11 Ultimate Useful Amazon Seller Forums & Communities 2022

11 Ultimate Amazon Seller Forums & Communities that Are Highly Useful

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The internet is undoubtedly one of the essential sources for learning about different topics. Social groups, forums, and communities are invaluable for learning about Selling On Amazon. We will be discussing some of the most popular Amazon seller forums.

Forums specifically for Amazon sellers are an excellent place to network with other sellers and grow your company. These forums provide a lot of value.

Forums can be one of the best ways to:

  • Share your experiences
  • Talk about common issues
  • Ask for help
  • Help others
  • Establish business relationships

Let’s learn more about Amazon seller forums and their main benefits.

What are Amazon Seller Forums?

The Amazon Seller Forum is a website that focuses on Amazon sellers. It provides a forum for sellers to discuss and communicate with each other.

Sellers can learn more about Amazon Seller Forums and other issues with the platform. Forums can be beneficial for new sellers. Ask other sellers about their experience selling on Amazon Marketplace.

Even if your Amazon seller status is not long-standing, these forums can still be used to exchange knowledge and ideas or to help you build new business relationships.

There is, however, one thing that all these forums have in common – posting rules. This should be followed. Each forum has its own rules and regulations that every member should follow. Your account could be suspended if you violate any of the rules.

Before you post anything, ensure that you adhere to the rules.

Amazon Seller Forums Types & Categories

Usually, there are 3 categories for Amazon Seller Forums.

Selling on Amazon

This category will contain questions related to selling and selling. You will not only get answers from other sellers, but some forums will also include Amazon representatives answering your questions.

These subcategories can provide relevant information and answer your basic selling questions.

  • Listing management & reports
  • Sellers need your support
  • Shipping, order management, and returns.

FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

This category answers questions regarding FBA service. It includes the following:

  • General questions on FBA
  • FBA orders & customer service
  • Shipping & inventory


This section is intended to highlight any future announcements from Amazon, particularly for its sellers.

Why should you join Amazon Seller Forums?

Although you can refer to a lot of topics in Amazon Seller Central, there may be times when you don’t find the answer you need. Amazon Seller Forums are a great resource in such situations.

These are the top reasons to sign up for Amazon Seller Forums

Unveil different sales strategies

You should be able to market and sell your products differently if you’re a novice seller. Forums are a great way to learn from others about their selling methods and discuss them. This will allow you to increase your sales and help you stand out among your competitors.

Keep up with the latest trends

Sometimes the internet can be too saturated or crowded to provide information on new and trending products. The internet can also be biased. You can get more information from other sellers and users through forums about the nature of a product and its quality.

Create a stronger network

Building “contacts” is key to any business’s success. Your business’ success is more dependent on your business contacts. These contacts are essential when looking for new ideas and facing business challenges.

List Of Best Amazon Seller Forums 2022

Amazon sellers forums are a great place to connect with other sellers, ask for help, support others, share your experiences and create new selling ideas.

When you’re trying to grow your business or even start a new seller, things can get complicated. It is essential to stay informed as an Amazon seller. These forums can be a great resource.

Seller Central Forum

Amazon Seller Central is where you can discuss various aspects of Amazon services and sell on Amazon. This forum hosts a variety of topics, including basic selling questions, help for new sellers, Amazon payments, and FBA queries.

Seller Central Forum

You will also find links to frequently asked questions and discussed topics so new members or sellers can quickly access the information. This website is the best way to stay informed about industry news and events.

Forum for Amazon FBA Warriors

The Amazon FBA Warriors forum on Facebook is dedicated to helping Amazon sellers expand their business. This Facebook group is the best option if you want to become an FBA expert. Every seller is encouraged to share their stories and ask questions on the platform.

The Amazon FBA Warriors forum can help you grow your Amazon business to a 7-figure- or 8-figure-sized business.

Web retailer

Andy Geldmanfounded Web Retailer. This educational website is for businesses that sell on various online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. It currently has over 18,000 members around the globe.

Web Retailer


This website was created to assist members in discussing their problems, the latest trends, learning about software, building their knowledge, and learning different selling strategies.

Web retailer is a great place to find third-party software and services. Every member of the forum receives a weekly newsletter that includes eCommerce news, reviews, and updates.

There are four main sections to the website:

  • Directory
  • Forum
  • Webinars
  • In-depth

Interviews with Amazon bestsellers will be featured, sharing their thoughts and experiences on selling. You will also find insightful and well-researched blogs that are a must-read if you want to sell online.

This website has a vast global readership. The majority of their members are located in the United States. Swaziland, Australia, Canada, and Swaziland follow.

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum has been around since 1999 and is a great place to keep up with current business trends.

Warrior Forum

You can connect with more than a 1.1million members to find potential partners and affiliates to help expand your business reach. You can establish your credentials as a pro through participation in various threads.

This website is for everything related to PPC marketing, email advertising, amazon services, and eCommerce.


Tamebay was founded in 2006 by two British sellers – Chris Dawson and Sue Bailey. It is today one of the most widely used websites and a leading provider of intelligence and news for businesses who trade on online marketplaces.


Tamebay, although it’s not a forum, is an excellent resource for UK sellers selling on Amazon and eBay. The site lets sellers keep up-to-date with the latest developments and announcements in the eCommerce industry.

This is the perfect place to start if you want to increase online sales, bring traffic, convert potential prospects or find best practices.

Tamebay was created to provide eBay users with the tools they need to manage any online marketplace that seemed difficult (hence the name “Tamebay”)

Since its inception, it has been catering to merchants and businesses. It operates on the most popular online markets and helps them sell better. It is the ideal resource for anyone looking to expand their business, especially if they offer eBooks and books and articles, webinars, and other resources.


Reddit, another popular online community, allows Amazon sellers to compare, interact and share their experiences in selling.


It also has weekly Q&A sections. It has a transparent status bar that allows sellers to navigate the relevant sections quickly.

Amazon sellers have access to thousands upon thousands of “subreddits,” which can prove extremely helpful in gathering tips and solving selling problems.

Startup Bros

Digital Point is another popular forum that is a fantastic resource for Amazon FBA sellers. You can search for questions by topic, post, or this forum.

Startup Bros

The website features an online community, other useful tools such as Rank Checker, an exclusive “members’ area,” and an online marketplace.

Forums for UK Business

UK Business Forums (UKBF) is an excellent resource for small business knowledge, debate, and advice. This is especially true if you sell in the UK or own a UK business.

UK Business Forums

It was founded in 2004 by Richard Osborne, a well-known entrepreneur who purchased a small website with only 30 members. He focused on building the brand, driving members, and recruiting moderators to manage UKBF.

The website currently shows evidence of the initial efforts by Osborne, who is still active in the forum under the name Ozzy.

UKBF currently has nearly 9000 users and more than half a million monthly. You will discover how exciting and liberating it can be to run a business.

This is a great place to learn from others based on their business experience. You will find someone to help you if you need to test your business strategy, develop an idea, deal with suppliers, ecommerce sales, or any other aspect of the business.

AMZ Tracker Community Forum

AMZ Tracker Community Forum provides information about Amazon selling and issues.

AMZ Tracker Community Forum

This all-inclusive toolkit is designed to help Amazon FBA sellers improve and streamline their businesses. You can also find features such as blogs, revenue estimators, and sales trackers.

Community members can search for questions by topic, date, or post. You can also access unanswered questions and offer your advice.


Ecommerce Bytes is another popular website that offers tons of podcasts, blogs, and other information to help you on your ecommerce journey.


You can also find a forum with a large base of members discussing everything related to e-commerce, the latest news, announcements, and more.

Your suggestions and questions can be posted at any time. Website design is a popular topic. However, you can also talk about marketing, fraud, shipping, and packing.

Ecommerce Fuel Forum

eCommerce Fuel Forum was created to assist established businesses that generate 6 or 7 figures in annual revenue. This forum is for professionals and experienced sellers. This is a great place to find information about how other online store owners scale their businesses.

Ecommerce Fuel Forum

To ensure that they meet your expectations, you will need a membership. It costs $49 to join the forum. However, once you have access, you will find that many of their threads are filled with valuable details.

Conclusion On 11 Ultimate Amazon Seller Forums & Communities 2022

Amazon sellers often work remotely without the benefit of sharing ideas or discussing business with others. Forums, social groups, and communities can be an excellent resources for sellers who have trouble selling or need help implementing sales strategies.

Being a member of various Amazon Seller Forums, social media groups, and webinars is a great way to network with other sellers and build a strong business relationships. It will also help you take your business to the next level and make it successful.

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