18 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools For Sellers in 2022

18 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools For Sellers in 2023

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Being at the top of the Amazon search results is likely to be the most profitable thing your Amazon business can achieve.

Using the right keywords is the perfect to get ranked on Amazon and generate sales.

We have researched and analyzed the 18 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools For Sellers in 2022. These tool can help you improve your Amazon pages rank and performance to gain the conversions.

What are Amazon keywords?

Amazon is a search engine like Google, indexing content to give accurate and timely results so that potential buyers do not decide to buy from Flipkart or Snapdeal instead.

To accomplish it, Amazon relies on an algorithm. The keywords you use in your listings can aid Amazon in determining what items you offer and which customers might be interested in the items.

On Amazon, There are two kinds of keywords:

  • Frontend keywords: These are the keywords you use in your listing. They should be included in the title of the product or bullet points in the product’s description. Customers can view them. They can see them. Amazon A10 algorithm indexes them. In addition to the keyword tool, you can utilize Amazon’s search bars to locate these. Begin by searching for something, then let autocomplete provide you a list with longtail terms you could search for.
  • Backend keywords: These are keywords that are not visible to your customers but are indexable. These things aren’t available through any Amazon SEO tool, such as the intended purpose, the intended market, subject matter, and many other product attributes.

What is Amazon Keyword Research?

Amazon keyword research involves how you look up popular search terms that people enter into Amazon search engines and then incorporate them into your product listing to make it appear higher in Amazon search results.

Keyword research is an essential method of optimizing your Amazon SEO. Doing keyword research for Amazon SEO involves choosing keywords for your product listing that is focused on a set of targeted keywords that you want your content to rank for.

But, choosing the appropriate keywords to use in listing on Amazon listing (known by the term keyword research) isn’t as easy as it appears. 

It is essential to choose keywords that strike the right combination of:

  1. Online shopper’s search terms;
  2. Words relevant to your product.
  3. Terms that are not impossible to be competitive.

18 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools For Sellers in 2022

Amazon keyword tools can help you find these keywords and let you understand the precise keywords and longtail keyword strategies to generate targeted traffic. They also help you rank Amazon’s search results

Here check the 18 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools For Sellers in 2022.

SmartPlug Tool

SmartPlug lets you quickly accomplish keyword research and optimize your Product listing with a click. It is an AI-based Best Amazon Keyword Research Tool with a group of tools created by SellerGeni. It automates the process from keyword research to optimizing product listing or rewriting the product title.

SmartPlug AI-based best Amazon SEO Tool

It can increase your Amazon sales and conversions significantly with perfectly optimized listings. Track daily changes on your listings rankings and AB test. You can watch your competitor’s listings to beat them on their favorite keywords.


FREE access to all features for 45 days.

Keyword Tool

With Amazon’s autocomplete suggestions feature, Keyword Tool generates many long-tail keywords that you can include in your Amazon description, product titles, and hidden keywords.

Keyword Tool for amazon keyword research

Another benefit of Keyword Tool is the ability to choose regions for Amazon sites and languages – ideal if you’re an international seller or are preparing to grow.


This Amazon Keyword Research Tool is available in two versions: a free and a paid version called Keyword Tool Pro. The plans are from $69/mo – to $159/mo.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is an ultimate keyword research tool for multiple e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and even Google.

It helps you to find longtail keywords your target audience is searching for easily. You can also find the keywords’ ranks in Keyword Tool Dominator based on their popularity.

Keyword Tool Dominator Amazon SEO Tool

It is one of the best tools to identify keywords your audience tends to search for and apply them to your product listing.


Keyword Tool Dominator provides premium Tool for Amazon Sellers with all features at $99.

Sonar – Free Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Suppose you’re an Amazon seller who’s just getting started and doesn’t have much money to invest in tools, bookmark Sonar. It’s completely free to use. It will give you an excellent starting point for what keywords to use.

It uses real data from actual Amazon customer search queries. Sonar Keyword Research Tool will improve your chances of success by giving you highly accurate results targeted to Amazon.

Sonar – Free Amazon Keyword Tool by sellics

Sonar also provides a free Google Chrome extension that provides sellers with all the keywords they’ll need for their listings and campaigns.

You can discover your competitors’ keywords with a free reverse ASIN lookup and find the most profitable keywords in over 75 million real Amazon search terms. You can also check keyword translation, PPC searches, and index checks.


Sellics offers free Amazon Keyword Tool Sonar with limited features. To use all features, you need to select a paid plan ($259/mo – $1,249/mo).

Helium 10 Magnet

You might have noticed Helium 10 Magnet is one of the best Amazon Keyword Research tools. It’s a turbo-powered Amazon tool that hits keyword research out of the park. To accomplish keyword research on Helium 10 Magnet, you have to insert the keyword you want to look up.

Helium 10 Magnet amazon keyword research tool

You’ll be met with extremely detailed results, such as search volume, distribution, top products, and word frequency with the tool. You can choose your most perfect keywords from the list Helium 10 Magnet generates and put them to use in your Amazon product page copy.


Helium 10 provides free Amazon Keyword Tool Magnet with limited features. To use all features, you need to select a paid plan ($39/mo – $399/mo).



SellerApp is your go-to keyword tool if you’re looking for accurate and updated keyword results. SellerApp has an outstanding database of more than 100 million keyword suggestions. It can easily provide you with comprehensive search capabilities.

SellerApp amazon keyword research tool

Using its free keyword research tool, you can find relevant and high-converting keywords within the scope of Amazon SEO. You will gain an understanding of keyword metrics such as search volume, CPC, estimated orders, etc.

You can easily optimize your product listing Using low competition-level keywords and increase sales.


SellerApp provides free Keyword Research Tools for Amazon Sellers with limited features. To use all features, seller need to select a paid plan ($39/mo – $79/mo).

Viral Launch

Viral Launch provides you with multiple features and tools. You can perform reverse market lookups, research Amazon search volume data, view historical search trends, and build listings within the app itself. 

Viral Launch amazon keyword research tool

Viral Launch’s keyword research tool combines directly with its product discovery and market research tools. This market research tool provides even deeper insights for fueling your keyword strategy.

By exporting the results, you can helpfully organize them and pull them up in the future when needed.


Viral Launch provides Paid Keyword Tool for Amazon Sellers at $69/mo – $199/mo.

Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool within the world of digital marketing. Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Research Tool is also equally popular. With over 100 million keywords available in its database, you can utilize Ahrefs tool’s built-in tools to determine what people are looking for and make your listing more relevant.

The key features include volume estimates, results specific to countries, and “newly discovered” keyword reports.

Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Research Tool will reveal the keywords that drive people to Amazon pages via organic searches. In the Dashboard, you’ll see numerous metrics that will allow you to examine the competitor’s data.

It is also possible to determine how long the website is in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for each keyword.


The Lite plan is $99 per month, and plans go up to $999 per month for agencies. If you sign up to pay annually, you’ll receive two months of free service. Try it for free for seven days.

Make sure you take advantage of their 24-hour customer support and their private Facebook group for all the help and resources you’ll require.

Scope by SellerLabs

Scope is an amazing Amazon Keyword Research tool that lets you find profitable keywords and products. It is one of the best tools for sellers who are already up and running with their Amazon store and use Amazon FBA. With SellerLabs’ Amazon Keyword Research tool Scope, you can accomplish multiple tasks along with finding high-traffic Keywords.

Scope amazon keyword research tool by SellerLabs

They have also added features that allow you to do a reverse ASIN lookup to see what’s driving your competitor’s sales, research the potential profitability of new products, and track the search ranking over time. It offers you the most thorough SEO database for your listings.


Seller Labs provides premium Keyword Tool for Amazon Sellers with all features. The plan starts from $49/mo.


MerchantWords is a great Amazon keyword research tool for sellers looking to boost their product sales. Using the tool, sellers can discover valuable keywords specific to their products without much SEO expertise.

best Amazon keyword research tool MerchantWords

You can generate keyword phrases specific to your products. MerchantWords claims to have the world’s largest database containing actual Amazon shopper search data.

To use MerchantWords, you have to enter your seed keyword, and you’ll receive a list of Amazon search terms. You will also find the search volume, depth, seasonality, and dominant categories.


MerchantWords provides Paid Amazon Keyword Tool for Sellers at $35/mo – $749/mo.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker tools help Amazon sellers achieve their goals, including first-page ranking techniques, promotions assistance, and keyword tracking and research.

The AMZ Tracker Amazon keyword research tool helps you find the words and phrases online shoppers are searching for. So, you can put the right keywords in your product descriptions and ads.

AMZ Tracker amazon keyword research tool

The AMZ Tracker offers these benefits via four different packages, each created for a different business level.

Via keyword tracking, product optimization, and more, AMZ helps you fine-tune your product listing. Keyword tracking is the stunning service it offers. So, you can easily know how customers find you and your product. If you target the incorrect keywords, you will not get the traffic for the Amazon product listing you need.


AMZ Tracker offers Premium Keyword Research Tool for Amazon Sellers at $50/mo – $400/mo.

Keyword Scout Amazon Keyword Research Tool by Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an Amazon SEO tool and much more. It is a group of tools that Amazon sellers can always utilize to increase their online sales.

Jungle Scout allows you to uncover winning products, estimate sales, research keywords, and spy on competitors, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Keyword Scout Amazon Keyword Research Tool by Jungle Scout

With their Keyword Scout Amazon keyword research tool, you can reveal high-ranking keywords based on precise and broad search volumes. With their reverse ASIN search, you can see exactly what buyers are searching for.


Jungle Scout provides Paid Tool for Amazon Keyword Research at $29/mo – $84/mo.

Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg is a powerful Amazon keyword research tool from Axeman Tech, the popular Keyword Everywhere browser extension maker. Keyword Keg is user-friendly to use. 

You start the tool, enter your keyword into the search bar, and select the countries, APIs, and Result Types. After getting your results, you can easily sort by volume, CPC, CTR scope, etc.

Keyword Keg best Amazon SEO Tool

You can also use the filter option to hide results that aren’t helpful, like if their PPC is prohibitively high. Keyword Keg lets you export your results, copy them, or add your keyword to a list when you’re done.


Keyword Keg offers Paid tool for Amazon Sellers at $38/mo – $762/mo.

Unicorn Smasher

The Unicorn Smasher tool helps you analyze the Amazon marketplace and tracks product and demand ratings on the platform. Users can explore Amazon pages for specific information With the Unicorn Smasher extension. It provides the user with the product data they need. 

Unicorn Smasher is one of the best Amazon Research tools to find profitable keywords.

Unicorn Smasher amazon keyword research tool

They provide the features like quality research and product analysis that provide the insight and data you need to make informed, educated decisions. 


Unicorn Smasher offers Paid tool at $49.99 – $199.

Scientific Seller

Scientific Seller is one of the powerful Amazon keyword research tools that help you discover the right keywords for your Amazon listings. Most sellers use Scientific Seller to find low competition long-tail keywords.

Scientific Seller is the ultimate tool for thorough research that delivers keywords from various real-time sources and resulting in unique long-tail keywords that your potential customers are using.

Scientific Seller Amazon SEO Tool

Since few Amazon sellers put the right effort into long-tail searches, you can target such keywords that your competition has not used yet and get an effective result.

Scientific Seller delivers keyword suggestions for Amazon listings and PPC ads generated from an initial seed word or phrase.


Scientific Seller provides free Keyword Research Tool for Amazon Sellers with all features. 

Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector is one of the best Amazon research tools, including over one billion Amazon keywords and 100 million ASINs.

Users can easily perform product and keyword research and gain a deep understanding of competitors and brands to recognize possibilities.

best Amazon keyword research Tool Keyword Inspector

They have also provided country-specific databases and reports to utilize what performs best in each country you sell in.


Keyword Inspector provides premium Tool for Amazon Sellers with all features at $99/mo.

WordTree’s KW Index Checker and Amazon Rank Tracker

WordTree’s KW Index Checker is a free Amazon Keyword Research tool to check the search terms (including back-end keywords) indexed for a specific product. It reveals product ranks for each search term and which phrases are not considered relevant by Amazon.

WordTree amazon keyword research tool

WordTree also lets you see the list of keywords your product does and doesn’t index for. You need to enter the ASIN, marketplace, and keyword, and you’ll get the results (you can also do this for your competitors’ listings).


WordTree provides free KW Index Checker and Amazon Rank Tracker Tool for Amazon Sellers with all features.


Sellzone is offered by the SEO giant Semrush. It started as a tool for creating split tests on your Amazon product listings. Sellzone tool also offers Traffic Insights, Listing Protection, Listing Quality Check, Keyword Wizard tools, and 2 NEW: Amazon Product Research and PPC Optimizer tools.

Sellzone amazon keyword research tool

Keyword Wizard tool contains more than 200 million keywords. So is the tool with one of the largest keyword research databases available today, and it keeps growing.


There’s a free version available with 3 keyword research per day. Paid plans start at $50/month. With a paid plan, there are no limits in the number of keyword results with each search.

Final Thoughts

Right keywords are vital to your success in obtaining a successful search result on Amazon. But finding the right keywords for your listing is more than just trial and error. 

We have covered a depth guide on 18 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools For Sellers in 2022 to find the right keywords for your listing. These keyword tools surpass guesswork and provide information-backed competitive keywords that will provide search rankings for customers and sales.

This is everything you require to be successful. These tools can help you identify relevant keywords when selling your products on Amazon.

Utilizing keywords in your descriptions of products and advertisements will attract customers and help to improve product rank and sales on Amazon.

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