Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Amazon Seller Account Suspension: How To Restore Suspended Seller Account

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If your Amazon seller account has been suspended, it is normal to be concerned. After all, if you don’t sell, then you won’t make any money. There are options. You can appeal the suspension. We have put together this guide to help you understand how to return your Amazon suspended account.

This guide answers common questions such as “Why did Amazon suspend me?” and “How do I win an Amazon suspension appeal?”. It will explain your Amazon Seller Account suspension, how you can appeal it, and what you can do to stop Amazon from closing your account.

The experts can address all these questions at sellerGeni. We assist business owners in selling on Amazon effectively while making sure they comply with Amazon’s constantly changing rules.

What can you do to help?

This blog will explain how to protect your Amazon seller accounts and how you can reinstate your account. It also includes what you should include in your plan (more later).

Amazon bans hundreds of third-party sellers every day.

What is the difference?

  • Suspension: still gives you a chance to appeal. A plan of action is necessary.
  • Denied: This means that your appeal was denied, but you still have the opportunity to submit a revised plan.
  • Banned: This is the worst of all three. You’re basically out of the picture. Amazon has already rejected your appeal several times.

Ah, well, I’ll create another account… But not so fast. You’ll be told that opening another seller account is against Amazon’s terms. Darn!

Sellers suspended are often frustrated that they cannot pick up the telephone to talk to someone about the problem. A seller who is suspended every minute is losing money. Sometimes sellers may need to wait weeks or even months before they are reinstated.

Why is my Amazon Seller account suspended?

If you have lost your selling privileges, it’s usually because of one of the following reasons:

Low Seller Performance

Amazon is aware of red flags such as poor account health, negative feedback from customers, and declining seller metrics.

  • Order defect rate: <1%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: <2.5%
  • Late shipment rate: <4%

Amazon is concerned if your seller performance falls. They will request a review to determine what’s happening.

Amazon Policy Violation

Amazon has strict guidelines for sellers to protect customers from fraud and keep them happy. You can expect suspension if you violate their terms and conditions of service.

Lists of Restricted Products

They will suspend your Amazon account if you sell restricted, fake, or inauthentic products.

Check your Seller Central performance notifications to find out more about your suspension.

How do I get my Amazon account back?

Experts recommend 10 things you should do (and not) to get your Amazon suspended accounts reinstated as soon as possible. The following section paraphrases her advice and recommendations.

Keep Calm

Keep calm, first and foremost.

Suppose you believe you are an above-board seller and that the suspension is not justified. In that case, you should be confident that you will be able to make a strong appeal that will quickly restore your account.

Don’t panic, even if you are at fault. You can ensure that Amazon is not further upset by your appeal by going into it with a calm, confident head.

Do not rush to submit your first appeal

It is important to think carefully about the appeal. Restoring an account can take days, weeks, or even months. Seller Performance investigators spend very little time reviewing each appeal.

It is important to take time to prepare your case to have the best chance of getting approval. You should also include as much information as possible, so they don’t ask you for clarification. This will only increase the time it takes to complete the appeal. Be patient before you press the appeal button.

Pro Tip:

You might consider hiring a professional to file your appeal on your behalf. Be aware that scammers are out there offering to reinstate suspended accounts. Avoid these scammers by researching and choosing someone highly recommended by Amazon sellers.

be a professional

Professionalism is key when you submit your appeal or Plan of Action. You must take ownership of the suspension and present your solution(s) to the specific reasons in the suspension notice. Also, you should reiterate your commitment to customer support as an Amazon seller.

Be sure that emotion is not involved. Avoid blaming customers for miscommunications, etc. Amazon is 100% about customer service. If you show that you don’t care about your customers’ best interests, they won’t be satisfied.

Don’t Open A New Account

You should focus on creating the best appeal possible, not opening a new account. Opening a new Amazon account will not fool Amazon. It will delay your reinstatement because Amazon will find out what you are doing.

Do Identify Specific Improvements

Take the time to read your suspension notice and understand why it was suspended. You’ll then be able to identify areas where improvements can be made in your business to speed up reinstatement and prevent future suspensions (more details below).

DO NOT send multiple letters after submitting the first appeal

You shouldn’t be surprised if Seller Performance doesn’t respond to your appeal within 24 hours of submitting it. It doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t heard from you. Seller Performance is just inundated daily with appeals and sometimes doesn’t send confirmation that they received yours. You can check in if you don’t hear from them within a week, but any longer than that will only delay the process. Let them review your appeal, and they will get back to you once they are done.

DO Make a Plan of Action

After you have reviewed the suspension notice and identified improvement areas, you can begin to create your Amazon suspension appeal (or Plan of Action) or PoA. Usually, PoAs follow the same template.

These five points are essential when creating your PoA.


In a brief introduction, you will take responsibility for your suspension and reiterate your support of Amazon’s policies. Bonus points if your commitment to customer service is also mentioned.

Suspension Elements & Solutions

Particularly, you should address the reasons for your suspension. Also, include any solutions you have (or will) put in place to improve your Amazon business. Also, attach proof of these solutions. Attach a receipt from the order if you were temporarily suspended while stocking out.


Be concise and only address the reasons for your suspension. Don’t use this as an opportunity for you to vent about Amazon Seller Performance or your customers.

Requested Paperwork

Amazon may ask for specific information as part of a suspension review. Please give it back in its original/true form if they request it. Sometimes, it takes to restore your account to prove that your manufacturer was legitimate.

Bullets & Brevity

Use bullet points to communicate your points. Be concise but thorough. Every day, Seller Performance agents read hundreds of appeals. Make it easy for them. This will help you get reinstated faster.

Do Not Modify Or Fabricate Invoices

Amazon might ask for copies of invoices and other documentation illustrating your supply chain if your account is suspended for “inauthentic inventory” (or inventory from unauthorized sources).

No matter what you do, please DO NOT alter or fabricate any paperwork they ask for. The Seller Performance agents can spot fake invoices or manipulations in thousands of invoices. They will add another violation to your suspension, called “forged and manipulated,” which prolongs the reinstatement process.

DO NOT Make Suspensions More Recurring

Accepting that you have to improve your business is part of getting past an account suspension. Once you have identified the reason for your Amazon Seller Account Suspension, you will be able to see where there is an improvement.

You can take action to resolve the suspension. You will increase your chances for a quick resolution and protect your business from future suspensions. (Read more about how to prevent Amazon Seller Account Suspension).

Don’t be rude to seller performance or threaten Amazon with legal action

You should act professionally with Amazon and Seller Performance after your Amazon Seller Account Suspension. You can let your emotions go, leave your ego behind, and submit a Plan of Action that addresses every aspect of your suspension.

What to Do’s and Don’ts with Amazon Seller Account Suspension

If the worst happens, stay calm, and follow this list of 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Amazon Seller Account Suspension:

Do Don’t

Create A Plan of Action

Modify or Fabricate Invoices

Make Changes to Prevent Future Suspensions

Be Rude to Seller Performance or Threaten Amazon with Legal Action

 Identify Specific Improvements

Send Multiple Letters After Submitting First Appeal

Be Professional

 Open A New Account

Stay Calm

 Rush to Submit Your First Appeal

How to Avoid Amazon Seller Account Suspension

You are less likely to be suspended if your Amazon account is in good standing. You also increase your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box in the future. It’s a win-win situation for your business and its growth.

How can you get your business to perform at its best? These are five tips to avoid Amazon Seller account suspension.

Take a look at an existing suspension notice and get customer feedback

Keep track of any suspensions that you have had in the past. Is Amazon concerned about this? Are you able to fix it? If not, do so now.

Pay attention to customer feedback. What are the most common questions and complaints from potential buyers or customers?

You can address the problem by correcting an incorrect description, asking a question about a particular feature, or anything else. This will improve customer service and help prevent future negative reviews.

Ask for feedback if you don’t get enough. Your business will benefit tremendously if you can keep up with what your customers think, want, and need.

The Right Products to Sell

The reason you are being suspended is often related to the products and brands that you sell. You should only list brands and products that Amazon has approved. Avoid restricting products or gated categories.

These top-selling products on Amazon will inspire you.

Optimize listing, inventory & fulfillment management

Your account health is affected by what your listings and how many products you have in stock. Also, when buyers get their orders will impact your account. A listing with an incorrect description is more likely to be returned or have a negative review.

Amazon stockouts can cause you to lose sales, your Buy Box, and many other benefits. Your customer will not be satisfied if you have a delay in shipping or the product is damaged due to poor packaging.

This will help you protect your account from being suspended.

Learn more about Amazon’s policies

Even if your business isn’t new to selling on Amazon, it’s not a bad idea to keep up with Amazon’s seller policies. These policies can change at any time and without notice. You don’t want to be suspended for violating them.

Increase cash flow

Cash flow is a key factor in your business’s agility. You’ll be better equipped to handle situations like suspensions and make the necessary business improvements.

FBA can be signed up for if your Amazon Seller Account Suspended due to shipping issues. You can also place an order for rush stock if you are suspended from stocking out. You can invest more quickly in new products if suspended for stocking out on counterfeit products. You can go on and so forth.

Final Thoughts On Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Amazon seller account suspensions happen often. As a suspended seller, you should focus on crafting the strongest appeal. That includes everything Seller Performance agents need to reinstate your selling privileges confidently. From there, run regular business audits and cash flow to ensure you’re primed for growth — not suspensions.

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