Ultimate Guide On Amazon Request a Review Button 2022

Ultimate Guide On Amazon Request a Review Button 2023

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Amazon does not like Amazon sellers asking for reviews. They have placed restrictions on sellers being able to request reviews over the years. The overall message is clear: We don’t want you doing it.

It seemed so until Amazon launched its “Request a Review” button. With just a few clicks, Amazon sends a message asking the buyer for a review. This seems contrary to all they have done.

Here’s all you need to know about Amazon Request a Review button. It works, why Amazon made it, its pros and cons, and whether you can still request reviews.

Why Amazon sellers need reviews

Amazon’s policy emphasizes the importance of Amazon product reviews. It states that reviews allow customers to learn more about the product and make informed purchases. This also indicates that customer reviews can be used to improve the product offerings of sellers.

Customer reviews are also possible:

  • Increase sales: Recent data shows that conversions go up by 12% when sellers’ Amazon ratings rise from three to five stars.
  • Amazon Product Rankings: top-ranked products in Amazon’s search results have many reviews.
  • Help sellers Win the Amazon Buy Box.
  • Encourage healthier margins – Many customers will pay more for products with positive reviews.

Why Amazon Request a Review button is so important?

Amazon used to encourage sellers to reach out to customers by sending personalized messages. They could also send polite reviews and product information.

However, some sellers misused the system, so Amazon introduced strict restrictions. It banned incentives for reviews and established strict communication rules. (Forbes has a complete history of all changes).

Amazon recently stopped sellers responding to reviews and ended the Early reviewer Program. This was the only way for sellers to get reviews for new listings.

Many sellers believe that it is impossible to request reviews legally. Amazon’s complex, inconsistent, and changing rules can be confusing. However, Amazon Request a Review provides sellers a simple and free way to request reviews.

How does Amazon Request a Review button work?

To send a review request with the Amazon Request a Review button, log into your Seller Central account. Go to the Manage Orders page and select the order that you would like to request a review for. Click the order to go to the Order Details page, and you should see the button on the top right side of the page.

Amazon Request a Review button inside seller central

Amazon will send you a message with a product review request and seller feedback. The message will automatically be translated into the buyer’s preferred language. After receiving the original request, you cannot send a second message to the customer. You can send follow-up messages to the same customer within 5-30 days of delivery. Buyers are not allowed to respond to messages. This is a manual process, and the seller cannot customize the message sent to the buyer.

What does Amazon’s review request email look like?

Let’s take a closer look at how Amazon responds to your request. The email comes directly from Amazon, so it is sent from an Amazon email address and has Amazon’s standard branding. However, the wording makes it clear that it is being sent at the seller’s request.

The email includes:

  • Seller Name
  • Product name
  • Product image

And here is an example of what the message looks like in a buyer’s inbox:



The message in Seller Central suggests that you request Amazon ratings using this method. However, asking for feedback and reviews via the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messenger service is still possible. Adherence to Amazon’s Communication Guidelines when communicating directly with buyers is important.

Amazon Communication Guidelines on Request a Review 2022

Amazon has recently clarified the Communication Guidelines. However, the Seller Central thread on this topic shows that many sellers still have questions.

According to the Communication Guidelines, you cannot contact buyers who have purchased products from you through Amazon. This is to either complete an order or answer a customer service question. Buyers cannot be contacted in any way for promotional or marketing purposes.

You should know this if you’re sending a permissible message to a buyer. It’s based on Amazon’s most recent Communication Guidelines. The following cannot be included in your message:

  • Multiple requests for feedback or reviews can be made.
  • The language that encourages or manipulates seller feedback or product reviews.
  • Language to request the removal or updating of an existing product review.
  • Marketing and promotional messages
  • Please put “[Important]” in the subject line when the message is not required to complete the order.
  • Here’s how to unsubscribe from messaging
  • You don’t need to attach any attachments or links to complete your order.
  • Logos that display your URL or link to your site.
  • If you send the message directly through Seller Central, any content other than the Contact Buyer reason.

Amazon emphasizes that customers cannot be asked to leave positive reviews in any format, including product inserts. Customers who have had positive experiences with your product cannot be asked to review it. You cannot give any kind of compensation to customers for reviewing your product. This could include money, gift cards or free/discounted items, refunds, reimbursements, etc.

It is worth noting that communication policies that weren’t being enforced well are now being addressed. It may be time to update your feedback request message, even if it has passed the test.

How to request a review from Amazon in 2022

Sellers have a safe and secure way to request customer reviews or Feedback via the Request a Review function.

You won’t be penalized for using it. It’s completely compliant with Amazon’s policies. This feature is different from Amazon’s Buyer/Seller Messaging. Sellers who have been banned from sending proactive communications can still use it.

Amazon allows customers to request a review by sending a generic email. Customers are encouraged to leave Feedback on your product and your performance as a seller by including your name and image alongside the Amazon logo.

These requests can be sent in one of two ways by sellers:

Send review requests manually, one at a time

Requests can be sent from your Amazon Seller Central account. You will need to send a request for each order separately.

Log in to your account to the “Order Details” page for the order you wish to review. Will you find the Request a review’ option right next to the? Refund Order” button.

To confirm your decision, click this button. Amazon will send the customer a generic review request in their preferred language. This option is only available for orders delivered within 5-30 days. The Request will not be sent if a customer has already submitted a review.

This manual method is best for sellers who only process a few orders at a time. Busy sellers should continue reading.

Automating the process

Sellers can use external tools like eDesk Feedback to save time and automatically trigger requests.

Sellers can quickly send reviews to all customers by clicking one button. Sellers can choose to send emails at specific times or for particular products.

These requests are officially from Amazon, so sellers often see an increase in reviews. According to eDesk data, reviews rise by 52% on average in the first 15 working days.

What is the reason behind creating the “Amazon Request a Review button”?

Amazon has made many changes to how sellers request reviews over the years. They have all been focused on restricting what sellers can do. The only exception is the Request a Review button. Amazon also offers:

  • Reviews of banned incentivized substances
  • Buyers are allowed to opt-out of receiving messages from sellers
  • Policies have been tightened to ensure that reviews are only requested in a specific manner.
  • Specific rules for buyer-seller messaging have been established.

These actions were taken for good reasons. Sellers and others working for them have been using the system to write fake reviews and undermine consumer trust in Amazon. Over 1,000 reviewers and sellers have been sued by Amazon for manipulating reviews.

Many sellers feel that Amazon has made it very difficult to solicit reviews. Why not allow sellers to ask for reviews?

Amazon has now made it possible to request reviews by creating its own feature. It is simple to use and asks for seller feedback and product reviews. Sellers can choose when and on what orders they want it to be used. You cannot only ask for feedback from buyers who have had positive experiences with your product, but you can request reviews from other customers. Amazon’s policies do not allow sellers to select orders for any reason. It appeals to sellers, and Amazon has complete control of the content.

Do I only need to click the Amazon Request a Review button once?

Yes, you do. You can only click the button on the order details page. You will need to navigate to each order before clicking the button. Next, you will be prompted to confirm your request before sending it. If you have a high volume of daily orders, it can be a lot of work to open a new page and click twice to send the request.

One alternative is to switch to a tool that automates buyer-seller messaging review requests. This also allows you to personalize the message.

Another tool clicks the button to speed up the process. These Chrome Browser extensions alter Amazon Seller Central’s interface. Amazon does not support or approve these extensions, which can cause insecure and unexpected results.

However, there is a new Amazon API to automate review requests. Third-party tools that have been approved can trigger the message exactly as the button without you having to navigate each order. This option is best if you have a large order volume and prefer to use the Request a Review function over the buyer-seller message. This feature is available in FeedbackWhiz, as well as other tools on the market.

Is it okay to submit my own reviews and use the button?

You cannot request a review using the Request a Review button, but you can also use buyer-seller messaging to ask for a review for the same order.

Amazon’s communication policy says you can only request a review for one order. This applies to all methods. Amazon may place a 30-day proactive buyer-seller messaging restriction on your account if you request reviews for the same order using both methods.

Some sellers may have products requiring communication from the buyer to complete an order. For example, they might need to request custom design information. They can ask the buyer to review the product and then use the Request a Review button. This will take place within the 5-30 day window following delivery.

What are the advantages of the “Amazon Request a Review button”?

The button to request reviews has some great benefits:

  1. It conforms 100% to Amazon’s terms and conditions. You will not be penalized for using the product and don’t need to worry about how to phrase your message.
  2. Messages automatically translate into the preferred language of the buyer.
  3. Include the product name and image in your message.
  4. It’s separate from buyer-seller messaging, so it can be used even if proactive messages are not allowed.
  5. You can only trigger it once, and it won’t send a request to a buyer who has already left a review.
  6. You can choose when and for what orders you want to send your request.

The button is easy to use, straightforward, and virtually risk-free.

Is there any limitation to the use of Amazon’s Request a Review Button?

Although the Amazon Request a Review Button is an easy tool, there are some limitations.

  1. There is no tracking of conversion rates or open rates.
  2. Personalization of the subject line and body content is not possible.
  3. After delivery, requests can be made within 5-30 days.
  4. Buyers are not allowed to reply to emails unless they have specific questions.
  5. Only one order can be placed at a given time.

The biggest problem is customers who have difficulty using the product may be asked to leave a review. There are no other options. This can cause buyers to click the stars and leave negative feedback.

Buyer-seller messaging can be used to request reviews. You can also tell buyers how to get assistance with the product. This allows you to resolve any problems they may have. It is far better to resolve problems with buyers than receive a negative review.

Final Toughts on Amazon Request a Review Button 2022

Amazon Request a Review has some limitations. Sellers cannot customize their messages or view available rate information. These official emails are highly responsive and comply with Amazon policies. We recommend that you use them.

According to Amazon’s communications guideline updates, it is still possible for sellers to send review requests via Buyer-Seller messaging, but it’s discouraged.

Sellers who violate Amazon’s communication guidelines and review policies could face severe consequences. Manipulating customer reviews could lead to the delisting or loss of selling privileges. Amazon has sued over a thousand false reviewers.

Amazon allows sellers to only request feedback once. You can choose between Amazon Request a Review or Buyer-Seller messaging. You can’t request reviews for both.

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