check important FAQs On Amazon Product Images & Requirements in 2022.

How do Amazon Product Images Impact Conversion Rates?

Humans are visual creatures with short attention spans. As such, visual stimuli are more influential than writing. It is a known fact that listings with better pictures convert more. 3 M’s survey found that the human brain can process images in 13 seconds. A human brain can process an image 60 times faster than text. This is why it is important to have good photography skills.

Potential buyers won’t go to any other listing if you have appealing photos that explain everything. They want it because you have already communicated your value proposition, and your images have answered their questions.

Images that are great increase not only conversions but also increase click-through rates. If you have the main image, it will be a huge improvement.

How Amazon Product Images Influence Rankings?

Amazon incorporates the click through rates and conversion rates into their rankingalgorithm.However, Amazon’s A9 ranking algorithm will lift the product advanced up in their hunt results, If your product is clicked on and bought more constantly.

This means your click through rate( CTR) and conversion rate( CR) have a direct effect on your product’s ranking. Followingly, an advanced CTR( thanks to a high quality main image) and conversion rate will help boost your rankings on Amazon.

Still, it’s important to understand that Amazon product images of high quality alone don’t guarantee an enhancement in rankings. It’s only when you start to see an enhancement in your CTR and CR, which will in turn detector Amazon’s A9 algorithm to lift your product advanced up in the hunt results.

What Is The Required Resolution For Amazon Product Images?

Amazon Product Images must have more than 72 dpi resolution.

What Is The Required Size For Amazon Product Images?

Images should be 1,000 pixels or larger in either height or width. This minimum size requirement enables the zoom function on the website. Zoom has been proven to enhance sales. The smallest your file can be is 500 pixels on its longest side.

How many product images can I upload to Amazon?

A main image that is displayed next to your product in Amazon search is mandatory. If this is missing, your product page will not be listed and therefore cannot be ordered. Up to seven images can be used on Amazon.

What are Amazon’s requirements for product images?

Amazon has strict requirements for the images that can be used. These are as follows:
The following image file formats can be used: JPEG, TIFF, PNG and GIF (not animated)

Clear image quality
No nudity or sexually suggestive imagery
No depictions of baby/children’s clothing on child models,
No logos or trademarks used by Amazon or corresponding brands, such as Alexa or Prime

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